Prophecies For 2020

Gruesome Property Seen In Prophetic Dream Confirmed In Person! – House Number 2020! – Joanie Stahl

Joanie Stahl On Facebook Joanie Stahl's Field Notes On Youtube In the 2nd week of September I had a dream. I am not sure what day it was exactly but I know for sure that it was the 2nd week of September. Here is what I dreamed. DREAM In the dream I saw myself in a car in the passenger seat. The man...

” Prepare in the next three years for a mighty outpouring of My presence ” Pastor Daniel Nalliah

Great Outpouring: The good news is the same wind bringing judgment is also bringing a mighty move of God’s spirit across the United States. Byron’s message included instructions to “be prepared for the outpouring,” confirming what many others have seen over many years, even going back to Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, as shown in the following prophetic word, which I received in...

53 John Paul Jackson Prophecies Of Future Events

You and I were chosen to live at the end of time for a reason. Imagine for a moment when Elohim created you.....  He decided what you would look like, what time in history to place you in....and gave you gifts and abilities to fulfill a purpose.  Stand up, and start discovering what God has given you, and what...

Mega Quake On The North West Coast Coming – Tectonic Shifting 2011 Prophetic Word -Ken Dewey

    Posted on 17 July 2015 by Prophet Ken Dewey The Words the Lord gave me are in BLUE. His Kingdom Prophecy Desert Prophet - Ken Dewey | Facebook Desert Zion- Ken Dewey's Website   The Lord has been giving me MANY WARNING WORDS about a coming Earthquake in California, and other words of a TIME OF GREAT SHAKING coming to...

John Paul Jackson’s Prophetic Headlines For America

John Paul Jackson's Prophetic Headlines For America Too Big to Fail – Fails – Nations Bank being pushed Decay in America - Is the Infrastructure of America beyond repair? The Rise and Fall of the political parties – New third party gains ground The Washington Monument tilts more, Delays announced to other Monument repairs The Great divide – The new Normal on the Mississippi...

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