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Prophecies Of School Shootings

Secure The Borders Of Your Schools, California and Texas – A Prophetic Word From Alexandra Bekiaris

Alexandra Bekiaris May 28th 2017 1:18pm ·  CALIFORNIA AND SAN FRANSISCO WARNINGS + TEXAS California, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, start your prayers... i see ambulances, many, i see blood, i see a child and a mother, carrying her baby in her arms, raise up the prayer warriors, raise the alarm... alarm alarm alarm... there's no time for complacency your season of battle...

Prophetic Dream Reveals Terrorist Attacks On Believers And Safety Found In The Secret Place Of The Most High- Tracie Goodwin

Hello Brother  Michael and your Wife , I felt lead to Contact you along with a couple of others to obey the Lord in getting this Dream to as many as possible as I feel deep within my soul these thing's are about to unfold in America. I had this dream in 2015 and it changed my walk with the...

“I am separating My bride from the Laodicean church of today” – A Prophetic Word Given To Maurice Sklar

The Preparation Of The Bride www.mauricesklar.com Maurice Sklar Nov 24 2005 Dear Friends, During the past few weeks the Lord has led me to intercede for the nations. The world has experienced numerous disasters and tragedies and continues to do so. There is no question that we are living in the final days before the return of our Messiah, Jesus. This prophecy was given...

Phyllis Cheslock’s 1948 Prophetic Vision Of ( ISIS ) Pointing Weapons At Believers

Phyllis Cheslock was born in 1938 in Brewer, Maine and is the Mother of 8 children (2 boys and 6 girls), 18 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She accepted Jesus / Yeshua as her savior at the age of 10 and the call on her life began. She is an anointed Teacher of the Word of God as well has...

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