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Prophecies For The Return Of Yeshua

“The time of Grace shall be extended” A Vision From The Courtroom Of Heaven – Maurice Sklar

A Vision from the Courtroom of Heaven Maurice Sklar·Thursday, December 27, 2018 A Vision from the Courtroom of Heaven Maurice Sklar·Thursday, December 27, 2018 I had a vision/prophetic experience as I was eating lunch recently. Suddenly a portal opened in the spirit realm and my angel said to me, “You are summoned to come to the Courtroom of Heaven. You are to record...

A Mighty Angel Splits The Nation From East To West, And In New York Region ( 7 Confirmations )- Lakhina King

Watch this video on Youtube KINGSGRACE777 - "I JUST realized after listening I had made a mistake...The angel struck and split America from the EAST COAST TOWARDS THE WEST...NOT the other way around...sorry about this innocent error"   Notes From The Transcript: "Don't ever forget this day December 23rd 2016 USA betraying Israel. It's about the United resolution and voting against Israel and...

Yom Kippur – A Prophetic Date Of The Coming Of The Day of Yeshua

Yom Kippur is ( Friday night September 29th - Saturday 30th). It is not a celebration of gladness...but rather one of the darkest days in history to come. Starting tonight through Saturday night starts Yom Kippur. When we started to investigate these festivals they BLEW US AWAY! We both had absolutely no idea that they were some of the greatest...

Jessica Whidby’s Prophetic Dreams Of A New American Landscape, And War With America

These are some of the dreams that Jessica Whidby has seen regarding the future of America.  Like many other people she has seen bodies of water reach the mountains of the east coast.  She has also seen Russia and China invade the United States.  Read her prophetic dream of trusting God.  It was a remarkable reminder to have complete...

A Strong Prophetic Word To The Remnant And The Unrepentant Church -Monique Bizet

Re-Published From z3.news.com (Highlighting and BOLDING by Meranda Devan, not to highlight more important sections, but ones that I would like to remember, as they match up with other prophecies and the Holy word itself) Author: Monique Bizet Monique Bizet was born in Venezuela, South America, and migrated with her family to the United States when she was very young. She received...

Jan Desisto’s Prophetic Dream Of Jesus Returning With Trumpets

  Jan Desisto's Prophetic Dream Of Jesus Returning With Trumpets   It started as I was outside in my front yard at my old house on Sandwich street on Plymouth MA. All of a sudden I heard the sound of many trumpets and as I turned to see where the sound was coming from the large doors of my garden shed that...

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