A Great Famine In America – Prophetic Dream Joshua Giles

Here is yet another prophetic voice who is sounding the alarm over a great famine coming to America.  It is a message that none of want to hear, but yet, God is warning us.

” A couple of years ago the Lord began to speak to me in great detail concerning a decade of shortages and we were crossing over from 2019 into this new decade. When I heard this I saw a vision of an empty grocery store. I the vision I walked in and the shelves were completely empty and so when I began to share that prophetic word so many people told me ” … that’s not God that’s never going to happen” and of course we’ve seen it just a little bit.”

” I was in my time of prayer and I saw this vision”

” I had the indication that it was the United States and that was so appalling to me in the vision because I’ve never seen anything like this especially not in America and these are not things that I want to happen and so as I began to pray, the Lord allowed me to know that within this decade we would see these kinds of shortages occur within America”

” I believe that this is around the corner. Uh when I began giving that prophetic word none of this was going on and even since that time we’ve begun to hear reports of shortages with food and in different parts of the U.S and of course around the world but the Lord showed me that it would get worse in the coming years and that we must prepare now for this”

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