Supernatural Food Provision – Eating When The Mark Of The Beast Is Enforced – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj



This account came from this video on youtube

It is rare to find a supernatural account of food being multiplied.  In the past when I have heard of these testimonies, I failed to write them down.  Here is one account.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj talks about a time where the Lord asked him to fast.  In the middle of the fast, the Lord Jesus shows up while Sadhu is sitting reading his scriptures around his normal supper time.

Jesus offers him food, which confuses Sadhu because he was to fast according to the Lord’s instructions.  The Lord Jesus feeds him food and this visitation of the Jesus Christ continues every single day until the end of the fast.

In the video, Sadhu mentioned that the food was pliable in his mouth, meaning, it wasn’t just a mirage, but actual food that you would eat today.

More so, it was Sadhu’s favorite foods from his mothers recipes.

I hope this account will give you hope.  When the mark of the beast is enforced, and buying and selling won’t be an option, God will be with us.  Let this account encourage you, that the Lord will provide for us now, and the days ahead.


Notes from the transcript:

” Now God gives Supernatural provision to his people, this is going to become very true in this last days, especially in the end times. Now you cannot buy or sell because you don’t have the mark. So how are you going to eat? How are you going to eat? You cannot buy, you cannot sell, all your credit cards become useless…. ( your neck, becomes necky???) You can only buy or sell if you have the mark. And you don’t want to take the mark, right? Am, I right? Ok, so how are you going to eat? Are you going to starve to death? Or are you going to fast all your life, until the Lord comes? I tell you one truth. Melkisedek will come to feed you.”


” A similar incident like this in Exodus 24:11 when God told Moses what invited Moses and Aaron and + 70 of Israel which means 74 people come up on Mount Sinai.  You’re going to dine with me.  They had a date with God. ”

”  I had this wonderful privilege in my life in 1985. The Lord called me to fast for 7 days so don’t eat and only drink 1 cup of milk in the night and I’ve never done that in my life before.

He told me to fast for 7 days. On the 4th day, at about dinner time, – normal dinner time I was sitting on my bed reading the scriptures.

The Lord came to me…. how are you feeling?

I am feeling fine Lord.

And He said…. I got some food for you.

He stretched out His hand and there was a silver plate, and there was some rice, some curry. You see, to my eyes, it looked like that.

So, He said, I brought food for you to eat.

I said, Lord, I cannot, I am fasting. ha ha

I said, how can I? I am fasting, how can I eat?

You told me to fast.

You know, He just smiled at my foolishness.

He came and sat beside me. The scene was so intimate so loving, like a mother sitting beside her son.

The scene reminded me when I was a little boy, and how my mother used to feed me.

He came and sat beside me, like an Indian mother, He turned the rice, the curry and everything, and he said open your mouth (laughing)

I told the Lord again, I cannot eat, I am fasting.

He just ignored what I was saying.

Now, open your mouth, feed, eat.

( after eating )

Now lie down and sleep, and I will visit you tomorrow.

And again, the next day, at the same time, he came to me with another different dish of food.

You know everything is spiritual.

I could feel like literal food. The taste, and everything, you know?

Every day that the food that the Lord brought was one of my favorite dishes that my mother cooks.

4th day, 5th day, 6th day, 7th day.

Every day, He comes and sits beside me.

He feeds me, and He never allowed me to eat myself, you know?

No, no, no, .. I will feed you.

Such a loving mother, the Lord Jesus is.

When you get closer to God, you realize, He is not just a God on the throne, He is a loving Father, loving mother. That aspect of His nature will come out. Not just God, that fear and run away, but a loving God, a loving Father.


After the 7 days were done, at the 7th day, the Lord told me, … I want you to go to the neighboring village because you need to set a family free from oppressing demons. 1000 demons were oppressing one family. He said, I want you to go, and set them free.

I was dealing with demons that I had never dealt with before. That was my first experience with hand to hand combat, involved in spiritual warfare.


This account came from this video on youtube

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