A Decade Of Shortages With Supernatural Food Multiplication – Prophetic Word – Joshua Giles

In a recent Sid Roth interview, Joshua Giles shared a prophecy the Lord had given him that talked about a decade of food shortages, but in the midst of this new global reset, God would provide supernaturally for His people.

See the interview here.

Sid Roth: What did God tell you about this virus?

Joshua Giles :

While I was in the middle of service, and of course maybe three hundred people in my church and we were worshiping and singing to the Lord and the spirit of Prophecy just drop down on me. I wasn’t expecting this specific word and it’s as if my mind was suspended and the Lord was just speaking through me and He said that there was going to be a rare virus that will come into the world.

And, again, the doctors wouldn’t know what it was.

I could see a vision as I was releasing this prophecy of doctors saying is it the flu, ( but ) it something else….?? He said that it would attack the immune system and the crazy thing about it is He told me that it will come out of a lab.

I heard that word and our church begins to pray right then.

And then He began to speak to me about the future of what would come.

I saw other viruses and pathogens that would be created that they would want to release in the future and it would be a demonic agenda.

Sid Roth: Is there any hope for the world with what you saw?

Joshua Giles :

Absolutely. Whatever the Lord gives a word like that, there’s always hope in in that word.

The other thing that the Holy Spirit said to me was that He would be a shield of protection around his people.

We’ve heard so many testimonies even with covid on how the Lord is raise people up out of hospital beds and how He has protected us.

I believe that in the coming days we are going to experience one of the greatest outpourings of the spirit of God that we have ever seen.

Sid Roth: What did God show you about the coming global reset and how is it going to affect our future?

Joshua Giles :

In 2019 I had just come back from a trip to Israel where the Lord move powerfully.

I came to a Bible study at my church and again the spirit of Prophecy came and the Lord said to me that 2020 would be the beginning of a global reset.

He said we would see an economic downturn like we had never seen before

He told me that the days of Joseph would return where we would see famine that will come in the future but this reset would not just be a reset to the world every single industry will be broken down in order to be rebuilt including the church.

So this means that the church is about to step over into days of power more anointing and more Glory.

I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are going to intensify and we’re going to experience true Revival.


Sid Roth: How did you first hear about this 10-year global reset?

JG: Well, I was in my time of prayer and fasting. I would get up every morning at about 5 or 6 a.m. and just begin to pray and worship the Lord.
I wasn’t even asking for a word for someone, but when you become a friend of the Holy Spirit, He’ll just share secrets with you. So the Holy Spirit began to share with me about the next 10 years, and He said that it would be a decade of shortages throughout the 10 years. I was alarmed at this word, but I saw a vision open up to me, and in the vision, I walked into a grocery store, and the shelves were completely empty, and I could tell it was in America, and that was the alarming thing. And the Lord said to me, “Don’t panic.” He said, “At that time, you will see multiplication miracles being released in the earth.” So we’re going to see the supernatural increase all over the world, and it’s a part of this great
revival and outpouring that’s here and coming.