Prophetic Dream Reveals Terrorist Attacks On Believers And Safety Found In The Secret Place Of The Most High- Tracie Goodwin

Hello Brother  Michael and your Wife ,

I felt lead to Contact you along with a couple of others to obey the Lord in getting this Dream to as many as possible as I feel deep within my soul these thing’s are about to unfold in America. I had this dream in 2015 and it changed my walk with the Lord and is still changing as God is keeping a message of Repentance burning in my Bone’s. In January 2017  the Lord began to tell me to tell as many and possible and also take to local churches and just allow the Holy Spirit to do what only he can do and that’s to call his people back to him and to Repent and get back to the Prayer Closet in seeking God’s face to be protected and ready for when these things began.

I pray the Lord will use this as he sees fit because it’s his dream anyway ,  he just gave it to me to tell. I have not had a dream like this before 2015 and not since as I am not a big dreamer nor have I ever had a vision but this dream was more real to me than even me typing this right now. I still do not have the word’s to describe the absolute horror I felt . Judgment Start’s at the House of God and I tremble at the thought of when these thing’s start to come to pass. If God can just wake up enough then the blood of Jesus will protect them if they will just turn back to him. Please feel free to contact me if need be.

Tracie Goodwin

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Prophetic Dream Reveals Safety From Coming Attacks Found Only at the Altar

I don’t dream very often and, when I do, it’s just dreams that don’t have any rhyme or reason. I can count on one hand the dreams I know were from the Lord, but no dream has ever even come close to the dream I had in February or March of 2015.

Words fail me when I try to describe the absolute horror and fear I felt from this dream. I was shaken to my core and since then have been desperate to warn people. I know that I know this will happen, but I am not sure if it will be before or after the rapture.

In the dream, I found myself walking in the hallway of my home church in Alabama. The lights were off, but I could still see from the sunlight shining in through the glass doors that lead to the parking lot. As I turned the corner, I came to the foyer next to the main sanctuary. There were four sets of double doors all the way around for people to enter. All these doors were shut, but in one set of them was a small window, so I peaked into the sanctuary and saw there were a few very dim lights on that only lit up the stage and the alter area. Everything else in the sanctuary was pitch black.

I could also see a handful of maybe thirty to forty people gathered there. Most of them were at the alter in deep quiet prayer huddled very close together. I saw my father and my daughter at the alter. I looked at the stage and saw my brother very lightly playing the guitar, but he also was very somber and quiet.

I knew in my spirit this was not a normal Sunday or Wednesday night, but something had brought them there on a weekday. It seemed they had been there for days.

I felt a sick feeling in my gut, but I was not sure why because I had no clue what was going on. There was such a heaviness in that room and such a somber look on all their faces, I began to tremble in my spirit. I felt I should go to the alter and pray, but as soon as I thought this, my daughter looked back and saw me. She walked out to meet me in the foyer.

Before I could even ask her what was going on, we heard very loud tires screeching in the parking lot. We looked out the glass doors and out of nowhere to our right we saw a teacher leading a line of about fifteen children, ranging from the 4 to 10 yrs old. The teacher led them towards the Children’s Church building, which is next to the main sanctuary.

We looked to the left and saw a very nice black car with tinted windows. Then a man dressed in all black opened the door and got out. I instantly knew in my spirit he was either a Russian or a Muslim or both. He pulled out a long machine gun and began shooting the teacher and children. He shot all of them in less than ten seconds. I frantically looked at the children and they were all dead. Instant fear fell upon me like I had never felt before.

Then the man jumped back in his car and drove off quickly. I turned to my daughter and said in the most stern voice ever, “GET BACK TO THE ALTAR NOW!!!”

She obeyed without hesitation. I stood there trembling and heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Get in the sanctuary. Get to the alter.”

In my flesh, I wanted to help figure out what was going on. I reasoned I was okay as long as my daughter was safe. I was still trembling very bad, but I wanted to go check on those kids who were shot. I checked the parking lot to make sure the coast was clear, then I ran to check on all the children, but it was to late. They had been slaughtered. The scene was beyond horrific.

I began to tremble even more than I already was, but I don’t know how that was possible because I was already trembling so bad. I decided I needed to run into the Children’s Church building for cover.  As I was running quickly to that building again I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Get back to the Sanctuary. Get back to the alter.”

Again I ignored the Holy Spirit and continued running to the Children’s Church building. Just as I put my hand on the door to open it, I heard another car pull into the parking lot. When I turned to look, it was a small red truck. A woman jumped out of the driver’s side door and said, “Please help me!”

She had an older man in the passenger seat that had been shot many times. When I saw him, I said, “Oh God, let’s take him quickly to the Emergency room.”

She quickly said, “Don’t you know? We can’t take him to the E.R. because they have hit all the emergency rooms and hospitals, and even grocery stores and banks. They are killing people everywhere.”

Instantly, the Holy spirit allowed me to know what was happening. As I stood there, I saw in my spirit hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cars that had been hidden on farms in small towns all over America. These people, Russians or Muslims or both, were paying people who owned land to store all their cars, so when they began attacking cities and towns, they could quickly commit mass murders and then go switch their cars out for another car to prevent the police from knowing what cars to look for. I felt in my spirit they had been planning this for a very long time.

After the Lord quickly showed me this I turned to the lady and said, “We need to get to the altar NOW!”

I knew for some reason these men could not go into the sanctuary, but anyone in the hallway or parking lot of the church would be killed. Just as I was going to help her get the man into the sanctuary, here came another very nice black car with tinted windows. The closest place for me to run was into the Children’s Church building, so I ran in as fast as possible.

Then I watched through the glass doors and trembled as he walked right to me, opened the door, and shot me in the chest. I fell to the floor and felt myself dying. Then strangely he took the machine gun and shot five big bullets into the floor. Then he took out a hand gun and shot four small bullets into the floor.

As I laid there dying, I said to myself, “I should have never left the altar.”

Then I woke up, but my whole body was still trembling so bad my teeth were chattering. It took me at least thirty minutes to gather myself and pray. I kept hearing the Lord say, “Judgment starts at the House of God.”

I called many family and friends and told them about the dream, but it seemed to fall on deaf hears. So for a while, I stopped telling anyone because I became discouraged, but since January 2017, the Lord put it on my heart so heavy that I must start obeying and if it falls on deaf ears, so be it.

To all who read this, please GET right with God. Do whatever it takes. Get rid of anything that is hindering your walk with Him. This life as we know it is almost over and soon the Kingdom of God will be on earth.

There is coming a day when the heavens will become brass and we won’t be able to cry out to him. It is coming!! It is no longer about just saying the sinner’s prayer and then going on with your life like nothing has happened. Ask God for a Godly remorse over your sins, not just you feeling bad about it, but TRUE REPENTANCE can only come from the Holy Spirit and His refining fire. Then and only then will we be born again. The Lord Jesus is coming soon.

Author: Tracie Goodwin

Tracie Goodwin is a proud mother and new grandmother. She was born and raised in Alabama, but currently resides in Texas. She was raised in the Church of God and at age seven gave her heart to Jesus and was baptized. After backsliding for many years, the Lord began in 2009 shaking everything in her life that could be shaken. She slowly began to wake up to TRUE Salvation and Real Godly Repentance. She has a heart for backsliders and Church members to arise out of their slumber.

Tracy Schlotterback- “As I was reading it, I had another thought about the “teacher and children”. Could they also be representing immature Christians who are led by man instead of trusting in the Lord? The children went with a teacher (pastor?) into a building (representing church programs/systems) instead of running to the altar which represents the Cross/Blood of Jesus.”

Lydia Hodge “This confirms what the Lord has been showing me as of late during the visions of the night. I dreamed recently about the children being the focus of attacks and urgency of prayer. I believe God is revealing that in the time to come he alone will be our refuge and we need to stay in the secret place of the most high. I believe in your dream when the teacher was trying to escape with the children that is symbolic of our own efforts at trying to protect ourselves and others and it isn’t going to be enough. God alone is the answer and he will supernaturally protect those who trust in him. Thank you again.

Jerome Popiel “What is an altar today? Our churches have a platform, but this is not an altar in the OT sense. An altar is a place of sacrifice. The NT sacrifice is found in Rm 12:1. I believe this is the “place” we should run to, not a physical space”

Sandra “My cousin worked for the athletic department of a college in Alberta, Canada. She said that there was a Russian couple that also worked for the department and she said that their hatred of western culture and people was intense and uncomfortable (particularly from the wife). They sent their 8 year old daughter back to Russia to be private schooled because they didn’t want her to be tainted by Western values”

Renee McOwen” I had a similar dream of masked Muslim men in all black with machine guns surrounding my local church looking inside and then I saw Donald Trump’s face. This was before he won president. Ever since I have been praying for protection and mercy

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