Prophecy : International Discovery In Israel Causes Jews To Investigate Yeshua – Chris Reed

Chris Reed shares an exciting prophetic word that is going to take place in Israel in the near future.  He appeared on the Sid Roth show, talking about 3 prophecies that he was given in January 2022.

Two of the prophecies talk about women succeeding in politics.  One prophecy was about a woman leader that would come to Britain, which has now come to pass.  The second prophecy was about an African American woman who shows up in American politics, and is described as “Brilliant”.  Read about those prophecies in this article below:

A Woman Leader In Britain Prophecy Fulfilled – A Brilliant African American Woman Leader Rises In America – To Come – Chris Reed

The third prophecy talks about a very big discovery that takes place in Israel.  Something that is so big, it causes many people to investigate Yeshua Jesus as the messiah.  Wouldn’t this be incredible?  Here is what Chris Reed said on the Sid Roth show:

” Well, I was just in Israel in July and the Lord reminded me of this word that I actually gave the same night I gave the word about Liz trust, January 2 2022. And the Lord showed me that in the very near future, that we would see some kind of unusual development, some kind of discovery, something would be discovered in Israel, and I think it’s out of Jerusalem. But I can’t say that word for sure. But something would come out of Israel that would make international headlines that would actually validate the Christian faith and cause a number of people including the Jewish people to take a second look at Jesus or Yeshua as being the Messiah, because it will testify to the fact that the Bible is true.”


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