A Categorized List Of Prophecies

A Categorized List Of Prophecies




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” I saw this large wave getting ready to crest over the top of this mountain, ”

“I knew that the Atlantic Ocean had washed in as far as this mountain in North Carolina.”

” I saw this massive wave that was taller than the hotels, taller than the buildings,…..It was literally towering over the top of the building”

This wave will hit the east coast.” He said, “Warn the people to get out. This mighty wave will devastate coastal cities and wash inland for many miles.

“The Appalachians will be the furthest point east before the Mississippi River expands its boundaries.”

The ocean will come as far as the Rockies in some areas”

The Grand Canyon will begin to fill with water.

  • Florida will be decimated.
  • Washington D.C. will be under water.
  • New York Harbor will flood the city.
  • In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains.
  • The water will not go beyond the Appalachian mountains.

There is plotting behind the scenes to take America down. Important information was given to the Russian government regarding the United States, and the Russians will use this information to attack the infrastructure your nation.

Food will be scarce, but my children will be prepared for the famine.” He said, “I’m instructing my children to begin to fill up their storehouses before the famine strikes.

“The fear that the end is near will cause people” — listen to this — “will cause people to seek out Christians for truth”

“At first, it will be a prosperous time, but it will be short-lived. Next, it will be a season of devastation from all directions.The first devastation will hit and, when she is reeling from that one, the next one will be right on its heels. When it looks like it cannot get any worse, indeed it will. This series of devastating events will cripple your nation and bring her to her knees.”

  • Look to the skies, and you will see the first devastation.
  • Look to the seas, and you will see the next devastation.
  • Look to the earth, and you will see the third devastation.

Dams would be breaking and flooding the people below.

  • “He specifically told me that Hoover Dam will be one that breaks. “
  • Power supplies will be cut off to major cities
  • Great earthquakes
  • Medicines were scarce
  • I saw people being killed with guns
  • Martial law was going to replace the civil law of the land
  • There would be curfews, road blocks, check points in order to maintain control.
  • The sword will be the nuclear war
  • The famine will result from the drought when I withhold the rain.
  • The pestilence will be a new strain of disease that is not known
  • The war will last five years, and the famine will follow quickly
  • The landscape of America is about to change
  • The waterways will become poisonous
  • The hills will begin to tremble
  • The stars will lose their brilliance
  • Your sun will begin to emit flashes of radiation
  • The central plains will see a great hurricane that will dump great amounts of rain
  • The Great Lakes will combine to form one large body
  • The geological plates will shift
  • War is coming to America.

A huge ash cloud,…either it was volcanic ash, or it was debris from nuclear bomb.

Buildings would be collapsing and falling into water, the causeways that connected islands to mainland would collapse, leaving people stranded on islands.

All that will happen to your nation will be a result of your nation’s sin. (Homosexuality, Abortion)

“I will protect, provide and possess my chosen and Holy people. I want you to know that no matter what I show you about these end times,” he said, “you are in the palm of my hand. DO NOT FEAR or WORRY. Just know that I AM with you, and I will bless you and your family.”

“Tell the people that hell is expanding. This saddens My heart. I never created hell for mankind. Those in rebellion and disobedience to their creator will be eternally damned”

I will establish cities of refuge for the ones who know me intimately.”

“Call to me, and I will show and you guide you to a city of refuge in these perilous times.”

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