Jessica Whidby’s Prophetic Dreams Of A New American Landscape, And War With America

These are some of the dreams that Jessica Whidby has seen regarding the future of America.  Like many other people she has seen bodies of water reach the mountains of the east coast.  She has also seen Russia and China invade the United States.  Read her prophetic dream of trusting God.  It was a remarkable reminder to have complete faith in God when asking for prayer, or trusting for provision. Its a prophetic dream to read over and over again as a reminder not to doubt, but trust in His promises.

New Bodies Of Water

3rd to last

I saw new bodies of water. The ocean had expanded. Mountain tops had become islands. This was in the Blue ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I had another dream a long time ago with the valley being part of the ocean, but I hadn’t had the tsunami dream yet. So before, I didn’t know what was going to cause this.

2nd to last

I stood in a valley of the Blue ridge mountains. It was night. I looked up outside of a doorway. I saw meteors going across the sky.

When I woke up, to me, I saw my dream as being shown the meteors would come before the water. The valley had not filled with water yet, because I was still able to stand in the valley.

This was the third time I have seen meteors.

The last and most recent dream I had, was the rapture dream, I sent to you yesterday.(3rd rapture dream)

In the first rapture dream, Jesus showed me the rapture happening before the meteors hit. This was the second time I had been shown meteors.

Jessica Whidby

I went over my dreams, and there is about 21 of them all together that I will send you. I wanted to give you the most recent ones first.

The Tsunami Waves Will Not Go Past The Appalachian Mountains …

Washington D.C. will be under water. New York Harbor will flood the city. In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains. The water will not go …

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Nov 18, 2015 – “In the dream, God took me under water, and even the tallest of … when I looked up, the ocean had picked up, and came over the mountains.

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Oct 30, 2015 – Shantanna Pierce I have had a tsunami dream too the water’s charged over mountains and city’s under water city’s breaking off and sinking.

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I was on my iPhone talking to my son Jeremy about small waves of water coming into the …. In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains.


Two weeks before 9/11 I had a dream. In this dream, my brother and I were in a city that I knew to be NYC. I saw my brother and I picking up rubble from a building that had been destroyed. I told my brother, ” I wish things were like the way they were before the war.”

I recently kept seeing the time 9:11 on every clock I looked at. This went on for some time. I couldn’t figure out why. I thought maybe there was something more to 9/11 I needed to look into. Well the Lord has a way of bringing things to you. I found out through exploring on YouTube for something else, that 9/11 is believed by many to be Jesus’s real birthday, and Christmas is when the wise men got to Him. This is why the terrorist chose 9/11.

Russia And China

War In America

In March of 2013, I had a dream of a warring Angel standing to my right. All I could see of him was the battle armor on his upper left arm. He was much taller than I was. We were looking out at red, dry cracked, desolate land. The sky even had a red color, like late evening, but more of a mood of red. He told me that war was coming to my home land. I understood this to be America. There would be an invasion. The moment I wondered who, I remember being told Russia, China, and an enemy I did not yet know. (I was not a news watcher until after this dream. I now have a guess or two of who I think the third one is.) I saw myself running around trying to warn people and help people get to safety. I saw the black dark enemy with horses coming towards us from the horizon. I was trying to get people up off the ground to run. I yelled to them to hurry up the mountain. I told them they would be killed if the enemy caught them. Everyone had to run. We made it into a bright white light lit, bus or train. A friend was there helping me to check, making sure everyone who was suppose to be there was there. All we could get was there, the seats were full. Then the train or bus took us up a path up the mountain to safety.

The Red Dragon

Defeated By Jesus

I had another dream shortly after the war dream. I was standing by the warring angel again. This time I could not see the angel at all, but I knew he was there. I felt like I was being kept back at a safe distance. We were looking out at the dry ground again, but over to the right side where there were dry hills/mountains. I saw a red dragon, standing in anticipation of something about to come against him. It stood on the flat ground beside the hills/mountains. Then I saw a bright white horse come from behind a hill/mountain just like that. I could not see the rider, the white light was so bright. I knew it was Jesus. I saw the horse with Jesus approach confidently towards the dragon. Then in the breath of a moment, I saw the horse with Jesus like a whirl wind, defeat the red dragon and then stomp on top of where the dragon had just stood.

Belief And Faith In God

After the last two dreams I just sent you, Jesus gave me a series of three dreams.

The first one, I saw myself standing on a small pool of still water. I could then look down to see my feet standing on the water. The surrounding grass was perfectly green and lush. The trees in the background had a perfectly rich deep brown with beautiful green leaves. They were at the edge of a beautiful forest that I knew was there behind them. Behind me to my right was a tall wall with greene vines growing up and over it. I could see a corner of it, so I knew it was going around something. I didn’t know what was on the other side. In front of me to the left of my dream, I saw Jesus talking to who I believe was Peter. Peter was, standing in the doorway of a two story Biblical looking house, facing in my direction, but talking with Jesus. Jesus was facing towards Peter. They were standing on a little higher ground, a little distance from where I was standing. They were wearing biblical clothing. I understood Peter to be asking Jesus, “Does she trust you?” I understood Jesus’s reply to be, “She’s standing on the water isn’t she?.” I had a feeling their conversation had to do with what was on the other side of that wall.

The second dream, I could see the perfectly beautiful green grass and trees again. I was standing on the green grass this time. Between me and the trees of the forest was an old broke down, starting to rust, truck. I was standing in front of the truck. To my right, on a little higher ground, but near me and beside the truck, was Jesus. I was holding an ax. He told me to split the truck in half. Now naturally, I knew I was not strong enough to probably even swing an ax properly, much less split a truck in half. Since Jesus had told me to though, I was going to give it all I had. I figured Jesus had a reason or a lesson He wanted to give me. The moment I went to swing it, He stopped me and told me, “No, not like that.” So, I moved my ax to split the ax from underneath. This would be even harder, more like impossible for me to do, but I was going to try my best. So, I lowered my ax to attempt to split the truck from underneath. The moment I went to swing, the truck split in half. Each side fell over to its own side. The ax never touched the truck. Jesus had caused the truck to split in half. Jesus told me, by His strength, not mine. I understood that I was to rely on His strength. Jesus began to turn to walk up the Hill towards a path going right. “Now, Follow Me”, He told me, as He motioned me with His right arm and hand to follow Him. I eagerly and immediately followed after Him. I was still caring the ax. So, He told me to leave it, that I no longer needed it. I dropped the ax and walked on to the narrow path going to the right. I was following right behind Jesus. I was looking at His feet and sandals as we walked. I was so excited. I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew He knew. He had a plan and a purpose for where we were going. I trusted Him. I knew I wanted to follow Jesus wherever He led me. I thought and wondered if this must have been how Peter felt, when He first followed Jesus after He told him, “Follow Me”.

The third dream, I saw land everywhere, with a plot of land in the middle. I saw a wall with vines growing over it, going around this plot of land, with it open towards us (Jesus and me). I recognized the wall from the first dream. This was what was on the other side. The plot of land was like a field ready to be worked. I saw the right forearm and hand of Jesus. His sleeve was light colored. I saw Him take His hand that held seeds, and spread them over a plot of land. He said, ” This is yours.” I saw sunflowers grow from the seeds that He had planted in the soil.

The Federal Bank

In New York City

I was in NYC again. This time I was looking out of a tall building. I saw a federal bank building. (I didn’t know until this dream that there was a federal bank building in NYC.) People in the building I was in began running and screaming, “He’s going to try and blow it up!” Then I saw the building blow up. Then the dream rewinded like a VHS tape. When it started again, the bank was still there. This time, I heard the people saying, “They stopped him. They stopped him from blowing it up.” I told this dream to someone I had only known a short time because I felt like something was prompting me to. A few days later, this person came up to me and said, “You’ll never guess what I just saw on tv. A man just got arrested for trying to blow up the federal bank in NYC.”

I went online and found the New York Times article about it. It’s dated August 9, 2013.