Secure The Borders Of Your Schools, California and Texas – A Prophetic Word From Alexandra Bekiaris

Alexandra Bekiaris

May 28th 2017 1:18pm ·

California, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, start your prayers… i see ambulances, many, i see blood, i see a child and a mother, carrying her baby in her arms, raise up the prayer warriors, raise the alarm… alarm alarm alarm… there’s no time for complacency your season of battle is not over… i see a man a gun… i also now see Texas… i see the sheriffs…. i see i see…now its for you TEXAS …. I see i see… i see an area cornered off… police, who is he? … Pray against shootings… pray for your shopping centres, pray, pray… !!! I see schools also… i urge you to stand and to secure the borders of your schools. California and Texas…. your schools.

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