Maurice Sklar’s 21 Prophetic End Times Events


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Maurice Sklar’s 21 Prophetic End Times Events

1. Israel is about to attack Iran. The whole world will become even more anti-Semitic and despise Israel. Israel will succeed in removing the nuclear threat almost completely, but there will be war. Israel will be hurt, primarily from the rocket attacks. This strike against Iran will provoke the neighboring Arab nations and they will attempt to retaliate, which will then go nuclear. War is coming!

2. The nations in the world, especially the west, will panic, There will be a dramatic increase in the price of oil. This will trigger financial disasters in Europe, America, and many nations. The dollar will further dramatically lose its’ value.

3. The Euro will suddenly just collapse. Then, the dollar will follow. A new global currency will immediately take their place.

4. Vladimir Putin is preparing the way for another leader to rise in Russia. He will be the Magog of Ezekiel 38. But before this, Putin will try to take over other nations that once were Satelite nations of the former Soviet Union. He will be overthrown and deposed, but will be replaced by a ruthless man who will try to take over even the Middle East by sudden and rapid conquest. Of course, according to Ezekiel 38-39, he, along with the nations with him, his “hordes”, will be defeated when he attacks Israel from the north.

5. The Rapture of the Bride will happen suddenly. This can come at any moment now. It is not chronological with these events…but, a mystery hid in God. HE CAN COME NOW AT ANY MOMENT! Please make sure you are right with God!

6. The whole world will collapse economically and a miraculous leader will arise out of the Near East. He will be Satan incarnate, but people will blindly follow him, thinking he is actually the Messiah.

7. He will immediately establish some order, particularly in Europe, but it will be so bad that people all over the world will be in a panic. They will just embrace anyone that seems to have some answers…especially the man of perdition, who is possessed by Satan himself and will be anointed with more charm and charisma than any other world leader in all of history. No one will be able to resist him, unless the Holy Spirit supernaturally opposes and stops his deception on a person.

8. God will release his end time Tribulation prophets, evangelists, and apostles, who will demonstrate the authority of God in the earth. They will preach the Gospel of Jesus, proclaim judgments and calamities, and these will immediately follow. Millions of souls will be saved, because of these men who proclaim the gospel in fire and glory. Miracles will follow them. Thousands will be raised from the dead, food and water and provision will occur wherever they are preaching. Healing miracles will be manifested that will arrest the entire world as they watch on the television news, etc. The fear of the LORD will be so great that they will call fire down even upon the White House and Congress. I saw the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office hit and cleaved in two down the middle. The entire Government will fall on its’ face and cry out to God for mercy. He will answer and move in great Revival, not just in America, but around the world.

9. Terrorists acts of terrible destruction shall begin to hit throughout the world after the first of the four Blood moons in a few weeks. Earthquakes and floods, fires, bombs, volcanic activity, will greatly increase, particularly in the Moslem nations and the ring of fire regions.

10. A word to the nations NOW! It is going to get really dark. We haven’t seen or even imagined the terrible calamities about to come. The protective covering of grace will be removed and the birth pangs will greatly increase over the next 18 months. with each of these heavenly signs, greater calamities will follow.

11. What do the blood moons signify in the heavens?

  • a) Wars coming in Israel to destroy it before the Jubilee of Jerusalem.
  • b) the end of the times of the Gentiles – the age of Grace is ending.
  • c) the beginning of Jacob’s trouble…seven years Tribulation
  • d) The signals that the Day of the LORD is beginning.

12. There are four phases of the withdrawal of protection and grace from the earth.
These four phases coincide directly with the four appearances of the blood moons. There will be judgments during and after each one as they appear…then there will be a respite of grace and a harvest of souls after each one. The first one of these is coming in a few weeks during Passover. Each of these four moons will bring worse judgments upon the earth. Israel and the nations will go into travail of the terrible darkness covering the earth.

13. The LORD gave me several indicators of exactly where we are at in His timetable.

a) On the statue of the Gentile nations recorded in Daniel. We are almost to the toes…Most of the feet of clay is now in place. The mixture of clay and iron signify the erosion of authority and leadership. The statue starts with Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, who was given more absolute authority of the Gentile empires than any one. All the empires since had less power and authority from then on. But, in the last almost 120 years, there has been a collapse in leadership in all the nations…now we are well into the feet of clay, which represents the very last of the rule of the Roman Empire…it will be revived into 10 “toes”, or regions during the last seven years, led by the Antichrist. We are now at the very edge of those toes on God’s prophetic time clock.


b) the Horseman of Revelation chapter 5 will begin to ride – these four blood moons are a warning of their approach! I pray that they don’t come exactly with each eclipse. But, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that they are directly related and are involved in their release upon earth.

1).The revealing of the Anitchrist bringing false peace. The White Horse: At first he will not be recognized as evil by anyone except to those filled with the Holy Spirit – the Tribulation saints. The world will adore him, worship him fanatically, and he will “conquer” at first with a bow and no arrow…flattery, diplomacy, Mystery Babylon religion, etc. He will deceive nearly everyone. This leader will emerge soon after the Rapture.

2). The Red Horse: Peace will be removed and war will be unleashed on earth.

3) The Black Horse: Famine from confiscation of food and resources: notice verse 6 – first it will be food regulated and rationed by the Antichrist system: then, after that will come oil and wine which is fuel, water, property and every essential thing. EVERYTHING will be regulated…buying and selling will be completely monitored when the 666 system is fully in place.

4) The Pale Horse: Death by war, starvation, and demonic possession (verse 9b – by death and by the beasts of the earth)…demons and evil spirits released that have the power to kill, steal and destroy will be allowed to operate…BY THESE MEANS, ONE QUARTER OF THE EARTH’S POPULATION WILL BE DESTROYED ACCORDING TO THIS VERSE.

15. There are evil angelic beings that are chained in hell. They are about to be released upon the earth. These are not just demons, they were once high ranking angels under Lucifer before he fell from heaven. They are horrible beyond understanding. They will bring such disasters and misery upon those left on earth that you cannot begin to know…it will be 100 times worse than the worst horror movie you have ever seen. They will bring torment, torture, and destruction upon millions.

16. Hordes of demons will follow the command of these evil angels. In the past 10 years, there has been a exponential rise in the occult, false religions, satan worship, and witchcraft. This is because “the great falling away” from God that has happened progressively during the past nearly 120 years. Satan is raging upon the earth even with the Bride’s intercession and our prayers restraining. He knows his time is short. When this final restraint is removed, literally, all hell will break loose upon the earth for seven years.

There are already demons that have the power on earth to appear in any form, perfect men and women in beauty that cause the saints to fall into lust.

The internet is polluting the whole world. These demons actually manifest and come out of computers and have sex and every depraved thing with wicked people. Many “Christians” are in chains of bondage.

There are millions of children and babies being offered on the altar of sex trafficking, abortion, perversion, satanic ritual sacrifices, and even bestiality. The blood of the innocents is crying out before the throne of God! This is fueled directly by witchcraft. This is such an abomination that it hastens the Day of the Wrath of God with every passing hour. If this is happening now, “in a green tree, what will it be like when it is dry?!” Evil abominations beyond what you can imagine will fill the earth, after the rapture of the Bride…for then, ALL RESTRAINT OF EVIL WILL BE REMOVED FOR SEVEN YEARS.

17. MEANWHILE IN HEAVEN…we shall join with the Old and New Testament saints
of the past and present generations…the righteous dead shall be raised first, then we shall meet the LORD in the air, and we shall ever be with the LORD. Then we shall go to the Judgment Seat of Messiah, and receive our rewards for what we did in our lives on earth for Yeshua’s Kingdom. What a time of rejoicing it will be for those who forsook all and followed Him in obedience!

18. We shall – the Bride of our LORD – all gather together with Yeshua in heaven to participate in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It will be our wedding day! We shall be forever wed to our Bridegroom King – Jesus!

19. We shall have seven years in heaven where we prepare to rule and reign with Yeshua when he returns to earth.

20. At the end of this terrible time on earth, Jesus shall get upon a white horse, and we shall ride heavenly horses also! We shall follow behind Him as He returns to the earth to establish His 1,000 year Kingdom. He shall destroy the armies gathered together from all the nations in the valley of Megiddo in Israel, with just a word from His mouth…the sword of Messiah’s Word. Like Martin Luther wrote in his famous hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”…”One little Word will fell him (Satan and all evil.) Praise the LORD!

21. We shall fight that last battle with Him. He will conquer all evil and we will with Him also! Then Yeshua our Messiah, the Son of David, shall take up His throne and rule and reign forever! We shall rule and reign with Him.