Asteroid Prophecies Setting Up – NASA Tests Hitting An Asteroid To Change It’s Course

We are starting to see many of these prophecies start to line up.

Here is one news story that directly relates to many prophecies.

NASA produced the first of it’s kind exercise today where they tested breaking up an asteroid by hitting it directly with a spacecraft.

The asteroid was 7 million miles away.

“In terms of size and scale, the scientists say this will be like a golf cart ramming the Great Pyramid in Egypt at 14,000 miles per hour.”

We have many prophecies about an asteroid hitting earth and causing tsunamis, but this news story with NASA lines up with what a 9 year old saw.  He had a bird’s eye view of America and part of Europe.

9yr Old Sees A Powerful Vision Of A Coming Asteroid, Nukes Coming To America And A Massive Fault Line Open Up

A Prophetic Warning Of A East Coast Tsunami For Florida, A New Madrid Earthquake Splitting Ohio, And Destruction Coming To Vegas And Chicago -Melissa Tabor

( Read these two prophecies together above. You will see another event tie into what happens with the asteroid)

The 9 year old boy saw an asteroid break apart and hit 9 or 10 different places, mostly in the ocean. What caught my attention was, why would an asteroid break apart?

The other part of this prophecy that is very interesting is he describes land breaking apart.  What he saw was the fault lines breaking apart where he sees people falling in.    The line he drew on America happens to be the exact same line which we see in the eclipse that happened on 2017 and then happens in 2024.  This happens to be the exact fault line that scientists discovered that runs 1,700 miles across the United States and intersects with the New Madrid.

A Rare Solar Eclipse In 2017 And Another One 7 Years Later In 2024 Will Mark A Giant ‘X’ Across The United States

Here are some headlines today:

NASA plans to hit an asteroid with a spacecraft to change its course

TOM STATLER: ” We’re doing this test when we don’t need to on an asteroid that isn’t a danger just in case we ever do need to and we discover an asteroid that is a danger.”

ED LU: Someday, we are going to find an asteroid which has a high probability of hitting the Earth, and we are going to want to deflect it.

Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR News.

Here are some of the prophecies that confirm this event some day:

” I heard that at the moment the asteroid hit, there was a massive worldwide earthquake that was being felt. Not one area of the world was unaffected because of the size and force in which this asteroid hit. “

Asteroid Plunges Into The Caribbean Causing A Worldwide Earthquake And Tsunami – Prophetic Vision Julie Whedbee

I looked out the window and saw a huge red flaming asteroid hit the Atlantic ocean.  I saw a giant tsunami rise up.  The wave was one thousand feet high and moving at a thousand miles an hour. I saw the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Canada being covered in this wave. Florida was no more-  completely gone wiped out.  Then I saw the tsunami cover lower Manhattan over the Empire state building.  Everything was gone. 

Asteroid Hits The Ocean, 1000 Ft Tsunami Covers Florida To Canada Coastline – Prophetic Dream Victoria L Williamson

“Over 800 years ago, a German mystic known as St. Hildegard saw that a “great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes” will be devastated “by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves”. Ultimately, that nation “will be divided, and in great part submerged”. “

800 Years Old Prophecy Shows Destruction Coming To America -Hildegard von Bingen

“This asteroid will trigger a tsunami,who, as I have seen in visions,
Ireland, England, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Africa and America. I saw London under water, the Netherlands,
deeper areas of Germany, so far into the country …”

Prophetic Vision Show An Asteroid Will Trigger A Tsunami -Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Then I was shown a broader view I was shown that the entire East Coast had sup suffered horrible destruction. And it was all the way from Maine to Florida. Florida was almost entirely destroyed the destruction went inland for a long ways.In some places, it was an entire state, and other places several states deep.

MAP! Confirmations! Open Vision Of A Disaster That Hits Entire East Coast – Dr. Melanie Rettler

“In 2002 the Lord showed me that a comet and an asteroid were going to hit earth causing mass flooding in my country of New Zealand and various other parts of the world as well as fragments that spray across the Mediterranean sea like a shot gun blast.”

Michael Griffiths Prophetic Dreams Showing A Future Russian Invasion And Incoming Asteroids Coming For America

“I was then shown North America on a globe. I saw three balls of fire streaking across the globe. One hits in the Gulf of Mexico…another hits near the east coast of Florida…and the third is further out in the Atlantic.”

“Then I was shown a short period of relative stillness then I saw the middle of America rise up, then separate into two land masses with a great body of water between the two halves. “

A Prophetic Vision Seeing The New Madrid Land Divide And 3 Asteroids Hitting The Gulf Of Mexico, Florida And The Atlantic – Ann Peterson

“Then, he saw something like a huge asteroid (he wasn’t sure if it was an asteroid or a saucer plane or a planet with a ball shape and thorn-like around it) and it was huge and its destination is to hit the earth. Then fireballs as well hit every part of the earth. It was scary according to him. It was shown to him like it will hit at any moment. He also said that so many fireballs will hit the US compared to other continents/countries.”

Apocalyptic Vision From A 14 Year Old Young Man Sees Asteroids, Tsunamis And Aliens – Belle Buerano

The Tsunami Waves Will Not Go Past The Appalachian Mountains …

Washington D.C. will be under water. New York Harbor will flood the city. In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains. The water will not go …

A Collection of Asteroid And Tsunami Prophetic Dreams – Why God

I was hovering above the State and could see that the water had came in as far as the edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That major pocket, or valley, that ..

MORE East Coast Tsunami Dreams – Why God

Oct 30, 2015 – Shantanna Pierce I have had a tsunami dream too the water’s charged over mountains and city’s under water city’s breaking off and sinking.

“My hand will touch the sea” A Prophetic Word Of Judgement Given To

… received a word from the Lord about judgement that is coming by water. … me and gave us instructions to move In-land (Appalachian Mountains) and what TO …