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Prophecies Of Cannibalism

A Sharp Prophetic Warning Of Pestilence, Famine, Invasion And Cannibalism Coming To America – Benjamin Faircloth

In a recent urgent prophetic message given on April 25th, Pastor Benjamin Faircloth was awoken with a message of “Ezekiel 5”.  Benjamin was taking in the message when God repeated Himself again with “Ezekiel 5”. When the message was repeated, Pastor Faircloth got up to read what the message revealed. Ezekiel 5 is a harsh message of judgement.  A judgement...

A 16 Year Old Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation – Jose Polanco

Tony Koretz- Episode 086 of The A Minute To Midnite Show is like no other show we have done, or ever heard anyone else do before. At the beginning of this Show Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin & Tony K briefly explain the story of the astounding audio that was sent to each of them several months ago. It left...

A 2008 Prophetic Dream Of Cannibalism In America, France and England- Joe Ouellette

  Joe Ouellette   joe-ouellette.blogspot.ca   February 1st, 2008     This dream originally came during the same night I had the horse and buggy dream.   I dreamt I was walking down old country road in Virginia. The sun was high in the sky and I was very hot and sweaty. I was extremely thirsty and wondered where I might find water. As I approached a nice...

A 13 Year Old Dreams Of Horrific Famine In The USA, A Terror Attack, A Coming Tsunami And A Disease Transmitted By Flies

Its remarkable that even the children are seeing dreams and visions about something more horrific than we can imagine coming to the United States. In most dreams and visions that I have studied, Chicago, Florida, California, and New York are mentioned.  Here we have another dream where New York is mentioned, and a tsunami is also noted. You will notice famine...

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