Grant JeffreyLee StrobelWhy did you come to this website?  Are you looking for the truth?  Do you want to know if God exists?  Do you want to know if Christianity is true?  If you spend much time on the Internet you will find an endless supply of atheists, skeptics and adherents of false religions who are ready and willing to argue that Christianity is a lie.  Well, hopefully this website will be a great resource for those who want to know and spread the truth about Christianity.

But where else does one go to get ammunition to battle them?

Unfortunately, our churches have done a MISERABLE job of equipping us to defend the Christian faith.

As a Christian, it can be really hard to find resources on the Internet which will help you to defend your faith.

So what are we to do?

Well, there ARE great resources out there, and the goal of this article is to provide you with a great list to get you started.

What most Christians do not understand is that there IS a mountain of evidence for Christianity, and it is high time that Christians learned how to defend their faith.

Below are some of the very best Christian apologetics websites on the Internet today:

Lee Strobel’s Official Website

Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries

Evidence For Christianity

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Xenos Christian Fellowship

Evidence for God from Science

Reasons To Believe

Tekton Apologetics Ministries

Bible Probe

Bible Research Internet Resources for Students of Scripture

White Stone Press

Truth Decay Prevention

Living Waters Ministries

Christian Answers Network

Interactive Bible Home Page

Answers In Genesis

Insights Of God

Let Us Reason Ministries

Bible Study Planet

Bonus Site – The Discovery Institute

If you are looking for the truth about Christianity, the truth IS out there.  It is only a matter of if you are willing to see it.

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Meranda Devan
If it is controversial, it's got my attention. Growing up, God seemed to be the one topic that was unspoken, and I needed to know the truth. I discovered Him in my 20's, and really started finding tremendous evidence for Him that had to be shared. Supernatural miracles exist today, and He speaks to His people today. Yeshua has given us prophecy to strengthen us in the days ahead. Find your victory in His strength. Connect with me on Facebook, or feel free to email me (michaelandmeranda @ g mail .com)