Kenneth Bae

Believers in North Korea who choose to share the gospel of Yeshua Jesus pay a high price.  If you are a caught as a Christian spreading the gospel, you and your entire family can be sent to a prison camp and never let out.

Would you share the gospel if it cost you life in prison?

The Voice of the Martyrs is one of those organizations which is boldly sharing the gospel for those who love in North Korea. In this article,VOM has said to have collected large amounts of fax numbers inside North Korea, where they send weekly faxes containing Christian messages and Scripture passages on love to each of the fax numbers.

An anonymous fax sent from the North Korean embassy for Finland promises workers affiliated with The Voice of the Martyrs that “something very bad will happen to you” if VOM continues to share the Gospel via weekly fax transmissions.

The great news is Voice of the Martyrs has been active in North Korea for decades, including launching tens of thousands of “Scripture Balloons,” helium filled balloons that are printed with Scripture passages and other gospel messages.

Today’s Concentration Camps That The World Ignores – Why God?

Kenneth Bae was a man who found himself locked up in a North Korean prison.  He was a U.S. missionary was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in North Korea, and served in a labor camp for two years before ultimately being freed.  Today he is speaking out about his experience in the prison camp and how PRAYER was a powerful tool from the Lord that got him through the hard prison camp.

Who is Kenneth Bae? And why was he held by North Korea?

Kenneth Bae was born in South Korea, and immigrated at age 16 to the United States with his parents. He lived in Lynwood, Washington, before moving to China in 2005, and about a year later, he established “Nations Tour,” a China-based tour company that specialized in tours of North Korea.

Many of his trips to North Korea were never an issue, until during a tour in November 2012, Bae was taken into custody and was accused of attempting to overthrow the government. He was arrested not far from the city of Yanji, where some Christian groups provide aid to North Korean refugees.

Bae said that what got him in trouble was a computer hard drive that he possessed that contained prayers to God.  In addition he had photographs of impoverished North Korean children. It also contained a video of emaciated North Korean children scrounging in the dirt for food.  The footage wasn’t Bae’s but rather a friends footage which was sent to him years earlier.   Officials accused him of being a spy and placed him on trial.