302 Color Survival DIY Projects – A Fantastic Hard Copy Survival Resource

I stumbled across this fantastic prepping book with over 300 pictures of hacks you can create at home to survive. You can purchase your own materials at your local hardware store, and pick a project to create. In this book, the author details plans of how to create these hacks step by step, with a guide of how to put it together. This isn’t your typical prepping book.


DIY Wire Snare and Twitch Snare for Small Animals

Trapping can prove to be a far more efficient means of food procurement than hunting, and it gives you time to focus on other important things for survival. If you don;t want to over-complicate things, all you need to know are just these two reliable snares.

How Do You Make a Propane Tank

Heat Your Home Forever?

You turn it into a cool, off-grid stove that can warm a few rooms or help you cook when the power goes out. During snowstorms and winter blackouts that last for days or weeks, wouldn’t you prefer to huddle with your family around a cozy, crackling fire instead of shivering and shaking under a blanket, praying for the power company to come and fix things?

How to Make Shelf-Stable Bread

You’ll also discover how to make the bread that fed Christopher Columbus on his maiden voyage to America and Union soldiers in the Civil War. How would you feel having this food that lasts a lifetime without refrigeration to feed your family in the next crisis?

The Only Way to Communicate After an EMP


I’m also going to show you how you can legally turn your CB car radio into a powerful transmitter capable of emitting and receiving communications from hundreds of miles away. After an EMP, this will be one of the only sources of communication left, giving you an important tactical advantage and access to vital information.

The SHTF Medicinal Garden

You Should Have in Your Backyard


You’ll also discover exactly how to add the SHTF medicinal garden on a small, 96-square-feet piece of land that’s sitting idle in your backyard. Wouldn’t it be great to have on hand the most powerful legal natural painkiller, the anti-Inflammatory herb, the most sought-after medicinal plant in crisis-stricken Venezuela, the plant that stops bleeding fast, the backyard antibiotic people compare to Doxycycline, the stomach band-aid, the plant people with Type 2 diabetes should add to their meals, the herb that helps you fall asleep, the plant that calms the mind and decreases anxiety, and many more to choose from? This chapter is written by Amber Robinson, a certified herbalist who has been making and using her own natural remedies for decades while helping thousands of people along the way.

The Most Powerful 40 Remedies

You Can Find in The Wild


Another chapter written by Amber will show you how to identify and put to good use the most powerful 40 wild remedies growing all over North America. Inside, you will find color pictures for each plant, so if you have your copy of No Grid Survival, you can always find a remedy you need in the wild or near your home.

DIY Harmless Pest Traps That Actually Work


Inside No-Grid Survival Projects, you’ll discover all sorts of traps you can make to get rid of pests without harming or killing them. You’ll also find out how to turn a simple plastic bottle into an efficient device that traps wasps, hornets, and mosquitos and how to use dishwashing liquid to get rid of fruit flies.

PVC Handpump for Tapping into the Fresh Water Under Your Property


I’m also going to show you how to make a PVC hand pump that you can use either when the electric pumps stop working or for your daily needs. The materials for the handpump cost only $17.50, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

A Small Hydro Generator

to Give You Electricity Day and Night


A river does not stop flowing, unlike the wind, which sometimes stops blowing. It does not become obscured by clouds like the sun. So this endless water energy is really one of the most reliable you can tap into. This small water generator I’ll help you build can be adjusted and scaled up to become a constant battery bank supplier and power your home appliances.

The Smokeless Smokehouse

I’m also going to show you how to add a smokeless smokehouse to your backyard, which will allow you to preserve food without refrigeration or drawing unwanted attention. As long as there is almost no smoke coming out, you can be sure that neither looters nor bears will come to steal any of the ham, sausages, cheese, or other goodies you’ve hung inside your new smokehouse.

How to Make Water out of Thin Air


Imagine still having this endless source of drinking water, even if the tap goes dry or when electric pumps stop working after an EMP or in a blackout.

This small condensation device works especially well during Summer. The warmer the weather outside, the more water vapor is available in the air for your device to condensate into pure water.

Easy Harvest Raised Beds

(with Hoop House and Pest Protection)


I’m also going to show you how to add the easy harvest raised beds with a hoop house to your garden. Your plants will thank you for protecting them from pests and bad weather by growing faster and larger to provide you with more calories and nutrients. This project is great for you especially if you don’t have time to tend to a big garden, don’t want to work hard, or bend a lot, BUT you DO want to produce extra food with minimum space and effort.

High Pulse Protection Faraday Cage

You’ll also learn how to make a powerful faraday cage that protects your vital electronics, such as a cell phone or radio, from the effects of a high-altitude EMP.

A Quick-Setup Aquaponics Farm

You’ll also find out how to make your own quick-setup aquaponics farm that produces five times more food than regular gardens, needs no fertilization, and is disaster-proof as this is the system that many bunkers have to produce food inside. This setup consumes only 8% of the water used in conventional gardening as none of it goes into the ground. The water takes nutrients from plants feeding the fish and making them grow faster while the fish provide natural fertilizer that is much needed for the plants, making them flourish. This system produces food for years and is independent of the weather as you can keep it both inside and outside the house.

DIY No-Grid Air Conditioning Unit

You’ll also discover how to make an ingenious no-grid air conditioning unit that you can use even if the power is out. So, how would you like to be able to stay inside during the hot summer months and not break a sweat thanks to this invention?