100+ Prophetic Christian Quotes On America’s Future

Ken Peters – ( State Check Points ) “One thing that was happening was you could not cross state lines at this time without papers. Current papers were required to cross state lines. That was very strange to me.”

Maurice Sklar ( Supernatural Provision ) “There is a new generation of prophets about to emerge. They will operate in the miraculous to such an extent that they will confound the unbelieving and smash the idols of this modern age. They will release both supernatural blessings upon My bride as well as unleashing my judgment upon the earth. No one will be able to ignore them. They will emerge both from the church and out of the remnant of faithful, believing Jews. I have begun already to release the mantles of the Endtime ministry of Elijah for the church age. I will release the ministry of creative miracles and the raising of the dead. No disease shall be able to stand in the presence of My last-day prophets. I will cause such a display of My supernatural healing power in revival meetings that the major news networks shall broadcast ‘live’ as limbs grow out, the dead are raised, deformed children, the incurably insane and ‘water-head’ babies are instantly healed. People shall fly in from around the world bringing the incurable and deformed and I will heal them ALL – just as I did in My earthly ministry. My end-time Elijah prophets shall enter into hospitals and empty them. Every one shall be healed. Even the insane and mentally ill shall be cured. Mental hospitals shall be shut down and never reopened. ”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj ( Supernatural Provision ) ” You know, let me tell you one truth. 3 years ago, I had a visitation from an angel of the Lord and the angel of the Lord spoke to me about the seven horns of the Lamb. If you read Revelation chapter 5 verse 6, the Apostle John saw Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God and he sees the Lamb with seven eyes and seven horns. So the seven horns represent 7 different kind of powers this makes up the powers of the age to come that God will release upon the last days Church. Now one of the powers is called Creative Supernatural Working. I saw a group of people especially young people they’re all in hiding. They have nothing to eat. I saw a youth and he appeared like a youth leader, he was leading a group of youths and they were all hungry. He just pointed his finger at the ground and he commanded food to grow. And it grew!! Like food hidden in the ground. It grew then it came out they took and the ate.He spoke to a storm a rock and it gave out water. You see, the God who was with Moses is still alive on the throne as He was with the prophet Moses so will he be with you in these last days.

Ken Peters – ( Supernatural Provision ) – “For a short period of time people were coming to Jesus in total surrender. I was able again to see above the globe and what I saw was very unusual. I got to see certain regions of the earth where light rays were just coming out high into the atmosphere. It almost looked like those big searchlights with the flame on the inside of them except that these were very brilliant, almost supernatural in appearance. After I saw these shooting out from the globe in many different directions I was given the ability to go down into these regions and actually see firsthand what was happening. Let me tell you, it was the most exciting thing I have ever seen. It is the very thing that gives me the determination to continue doing what I’m doing right now. If it were not for this part of the vision I would not minister in America anymore. I would move away completely. Here is what happened. I began to see 12 regions in the United States of America and all over the globe where these beams of light would just come out and begin to shine into the atmosphere. When I got down close, what I saw was mass revival hitting the earth. I did not see any Ken Peters. I did not see any big-name evangelist or prophets or apostles or famous television personalities, Not one. All I saw was every day normal children of God ministering in the power like Jesus described in the Bible with the disciples. This was happening on a wholesale basis, everywhere! People were praying for sick people and they would be healed instantly. They would pray for blind eyes and they would be opened. They would pray for dead people and they would be resurrected. They were praying for the lost to come in. What I saw was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed since I have been alive. Nothing I have ever witnessed on earth could compare to what I was allowed to see. This period of time lasted about three or four months, maybe six months max. Maybe that long. It was so incredible! Regions were totally won For Jesus Christ.”

Maurice Sklar – ( Supernatural Provision ) –  “I believe the last outpouring will not happen in a time of prosperity, but great horror.  People will cry out to God, and He will bring them to their knees.  I saw these big outdoor meetings, where God had risen up these end times prophets and apostles, and there was amazing miracles of food and water.  What struck me was there was NO FOOD AND WATER.  People were starving.  People would get to these refuge places …..big fields, and they would see awesome miracles, healings and creative things.  I just knew that millions would be pouring out all over the world. He was pouring out his Spirit, and harvest and people were crying out, and there was great martyrs and heroic things”

Ken Peters – ( Supernatural Provision ) End times Vision ” Some very unusual things were happening with this group of people. It was amazing to me how they could meet people’s physical needs. They would always run into people that were in need and they would meet their needs and then somehow lead them to Christ. No I didn’t know how to do any of this yet because I had just hooked up with them. ”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj( Abortion ) “My dearly beloved sons and daughters brothers and sisters, one of the reasons for the outbreak of this corona virus is the cry of the blood of the innocent, that has been going up to God for years ”

David Wilkerson ( Civil Unrest ) ” There will be unbelievable, unnecessary, uncontrollable violence. The violence that had been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering, and burning. (There will be one thousand fires burning in NYC.) The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. ”

Maurice Sklar( Israel Attacks Iran ) “ The whole world will become even more anti-Semitic and despise Israel. Israel will succeed in removing the nuclear threat almost completely, but there will be war. Israel will be hurt, primarily from the rocket attacks. This strike against Iran will provoke the neighboring Arab nations and they will attempt to retaliate, which will then go nuclear. War is coming! ”

Maurice Sklar(  A New Global Currency ) ” The Euro will suddenly just collapse. Then, the dollar will follow. A new global currency will immediately take their place. ”

Maurice Sklar ( The Mark Of The Beast ) ” There was this hologram movie kind of….where the antichrist was three dimensional, it was like he was in front of you, but he wasn’t.  I have never seen technology quite this advanced.  They said ………’ your going to be alright, we’ll take care of you, just bow down on your knees, and receive me’ Almost like he’s Lord, but he said it in such a way that it didn’t seem like a big deal, but it was.  They could not touch the person until they got down on their knees.  I didn’t put that in what I wrote, but when they got down on their knees, then there was this automatic thing that they got stamped.  It looked like an electronic tattoo or stamp.  I believe in some parts of the world, it was on their forehead, some parts was on their hand.  The right hand, but I saw a forehead.  And then they went into this room in the back, and they had food and they could eat, they slept, but when they came out, they were like zombies.  They had lost their mind, they were in a complete takeover, like “i robot” movie.  It was like a taking over of their whole being.  They lost their soul.  You could tell. Many of them, the ones that were young, the ones that were fit, were immediately brought into the military, this police force, and they were given weapons and they were like zombies, they went out and joined the police that were rounding everyone up”

Ken Peters ( The Anti-Christ ) ( Seen In A Tribulation Vision )” The new world leader then appeared on television. He spoke with great eloquence and charisma. He was soothing and promised answers to all current issues. He was smooth and extremely convincing. He was able to solve nearly all problems. He was a consummate communicator. He explained how this removal of people was God’s judgment upon them. When Adolf Hitler spoke to the masses he had a demonic charisma that would draw people into his message. But that was nothing compared to this new world leader.Since I was not a born-again Christian at the time that I had this dream, when I heard this man speak he began to convince me. This man was rallying the globe. It was very frightening.”

Maurice Sklar ( The Anti-Christ ) ” This man that rose up, the antichrist, I didn’t see him, but I saw this movie thing, it was like he was there. I think that is what it means by “the image of the beast”, because it was an image, but it wasn’t the beast.  But, it was still very real ”

Ken Peters ( The Anti-Christ ) ( Seen In A Tribulation Vision ) ” Although this man did not act necessarily prideful he was very brash. He still carried the ability and the charisma about him to levy people into his situations. This new leader was not resisted on the implementation of any of his policies, not one. No one stood up to challenge him. No one in America started a revolution. There was no resistance whatsoever, not on a grassroots level, not on a national level, no one. Television continually, almost daily, explained to us that if we would align ourselves with this new order we would be saved from all of life’s troubles. This is what this man said nearly every time he came on television. The new order was said to have all the answers to our problems and the leadership necessary to bring the change, causing the world to finally become the envisioned globe of peace. This is what we heard over and over. ”

Ken Peters ( Anti-Christ ) ( Seen In A Tribulation Vision ) The man that I saw on the television, the man that could do signs and wonders and fix all the problems, I will never forget his face. As long as I live I will never forget his face. His face was almost supernatural in appearance. He was almost too perfect. For lack of better terms, he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. This man had everything going together for him, everything. He had kind of a chiseled look about his face. And everything about his appearance was almost perfect. When he spoke, there was a very strange quality about him. ”

Ken Peters – ( UN Police In America ) ( Seen In A Tribulation Vision ) ” Right about at the time that this earthquake hit, very unusual things began happening with the laws. I began to see local municipalities and no longer were the police departments the enforcers of the laws. But military police driving very unusual looking vehicles that I now know are called Humvees. The vehicles I saw were black and were on just about every corner of every main thoroughfare. The back cans were campus and there were men standing in the back of them wearing black uniforms and blue ball caps or blue helmets. The man standing in the back was wearing a blue helmet. I did some checking and learned that in 1980 there were no blue helmets or blue ball caps worn by any military on earth.”

Maurice Sklar – ( UN Police In America ) “I saw what looked like riot police.  Like you see sometimes coming in, with helmets on.  Some of them had light blue hats or helmets, I am not sure.  It didn’t look American, it looked like it was more of a UN type of, or international type of thing, I don’t know.  They started entering into homes, and they gave the people a choice.  They came in heavily armed, with machine guns.  They said, ‘either you, come with us, …we have a place for you’ .  They dragged people out of their homes and brought them to these, they looked like concentration camps.  But they didn’t look like the world war II type.  They looked like they were made into that from schools, corporate buildings and warehouses.  There were a lot of them.  I knew this was happening, not just in America, but this was happening world wide”

David Eells –  ( UN Police In America ) ” Martial law had been implemented and the streets were flooded with people panicking and UN troops – The UN being the United Nations.  I was filled with the Holy Ghost, as I remember it in this dream.  In this dream, my life on this earth was soon to be over.  I knew it.  I believe this dream could be a glimpse of what my end could be.  I believe the Holy Spirit prepares people for things to come. In this dream I was running from the UN Troops, and I hid in the crevice of this high rise building.  It had a small entrance way, nobody could get in there. as you had to be really skinny to get in there. I was being chased by UN troops.  These guys were in full combat riot gear and they had a black police style fatigues on.  They were wearing black combat boots, black shirts, with white patches on their shoulders which said the UN, they had black bullet proof vests on, riot helmets and they had a fully automatic firearm on one arm, and they were well prepared.  They had what appeared to be mini tanks and paddy wagons on the street where they were gathering up people. They found me, hidden in the crevice of this building, they had a lot of advanced technology, far beyond anything we have known today.  They could find you, it didn’t matter where you were, or who you were, or how well hidden you might have been…..they could find you.  They called me out of the crevice of this building. After having that dream, I looked into the technology that they have, and they do have a lot of advanced technology, far beyond what we can even comprehend.  They found me out, and I came out of the crevice building. ”

Rachel Baxter ( 10 Prophetic Visions For America)

1. Economic disaster – (impacting the Stock markets and currencies so that the dollar is dissolved and money as we know it fails)

2. Drought and famine – (food shortages leading to starvation and cannibalism)

3. Marshal Law – (to the point of relinquishing our constitutional rights with UN troops being welcomed and given authority over Americans. Extreme persecution of Bible-believing Christians culminating in use of FEMA detention camps and use of guillotines)

4.Persecution – (Bible-believing Christians will face extreme persecution culminating in FEMA detention camps and guillotines)

5. World War 3 – (a drawing in of nearly all nations into war, with Russian and Chinese troops literally attacking America and occupying our land, and the use of nuclear devices)

6. Earthquakes – (our country will be split in two pieces and separated by a body of water)

7. Floods – (our coastlines will be forever changed by tsunamis and raging waters)

8. Plagues & Pestilence – (causing suffering and death)

9. Wild fires and Volcanoes – (will rage and Yellowstone caldera will erupt)

10. A centralizing of world government into the New World Order. (The United States of America will cease to exist as we know it today as our sovereignty under God is dissolved)

Maurice Sklar – ( Round Ups )  “The people who refused to go were just shot.  And that was awful, I was just shocked.  They just shot them and left them in their homes”

Ken Peters – ( Big Brother Control ) ” As time progressed in the dream, I was given the ability by being in homes that television sets not only broadcast and transmitted programming but they now had the capacity to actually send signals about what you are doing in your living room. I was able to see the television sets were actually watching people in their homes, monitoring their movements, monitoring their conversations. I was shown in the dream that the television did not even need to be on. It just needed to be plugged in. Later, I found out that televisions made after 1992 can in fact watch you.”

Brett Creamer – ( Property Confiscation )  ” I saw what looked like hundreds of poor people walking down the street with their belongings and they were beginning to take up residence in the houses that my neighbors were leaving behind.  I knew that for some reason the government was forcing hard working people out of their homes and they were giving it to those who were living on welfare and government assistance.  I was so angry because as hard as I have worked during my life, I was going to lose it all to people who did not care about hard work and were taking all they could get for free from the government.  As I watched them get closer, I knew that these people would take all we had worked for and we would be essentially about to become street vagrants.  I grabbed what I could and we all started to walk towards the front door…  ”

David Wilkerson ( Financial Woes ) ” God will judge this nation with economic disasters. Critical money problems will strike large and small cities alike. America’s Queen City, New York City, will declare bankruptcy. Newark, New Jersey, and surrounding metropolitan areas will follow into bankruptcy. ”

David Wilkerson ( Financial Woes ) ” The fall of New York City will be but the first tolling of the bell of divine judgment. One bad report will lead to another. Europe, Asia, and Russia will quake in fear at the news coming out of this judgment zone. World money markets will go wild. ”

Ken Peters ( Global Order ) “All of the nations of the world became as one. There were no longer any sovereign individual nations. Continents were no longer divided into countries but were divided into regions.”

Rosa Alverio ( Persecution ) “In 2010 I had this vivid dream. It was around 2:00 AM. In my dream I heard the doorbell ring. It was so real that I woke up and headed towards my door, I opened it and no one was there. Went back to sleep, and the same dream came back where I left off. In the dream I opened the door and there standing in front of me, was a man dressed in black like the SS officers of Hitler. He asked me what is that and pointed to the right of my door, where I had a Mezuzah, I knew in my spirit that he knew what it was. I said it is a Mezuzah, he asked me are you Jewish? I said yes! His answer was, you have 24 hours to get out of the country, if not you will be taken to a camp. The dream ended.”

Maurice Sklar ( Persecution ) ” The resulting shaking of the West will then release a tremendous movement of Jews making aliyah back to Israel. There will no longer be security or stability as it has been up to now in America and Europe. Israel will emerge victorious from this war, but hurt.”

Ken Peters ( Persecution ) ” I began to see persecution on unprecedented scales. At this point another unusual things happen. This outpouring of blessing and this outpouring of persecution began to be really stepped up and people were taken. I saw many penitentiaries all over the United States, especially concentrated in California. In the dream I saw many state prisons. In 1983 the Holy Spirit Told me he was allowing the devil to build prisons in the state of California that would eventually become detention centers for Christians. These prisons were being built in rural areas that were normally 15 to 25 miles off of any main highway. I asked him why would that be the case and he said, “So that those people can be taken during the night hours.”

Rosa Alverio ( Famine ) ” In 2009, I took my mother to Kroger’s as we were walking through the isles, I felt like everything around had disappeared and I was the only one. As this was happening to me, I saw the shelves empty, there was no food at all. I came back to reality. I told my mother what I just saw, she said that there is coming a time when there will be famine and no food to eat. She said, the Lord was letting you know that this is going to happen.”

Ken Peters – ( Global Famine, Global Earthquake ) The earthquake hit and there were multiple, millions of lives lost. The world was completely stunned. The devastation to property and loss of life was beyond comprehension. It could not be measured. Some regions were so destroyed that they never bothered to send rescue teams in. That’s how devastated they were. This destruction was global. It reached the whole globe. The earthquake caused a massive change in weather patterns. The normal weather patterns completely changed. The patterns for winter became summer and summer became winter. You might have a day of snow and a day of heat. The world was in total chaos in this weather patterns. Predicting the weather became totally impossible. It was just useless to try to forecast weather. Predictions did not work. Some very unusual things began to happen almost immediately. Crops began to perish due to droughts. I was able to see all over the glow the most fertile areas, the most fertile farming areas. I live at the time of this dream in the most fertile farming area in the whole world, the San Joaquin Valley of California. These areas were totally destroyed with drought and famine. Places that were once fertile were now arid deserts. It was almost hard to comprehend what I was seeing. It was almost immediate. ”

Steven Hanson – ( Civil Unrest, Chicago, Arizona )  “ The nation will be divided in so many ways. Civil unrest will be the norm. Military factions will be spread across the land. Violence will erupt in the streets. You will see fires and explosions break-out in such cities as Chicago. Phoenix, Arizona will have chaos and dissent. Woe to those who put their faith in guns and armory. Woe to those who sit in high places, for you once thought you were the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Maurice Sklar ( Persecution ) ” Most of My bride is in mainland China now. Many are in Asia, and Korea and India and Brazil and Russia and Kenya and Nigeria and throughout Africa. Most of My bride is hidden away in their prayer closets and have been persecuted and driven out of the churches by abusive pastors and false prophets, ministry leaders, and oppressive government leaders. Many are in prison. Some are daily dying of starvation and disease. Most of My bride has been beaten and left by the side of the road by the religious ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ ”

Diana Pulliam – ( Terrorism Targets Churches ) ” In the very last dream before awakening, I was among the congregation in the sanctuary. It was during the song service, and we were all on our feet singing. Suddenly, a man burst in from the side door closest to the stage, turned toward the congregation and began firing. Everyone began to duck behind chairs, attempting to take cover. End of dream. “

Michele Sizemore Burdo – ( Large Assembly Terror Attacks ) ” Last night I dreamed that I was inside a large assembly place. It looked like it could’ve been a high school. I knew in the dream that they were about to do an all call for an assembly of hundreds of people. To my right, I saw a person that was a trusted member of this assembly. This person had a small flat rectangular stack of things in their hand. When they thought no one was looking, they scattered these rectangular pieces on the floor, which made quite a clatter. Suddenly, I knew this place was marked as a soft target and that as soon as all were assembled, the attack would ensue.”

Phyllis Cheslock 1948 ( Terrorism Targets Churches ) ” There was a loud noise in the back of the church; we all turned to see what it was. The big double doors flew open; men dressed in black with strange hoods over their heads, came running in and came down the left aisle, then stood against the outside wall.  I wasn’t afraid, but curious to see men dressed like that.  They all had guns that no one had seen before; a green metal that looked like a rifle but was different than a rifle.  The first man in line pointed a pistol and was going to say something, but instead of hearing his voice, I heard a voice inside me say: “Don’t deny Jesus Christ is your savior, and do not deny He is the son of God “

Phyllis Cheslock ( Confirmation ) – ” While watching fox news wearing hoods over their faces and carrying the same guns I saw in the 1948 vision.  I sat in shock.  Ruach Hakodesh brought the vision back to my remembrance, and it was though I was watching the vision again, only this time on a tv screen, not in a church. “

Maurice Sklar – ( Famine, Concentration Camps )  “I saw what looked like small….  I am not sure what to call them, they looked like kiosk.  It was a small building that was like a prefab type of building.  These little kiosks were set up in every little town……everywhere.  People were starving, they had no food, there was looting, and gangs were going about, ….it was just awful.  People were starving.  These things were sophisticated and well advertised.  ‘Food, water and shelter, just come in here and we will help you’  It was very inviting and a lot of people went ….’there’s food lets go’.  It was a trap, they went in, and it was just like in the bible, it talks about the mark of the beast.”

Maurice Sklar –  ( Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps ) “There was this hologram movie kind of….where the antichrist was three dimensional, it was like he was in front of you, but he wasn’t.  I have never seen technology quite this advanced.  They said ………’ your going to be alright, we’ll take care of you, just bow down on your knees, and receive me’ Almost like he’s Lord, but he said it in such a way that it didn’t seem like a big deal, but it was.  They could not touch the person until they got down on their knees.  I didn’t put that in what I wrote, but when they got down on their knees, then there was this automatic thing that they got stamped.  It looked like an electronic tattoo or stamp.  I believe in some parts of the world, it was on their forehead, some parts was on their hand.  The right hand, but I saw a forehead.  And then they went into this room in the back, and they had food and they could eat, they slept, but when they came out, they were like zombies.  They had lost their mind, they were in a complete takeover, like “i robot” movie.  It was like a taking over of their whole being.  They lost their soul.  You could tell. Many of them, the ones that were young, the ones that were fit, were immediately brought into the military, this police force, and they were given weapons and they were like zombies, they went out and joined the police that were rounding everyone up”

David Eells – ( Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps ) As I entered into this large gymnasium, there was two lines in front of me….real long.  At the end of these two lines, were these tables established with two government employees, and at the tables there were ladies. The people in this line, a lot of these people were from church.  Most of them however, were regular folks, ….you know citizens.  A lot of them were from church.  As I first entered into the gymnasium, at the very front of the line, I saw them take one person, and take them to this part of the building, to my right, and they took them into the room, where nobody knew where they were taking them.  I had my own ideas, but I wasn’t for sure. Everyone else was willing to accept what they were doing, and everyone INCLUDING the brothers and sisters that,……well that I believed were the brothers and sisters from my church were entering into the other room, and after they entered that room, the whole side of the gymnasium, you could see glass, you can see outside.  They were exiting this room, admiring their new microchip implant that had just been injected into their right hand.  They were outside the perimeter of this building. Around this building was barbed wire.  They were actually able to leave the area and go back into population.  After they got their new micro chip identification. It grieved me, because I saw people from church accepting this thing.  I believe that thing was the mark of the beast. ”

Maurice Sklar ( Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps ) ” Then there was some, that I watched, two or three…..”  It was horrifying.  There were some that didn’t.  They said ‘ no, I can’t do that.  I will not take that stamp, I will not bow to you, I will not bow to you….’  Then there was this terrible torture.  They were tortured, and yet nothing was happening on the outside, it was the pain centers of their brain.  They were screaming.  They would scream and scream and finally if they would still not yield, then there was like this light that went on, and then these lasers would just….  it was like a red laser, or orange-red and it shot right through their brain and their heart, and then it sliced their head right off.  Right after that, it was like they were just burned.  I don’t know if this was just a dream, but it was very very vivid ”

Michelle Walcott – (1989) ( Concentration Camps ) ” The dream seem to start really where they marched us into this building. The Soldiers were dressed like Roman soldiers. Their uniforms looked just like that of ancient Rome although I believe that was symbolic of the One World Government now in place. Oh by the way,the Rapture hadn’t happened yet and many were offended and fell away from the faith. I remember knowing we had to be careful who we trusted almost like the early Church when they had to go into hiding. The ones who fell away would be rewarded if they turned in any Christians and they would get credits added to their account. There wasn’t any paper money any longer or credit cards.One by one these Soldiers dressed in Roman gear would ask us if we would renounce Christ and follow the New World Government and bow down to the New Leader.The answer repeatedly was No, I will follow Jesus Christ my Lord and only him will I bow down to, it made them angry and they began to torture each one. By braking fingers or bashing knee caps. The dream was so vivid and so real I could hear the bones,each one being broken. When one didn’t cry out in pain they would get more angry and more vile and tortuous. This went on it seemed like forever. I remember in the dream praying the whole time asking the Lord. Please give me strength,strengthen me to be able to stand and not fear what they will do to my body. Let yourself be glorified in me. Don’t let me fear Lord please,I pleaded with him. Next they came to me and asked me if I would deny Christ and follow the New World Leader, The Worlds Messiah. I looked at them,there were 2 or 3 standing there but 1 right in front of me. I stood silent and they screamed at me in my face and ordered me to deny Christ. I remained silent I did not move or speak. Then all of a sudden a song broke out from my mouth, a Song so powerful with words of worship and adoration for my Lord Jesus, then all of a sudden they knocked me down and the next thing I remember myself along with the others were being marched out to a courtyard of some sort. There were guillotines lined up 3 or 4 can’t remember.They marched us up one by one and gave each person one final chance to deny Christ and submit to the New World Government, no one gave in. When they started to march me up and asked me the same question, I looked at the man who would pull the lever then I looked up and said Lord, after they cut my head off let it roll over and speak “Jesus is Lord”. Then I woke up. ”

Ken Peters ( Concentration Camps ) ” Because my wife and this older gentleman kept being very bold and in your face with them they took us out of that room and into this very long corridor. In this corridor there were thousands of people lined up. The corridor seemed to be at least 100 yards long. It was probably longer than that. Every five or six minutes the people in this long line would take a step forward. We had been in this line for a long time when people would barge in through the doors on the sides of the corridor and began to grill people and tell them to renounce their faith. They would never use the name Jesus. They would never use the name Jesus Christ. They would never use the name God. They would say you should renounce your faith in him while you can still live. They would say your faith is empty. It was a blasphemous challenge that these people were bringing against the people in the line. Every so often, someone in the line would crack. They would just collapse and these people would drag them away. They would renounce their faith in Christ. It made me very uneasy to be in this line because I was not sure what they were going to do to us. I wondered if they were going to put us in prison or maybe beat us up. ”

Ken Peters ( Concentration Camp Vision )

My wife was in front of me and they began telling her she should renounce her faith and live. Now I realized what was happening because this man was standing there with a huge sword. It was a very frightening looking sword. I saw this table that was a little longer than the average human being and a little bit wider. My wife said she was not going to renounce her faith in Jesus. She began to preach to them powerfully. She began to rebuke the devil. They got angry and strapped her down on this table with her face up. This man was standing behind her with this sword. So he took the sword and chopped her head right off, right in my presence, I saw it.

This sword left an indelible mark in my life. Later I saw the same sword on the red cap worn by the Shriners. Their caps are called the Fez. They are red because they have promised to dip them in the blood of Christians. The sword is called the sword of scimitar.

I was more afraid of what was going to happen to me next than the fact that my wife had just died. I was more concerned about my life then with her dying. I was very afraid. I knew that I was going to die now. In my mind I knew that I was not going to make it. I was paralyzed. My mind began to torment me so much I almost literally blanked out. My stomach began to shout almost out loud asking Jesus to help me. The message could not get out because my mind was paralyzed. It was like I had the flu. My teeth were chattering and I was shaking with chills. I could not process my thoughts whatsoever. It was as though I had totally lost all faculties of my mind, my ability to cognitively be aware of what was going on. It was terrible. Although it only lasted for five or six minutes, it seemed like hours because of the extreme weight of this attack on me.

I began to really try to cry out to God from my stomach. Today I know it was my spirit crying out but in the dream it seems like a war in my stomach. Finally it was like something penetrated out of my stomach into my mind and I was able to spiritually call on Jesus and say, “I am afraid Jesus. Please save me. Help me.”

At the very instant that communication happened, I felt a hand grip my shoulder. For a brief period of time I was actually more interested in the hand gripping me then I was in what was happening to me. As soon as this hand gripped me I got very warm and the chills left me. It was as though my mind could now see and I could comprehend clearly what was going on.

I will never forget the hand. It was a very rugged looking hand. It looked as though it had been through a great deal of work. It was almost like a man that is a blue-collar worker who uses his hands like a mechanic for a builder or a plumber. It was a very thick hand. It was a very solid hand. After a few moments I turned back and there was the Lord Jesus Christ standing behind me. All of a sudden he looked me in the eyes. He looked at me very sternly. It was not like a reproof or a conviction. It was more like he was just looking and peering into my life.

At the very moment I looked at him, his eyes were not brown or green or blue or anything like that. They appeared to be red like fire. They were looking clearly through my whole life. Somehow at that moment I was able to realize that him looking at me was actually looking through me. He knew everything about me. He knew my strengths. He knew my weaknesses. He knew every lie deep down inside of me. He knew every deception. He knew every place that I was afraid and that I had compartmentalized. By him looking into me, my whole being was exposed to me. It was very frightening. It was a very intense moment. I wish I could say that seeing Jesus at that moment made me very happy. It did not. It made me very fearful. I understand now what the fear of the Lord is because of that experience.

A few moments after realizing my own depravity, He spoke to me. He looked sternly into my eyes and said, “Fear not my son for death will never hold you.”

Instantly it was like courage flooded through me. I wish I could tell you that I got very bold and preached a great sermon and got everybody saved. But I didn’t. It was just courage to go through what was before me.

Maurice Sklar –  ( The Mark Of The Beast ) “Then there was some, that I watched, two or three…..”  It was horrifying.  There were some that didn’t.  They said ‘ no, I can’t do that.  I will not take that stamp, I will not bow to you, I will not bow to you….’  Then there was this terrible torture.  They were tortured, and yet nothing was happening on the outside, it was the pain centers of their brain.  They were screaming.  They would scream and scream and finally if they would still not yield, then there was like this light that went on, and then these lasers would just….  it was like a red laser, or orange-red and it shot right through their brain and their heart, and then it sliced their head right off.  Right after that, it was like they were just burned.  I don’t know if this was just a dream, but it was very very vivid”

Maurice Sklar –  ( The Anti-Christ ) “This man that rose up, the antichrist, I didn’t see him, but I saw this movie thing, it was like he was there. I think that is what it means by “the image of the beast”, because it was an image, but it wasn’t the beast. But, it was still very real”

Maurice Sklar –  ( New Madrid Fault , California, West Coast Fall Into The Sea ) – ” The first thing I saw was America split in two, just right down the middle.  It was just along the Mississippi, or just near there.   It just split, like it cracked.  I saw an earthquake, it looked like…it seemed to mirror the strokes of the sword.  Then I saw the west coast, it just cracked off like a saltine cracker.  It just broke off and it disappeared into the ocean, all the way from Mexico, all the way up to Alaska.  Most of the coastline was gone”

Brett Creamer ( Tsunami ) ” It’s a huge wave. It might have been …I don’t know, 500 hundred feet. It was huge. I ran back to tell my family. I already realized it was too late. Half thought I was kidding, the others were like “what” and by the time I would have explained it, it was too late. ”

Michelle Walcott – ( Tsunami ) 1997 ” There were several men in this room in a tall building somewhere on the East Coast but not for certain what city/state it was in. All I could see was the President of the USA with his back facing me.Not sure who it was or even the year it was supposed to be, just some future event. I never overheard their conversations. It was as if I was just supposed to look and see. All of a sudden a huge 100 ft or more wave was headed straight for them.

Valeriy Musin ( Tsunami )  “In 2005 God gave me seven open visions about meteors size of the school bus, abnormal earthquake, tsunami, and total devastation of the east Coast. Those tsunami wasn’t just waves. They were a giant waves….)

Augusto Perez – ( Tsunami ) “I was in the beach coast (I think it was the East Coast, but I am not sure) staying on the 3rd floor hotel, when I saw looking down on the beach the water beginning to retreat rapidly into the sea and the seashore becoming dry. I knew instantly it was a tsunami coming. I went down and tried to warn the people telling them they had twenty minutes to get out, but no one believed me. They kept on having a good time in the beach. In the distance I could see people in boats.I went back up to my room, and suddenly I saw boats of all sizes, catamarans and colorful sailboats by the hundreds coming in. People were scared and jumping off their boats as they ran towards the shore with a look of panic and horror in their faces as I could start to see the giant tsunami in the distance making its way towards the beach”.

Perry Stone ( Tsunami ) “ The odd thing is one appeared to have been on the west coast and the other was very strong on the east coast, which I thought was a little odd. ”

Akida Lavender ( Tsunami, New York ) ” I keep having these dreams about a terrible surge of water hitting The East Coast. One city I seen devastated was definitely New York City. The water rose above the tallest buildings. In my dream the water came storming in too fast for anyone to escape it. “

Mike Shreve –  ( Tsunami, New York ) “It is very heartbreaking.  Earlier in the year 2012, I had a dream where I saw New York City lifted up above the ground, and it became translucent.  You could see right through it.  Then it rushed across the United States and across the Pacific and hovered over Japan and then it merged with that area in north eastern Japan where that terrible tragedy took place about a year prior to that.  Whether it was an earthquake or tsunami, and a nuclear incident.  I saw New York City destroyed with the same level of destruction”

Gloria Rodriguez This reminds me of a dream I had back in 2015? (I need to look back at my journals) in my dream it was a normal day it might have been summer time? It was a hot day and people were going about their business walking downtown. And all of sudden there came a huge tsunami wave so big that it covered Lady Liberty. I saw it so vividly a huge wave! ”

Dr. Melanie Rettler ( Tsunami, East Coast ) ” Then swoosh. I was up in the sky over the ocean, off the east coast of the United States. God was on my right hand side, I could see a partial map of the United States. He said, ” I have just about had it with them, because all they are looking for their security outside of me” I was close to New York, the vision opened up when the curtains were drawn back at a play. I could see New York, and the people. It was mid-morning it was morning or mid morning because the sun was still to my back. (east ) The people were going about their business. It was a nice day. Several people had light clothing on. They wore short sleeve shirts. Some women wore skirts. Some people were in shorts, there was no jackets and no snow on the ground. Then all of a sudden “stuff” started flying in on the people from the direction of the ocean, and people all ran.  The “stuff” looked very fairly uniform in size, about the size of a softball. It was great or grayish black in color and I sensed it was hot. It seemed to have a tar like consistency that people ran and were panicked. They were trying to avoid being hit by this tar like substance. It was chaotic. When I turned to God and asked him, “What about me, my family, my friends, the people I care about an all the blood bought Christians” He directed me to look back into the vision and I did. I still saw the people running everywhere. Suddenly, I saw transparent shields appear over some people, the shields moved with the people as they moved. The people didn’t seem to know that they had had them. I yelled down at some of them, “hey, you don’t have to run, you have protection. You have shields. You don’t have to run” But they didn’t hear me and they kept running with the other people, even though they didn’t have to. Then I was shown a broader view I was shown that the entire East Coast had sup suffered horrible destruction. And it was all the way from Maine to Florida. Florida was almost entirely destroyed the destruction went inland for a long ways. In some places, it was an entire state, and other places several states deep. I can see only approximately half of the United States. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the vantage point to see further, but that it was hidden from my view. “

Daniel Rhodes – ( Tsunami ) “These tsunamis are capable of wiping out major cities, and they will go further than any are known to go”

Maurice Sklar –  ( Tsunami, Florida ) “I saw a flood, like the ocean, like the tsunami in Japan, except it was BIGGER. It swept over a good portion of south east….Florida particularly. I don’t know what caused it, but I saw a big giant wave just cover a portion of the south east under water. I saw the same thing from the middle of America. It was three different places that I saw this flooding, this water. It made parts of America just go under the ocean. You couldn’t see it anymore. Also into Canada a little bit. I didn’t see Canada for some reason. I think this dream was focused on America”

Michelle Walcott – ( Tsunami, Oregon ) 1989 ” While I was driving down Coast Hwy towards Yaquina Bay bridge, I was at a red light. All of a sudden I saw a huge wall of water to my right and it must have been 100 feet or more tall. It happened so suddenly that I ducked and then realized it was a Vision of a Tsunami. I sat there shaken for what seemed to be a long while and I hear a voice tell me that there would be a Tsunami hit the West Coast and it would be so large that it would move inland for several miles. I am not sure how far it would go. I just know it was told it would be huge.”

Augusto Perez – ( Chicago ) ” I also saw the Great Lake in Chicago, the water level started to go down very fast. I was standing right next to a big rock which I had to lay hold of, so I wouldn’t fall”

Augusto Perez – ( Chicago )” I was in the City of Chicago when I felt a big earthquake. All the people were very scared and panicked at what was happening. Then I heard in the background the song “The Night Chicago Died”. I have had this vision twice”

Melissa Tabor – ( Las Vegas, Chicago ) ” … While living in Fort Lauderdale, God gave me two dreams about tsunamis destroying FL. God moved me to Ohio about 3-4 months after these dreams. After 3 months in Cleveland, I received a vision of an earthquake with aftershocks splitting a portion of Ohio, near Cleveland. Again, I was moved 3-4 months later. This brought me to Las Vegas and what I’m led to share. Around May of 2018 (I did not write the exact date, wish I did), I had a vision of standing outside of my apartment facing the Las Vegas Strip. As I watched the strip, from the west /northwest, a streak of light came out of the sky striking the Stratosphere Tower. Immediately, I watched the strip disintegrate and the after-wave move through the valley. Until yesterday, I had not received anything more about this vision. On November 7, 2018 around 8:30 am PST, I was making breakfast, praising God when there was a flash of light in my eyes. The light was so bright, I could not see for about three seconds. Then I saw three major cities crumbling to the ground. As the cities were crumbling, the Holy Spirit said, “It will happen in a flash.”  Next, I saw myself walking over dead bodies to my left and my right. Then the vision ended. A few minutes later, the Holy Spirit said, “I am going to give you a message for My people”. The message came with a weight so great I was unsure if I wanted to accept it, but being obedient to God, I accepted it. This is why I am reaching out to you, Marty. One of the cities I saw was Las Vegas and another was Chicago, but the third was not named. I’m not sure if this message is specifically for you as confirmation or if you have the other piece to my puzzle.”

Steven Hanson – (Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix ) “Woe to those of you who live in large metropolitan areas, for you will be hit the hardest. Woe to those of you who put your strength in man. For your nation will be brought to it’s knees. You will be rocked back and forth. You will taste the fury of my anger. Woe to different cities in your nation. Woe to New York City, Woe to Chicago, Woe to Phoenix, Woe to the city of sinners Las Vegas for your judgment will come swifter than most “

Rachel Baxter – “Look to Miami. Look to Chicago. Look to San Francisco. See what is happening. The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped.”

Rachel Baxter – ( Attack ) ” All of a sudden, out in the field, we saw an armament rise up out of the ground and saw missiles launch. At first I thought there was 6 missiles launched but later in the dream I got a look from a broader perspective and saw smoke rising up or coming down in streams that showed 24 different missile launch sites, in groups of six that stretched out in front of us. ”

Chuck Youngbrandt ( Attack ) On September 9, 1983 I was drawn into ‘The Spirit’ by FATHER GOD who shewed me Russia launching numbers of ICBM’s from Siberia. I saw Russians working furiously to issue self-destruct orders to the ICBM’s – all but three ICBM’s exploded as they lifted off. I was positioned high above the earth, everything was very dark, I noted that when the warheads reached outer space that the outer shells exploded without any noise. It was both chilling and beautiful to see as the nuclear warheads mirved out. Then I saw flashes of llght hitting many of the nuclear warheads smashing same. We had some kind of anti-ballistic missile defense system. Three came though untouched, one warhead was struck a glancing blow which knocked it off course.

I then watched as these re-entered the earths atmosphere, then I head a distinct “whomp” as one nuclear bomb went off (later identified as Lexington Ky). Then I watched and saw three more rapid “whomps” as nuclear bombs hit the East Coast of the U.S. (later identified as Jones Point, NY, Richmond, Va and Columbia SC). The U.S. fired back and hit Russia with three nuclear bombs. This was what I called “an accidental nuclear exchange.” I thought it would be the Soviet Union accidentally launching the ICBM’s but GOD THE FATHER made it clear on that September 9, 1983 that it was RUSSIA, not the Soviet Union.

Maurice Sklar ( Loss Of Power ) ” I will judge the Internet pornography industry. Whole Internet computer systems will be permanently shut down. I will judge the abortionists and their supporters. I will judge and reverse the Supreme Court. For a short time they shall change the laws to fear and honor Me””

Steven Hanson – ( EMP, New York ) Woe to those who live in New York City. For you have faced one onslaught, but the next one coming will be for your devastation. You will be invaded by an outside force, the electrical system and the communication network will be down. There will be no way for you to communicate with those around you, but I will provide a way out. You will be warned ahead of time. Some will listen, others will not”

Maurice Sklar – ( EMP Attack )  ” I saw three terrible nuclear explosions.  I believe they were, …..they didn’t hit the ground.  They talk about the EMP strike.  There were 2 of them that came out of the water, out of the ocean, ….must have been from submarines off the coast.  I believe it was the west coast.  I saw one that looked like an ICBM, a big, big rocket, that took off, and traveled some distance, almost out to space.  But these didn’t land on the ground, they exploded in the air, over America.  There was like,… 1, 2, and the last one was the biggest one.   They exploded in the outer atmosphere.  And then I saw everything go dark, just like they say about the electricity”

Rachel Baxter  ( Attack ) ” In the Central United States, an attack is coming on infrastructure. It will become impossible to travel from one state to another…”

Ken Peters – ( EMP ? ) “As the mass pandemonium and fear began to permeate society, there was a very unusual event that happened. Media devices were shut down for about a 2 week period. This shut down alarmed all of the peoples”

Ken Peters – ( EMP ? ) “After 2 weeks of time, television and radio were back up and running, however it was completely different than what was previously being broadcast. The broadcasts were being bombarded almost everywhere and depicting a soon to be new government leadership. A man would be emerging to lead us. The man finally came on the scene. Almost immediately he began to communicate through large screen televisions that were strategically placed everywhere the general populous met”

Maurice Sklar – ( EMP Attack )   “Then I saw three giant rocket missiles that took off into the air. Two came from out of the ocean waters, and one came from land and traveled a great distance. All of them blew up in the air one,two, and THREE in the upper atmosphere within five minutes of each other. It was out near space. They were terrible nuclear bombs. But the last one was the biggest and it created a huge mushroom cloud over the Midwest part of America. Then the ground shook and everything just went black. There wasn’t any electric light coming out of any homes”

Steven Hanson – ( Earthquakes, Nuclear Attacks ) “There is a place that you can run to and hide when the storms come upon this world. There is a place that you will be sheltered from the storms. I tell you that you can run to Me when the storms of this life rage upon you. For there are great storms coming. They will be unequaled since the time of this world. I tell you that in the coming months and years the United States map will change. For the map of the United States will be changed because of catastrophic events. This will be because of various earthquakes and nuclear attacks. ”

Brett Creamer ( Nuclear Attacks, Washington DC ) ” I found myself floating above the City of Washington D.C.  As I hovered there, it was like my eyes zoomed in to man standing in front of the White House.  He was a dark skinned Middle Eastern looking young man around 18-24 years old.  He was wearing a striped sweatshirt and he had a large backpack on his back.  He pulled something attached to a cord and then I saw a blinding flash.  It was from my current understanding, a low yield nuclear weapon.  I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom could in the center of DC.  I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they were killed.”

Maurice Sklar – ( New York, Seattle, and Dallas ) “I saw bombs that blown up, and abliderated different cities,…particularly on the west coast.  I saw Seattle, saw Dallas, saw different cities that I knew where their location was.  New York, big cities, they were targeted, they just weren’t there.  It looked like what would happen, if they tested the H Bombs.  I don’t know where they came from”

Rachel Baxter ( California, Seattle, Colorado, New England, New York, Chicago )

Woe to (the inhabitants of) California. You have not seen the worst of what shall befall you. The prideful and the arrogant will fall to their knees before My Father’s judgment ends.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Seattle for the darkness you have welcomed upon yourselves. The stench of the fornication has reached my Father’s nostrils and the repulsion is too much to bare.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Colorado for your drunkenness and orgies. You have given up sober life for slumber and light-headedness. You are raising up a generation of thieves and bums.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) New England for your political treachery. You scheme and you plot, selling your lies and your forgeries. Your way of life shall soon change.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Harlot City, New York City, who lures men in with her wiles only to gut them and take their souls. Your fate has been sealed. The tall buildings will become jumping grounds for so many. (the picture of suicide by jumping from a tall building).

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Chicago for you have caused the death of the family. You have caused men to fail to become fathers, and women to forget how to mother. You have torn the very fabric of this country apart. Why, oh why have you chosen to believe the lie?

You shall see these things come to pass and you will know that the Lord has spoken.”

Augusto Perez – ( Asteroids )  ” I was walking in the streets, when suddenly I began to see fire balls fall from heaven all around me. On closer inspection, they looked like meteors or asteroids burning with fire falling from heaven all over the place. Suddenly, a man (same man I have seen in my previous visions) started to guide me and tell me where to go so that I would not be killed by these falling balls of fire. Whenever he would tell me not to go to a certain place moments later a ball of fire would fall right on that same exact spot he had warned me about. This kept happening until I arrived at the place of safety. Then I woke up, shaken.”

Michael Griffiths ( Asteroid ) ” In 2002 the Lord showed me that a comet and an asteroid were going to hit earth causing mass flooding in my country of New Zealand and various other parts of the world as well as fragments that spray across the Mediterranean sea like a shot gun blast.”

Michelle Walcott – ( Asteroid ) “… The man had his back to me.He was wearing a long robe with a rope like belt tied around his waist. He was standing on what looked like the very top of a mountain with the peak having just enough room for his feet and not much to spare. He was looking up to his right and with his left arm up pointing with his index finger he slowly brought his arm down toward his left at an angle as if to give direction to someone or something. Then all of a sudden I saw a huge ball of fire.I don’t know if it was an asteroid or not. The size was huge and I knew it because it looked like it was the size of a small planet but it was on fire. It followed the path of his command and below that mountain it hit somewhere on the earth and I saw a huge bright explosion. ”

Steven Hanson – ( California ) I Will Come To Destroy The Wicked “ I tell you that this earth has gone through many changes over the course of its creation, but over the next few years it will be changed for good. Woe those who live on the coastlines, for there will be an earthquake not like man has known. For it will split asunder the coastline of California. For a wall of water will separate it. Gone will be all the luxurious homes. Gone will be the movie industry. In the space of about an hour or so, all of this will occur”

John Paul Jackson – ( Earthquake, California ) ” There is a an earthquake that has been predicted to devastate California.  Meaning skyscrapers are going to fall that the shape of the United States will change after that earthquake. That won’t happen until after there’s a storm and major storm is going to come to California. It’s either a hurricane of incredible force, or it is a storm of incredible force. But a great, great hurricane, our incredible force is going to come to California, and the earthquake that destroys (California) will not happen until after that takes place. So there’s a way of saying, Okay, I have time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be an earthquake tomorrow 7.5 you know, or next week or two weeks from now have some some magnitude.  I’m talking to one that changes the shape of California where you don’t want to live in California, anywhere in California, but that happens or perhaps even the most of the most of the West Coast.  Where an inland ocean is formed and and Baja becomes an island and the mouth of the inland ocean forms between between San Diego and Los Angeles.  That is not going happen before that that storm comes.  That is a sign that God will give this giving to the people- don’t worry about that big one. This sign will happen will happen first”

David Wilkerson ” I believe God is going to judge this nation with three instruments of destruction. The are earthquakes, drought, and financial disaster. ”

Maurice Sklar – ( 2 Earthquakes ) “I will shake California in a warning, and then there shall finally come the earthquake that I have mercifully withheld for so many years……

Maurice Sklar ( West Coast Earthquake, Fall Into The Ocean ) “Millions shall perish in the ensuing floods and the west coast of America shall be removed and fall into the ocean”

Timothy Snodgrass (West Coast Earthquake, New Madrid Earthquake ) “But if the quake occurs on the West Coast of America, be aware that the 2nd countdown will have begun for the 2nd GREAT quake in the United States, along the New Madrid Fault line.”

Maurice Sklar – ( 2 California Earthquakes, Terrorist Attacks, Stock Market Crash ) ” I will shake California in a warning, and then there shall finally come the earthquake that I have mercifully withheld for so many years.  Millions shall perish in the ensuing floods and the west coast of America shall be removed and fall into the ocean.  There shall be 5 terrorist attacks that will hit America in ever increasing destruction upon the major cities. One will shake the entire financial world and cripple the once invincible financial power of America.  Millions will lose everything in a moment.  It will make the crash of the stock market in 1929 look like a little thing in comparison.  America will no longer be the financial leader of the world. ”

Matthew Stephen – ( 2 California Earthquakes ) ” I am about to send upon you two massive earthquakes and one earth earthquake is about to take place very soon. Tell California I am about to remove their candle stick and they will have a very large earthquake. I will send a number of completion upon you I heard the Lord say greater than 8 on the rector scale ”

Chuck Youngbrandt ( Earthquake, Volcano Eruption ) “The deadly and destructive earthquakes to hit California had a distinct form and would lead to even deadlier events, such as war. However we could expect to see a destructive storm first, to be followed by an earthquake or earthquake(s) and even a volcanic eruption(s). “

Patti Young ( Earthquake ) It was a 9.1, everything almost destroyed”, It struck after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas,

Randy Hecker – ( Earthquake )The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes

John Shorey – ( Earthquake ) “You can take it to the bank that a mega 9.2 quake will hit the Northwest.

Rachel Baxter – ( Earthquake ) “Earthquake” written on the top and under it the word “Aftershock”

Timothy Snodgrass – ( Earthquake ) ” On 11/20/01, I was given a vision of an enormous seismic event, which was so large that it caused mountains to explode across the entire continent of North America. Many of these mountains had no known history of volcanic activity. I was told in the vision that “If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, then America shall be divided in half.” Unless the United States discontinues pressuring Israel to give up land allocated to her by God, the day is soon coming that America will be literally ripped in half like a garment, and the land masses of America drastically reduced.”

Joshua Taylor ( Earthquake ) “An earthquake measuring approximately 7.4 would hit twenty miles west of Victoria, causing a six foot tidal wave to come inland. I said that God’s mercy would be in it, and that minimal damage would occur if the news media would warn the public to take the necessary precautions. The Lord had me to make it very clear that this particular earthquake, was a final warning in that the next quake would destroy all life along the west coast of North America!“

Joshua Taylor – ( Earthquake ) “In the Northwest it will begin, but it will be a sign to California to awaken from your sleep!”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj– (Earthquake )“I saw three places that were marked for massive destruction through earthquakes. I don’t know what are the three places. I was just shown three places. So, I did some googling and found there are three major fault lines in the United States. One is the San Andreas and the other is in the middle of the United States and the third is somewhere else”

Wendy Alec – ( Earthquake, San Francisco ) “And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth. And the Lord said, “From under the Pacific it shall come, in fire and in water it shall come.It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and then the fire came. I saw a horrifying inferno, a literal inferno”………  “In the second strike I saw water devastating parts of the west coast, to the north, beware the north, the northern California coastline. I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings. ”………………“I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles, more to the north, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.EMPTY CISTERNS, I saw written in the sky “EMPTY CISTERNS” above San Francisco, and the scales, the scales of sin and judgment were full, so full that judgment could not be withheld over San Francisco.”

E. R. Lindsey ( Earthquake, California ) 1958 “Exactly one year from the simultaneous occurrence of these three events, a great convulsion will shake the whole earth. In California, the San Andreas fault will split and the land west of it will sink into the ocean”

Maurice Sklar ” God will become popular in the culture, but not the Bible and My name (Jesus). It will be a false gospel message. Not many will truly be born again. Only a remnant in My church will truly stay in right relationship to Me. When you see me take Billy Graham and Oral Roberts home, you will know that America and the West have received their last call ”

Timothy Snodgrass ( Earthquake, West Coast ) – ” Received vision of great West Coast quake, which created major structural damage inland, triggering tsunami alerts and the collapse of elevation in many areas, forming new lakes. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the vision that this quake would occur “after the second Polynesian earthquake”.

Timothy Snodgrass ( Earthquake, New Madrid ) ” Received vision of great New Madrid quake in Central U.S., which divided America in half from east to west.”

Timothy Snodgrass ( Earthquake, New Madrid, Land Divide Israel ) “I was taken by the Spirit into the bowels of the earth in the central portion of the United States, and allowed to see and feel the natural tectonic pressures which had been building for millennia in the region. I knew by the mind of Christ that this area could not withstand another great quake without major earth changes occurring. I was then taken in the Spirit into the heavens, and found myself looking down upon the United States. A voice from heaven spoke to me: If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half. As God lifted his protective have from the soil of America, I saw the ground begin to shake. From east to west, America was ripped in half like a veil, and the flood waters began to cover many cities as a new gulf was formed, which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.”

Steven Hanson – ( Florida ) ” I tell you, beware of those of you who live in the southern tip of Florida, for yours is to be met by a sudden and swift destruction. You may say, ‘Why will these things come?’ I tell you that your nation has reached the peak of its sinfulness. I do not glory in wiping out man because of these things, but the stench of these things have gone on and on. You will ask ‘ When will these things happen’ within the space of three to four years, the destruction will begin. But I also tell you that places of safety will be established. For I will always provide a way out for those who will trust me ”

Victoria L Williamson ( Tsunami, East Coast )I looked out the window and saw a huge red flaming asteroid hit the Atlantic ocean.  I saw a giant tsunami rise up.  The wave was one thousand feet high and moving at a thousand miles an hour. I saw the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Canada being covered in this wave. Florida was no more-  completely gone wiped out.  Then I saw the tsunami cover lower Manhattan over the Empire state building.  Everything was gone. 

Myriah Jasmine – ( Asteroid, East Coast Tsunami, Florida )No, I never knew others had similar dreams or that it was a “prophetic dream” . It was just so vivid that I had to post it. It felt like a warning… I’m shocked that others have had this dream as well. I don’t know when it’s going to happen or if it even is just the things that were really emphasized in this dream were: 1) Biggest asteroid/comet to ever hit planet earth.  2) Earth shook. 3) Rising water/tsunami. 4) It struck in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of new York.  5) East coast under water and there was strong emphasis that the entire states of Maine and Florida would be completely wiped off the map because they were submerged under water. The water was rising fast and waves were hundreds feet tall. 5) Either the same day or the very next it was immediately followed by bombs and it was raining missiles on the WEST COAST/ California..(4 nukes on west coast), it was a bright sunny day. 6) WW3 ”

Maurice Sklar ( West Coast Tsunami, New Madrid Nuclear Attack, EMP)  ” …. Then, as if I was watching from a zoomed-in close up…the dream shifted and I started to zoom outward from New York harbor and started traveling in the air over America. What I saw was horror beyond anything I have ever seen! I saw the United States seem to crackin two with a giant earthquake – right down the middle!  I saw the Southeastern United States covered with a giant wave of water from the ocean. I saw a massive earthquake that just seemed to crack off the coast of California.  It reminded me of a Saltine cracker that just cracked in two!  The great cities along the West coast just fell into the ocean, all the way from Mexico up to Alaska and giant waves flooded inland until much of the West Coast just wasn’t there!  It had disappeared into the Pacific Ocean. Then I saw three giant rocket missiles that took off into the air.  Two came from out of the ocean waters, and one came from land and traveled a great distance.  All of them blew up in the air one,two, and THREE in the upper atmosphere within five minutes of each other.  It was out near space.They were terrible nuclear bombs.  But the last one was the biggest and it created a huge mushroom cloud over the Midwest part of America.  Then the ground shook and everything just went black.  There wasn’t any electric light coming out of any homes. Then candles began to be lit and fires, and a little light was seen. ”

Brett Creamer – ( Tsunami, Florida ) “Back in 2008 I was given a vision that was so real it frightened me to my core.  My family and I were visiting with my parents in Fort Myers Florida for the weekend.  After dinner, we said our goodbyes and hit the road to head back to St. Petersburg which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away.  We were on the road for about 15 minutes when my kids fell asleep in the back of the vehicle.  My wife said she was going to lay her head back and try to get a quick nap.  I looked at my wife and kids and I was so thankful for what God had done in my life and in the life of my family.  As soon as she closed her eyes, I started praying to God.  I was telling God how thankful my family and I are for the life He has given us. I told Him how wonderful our home was, but in the grand scheme of things, we didn’t care about it because it will all burn anyway….  Well, instantly, as I was telling God that, I found myself standing in the living room of my home (in Saint Petersburg Florida).  I had no idea what was happening, nor where my family was.  I looked around and everything had a tingle of blue to it.  The walls shimmered with diamonds of light the way it looks when you are swimming under water in a pool on a sunny day.  At that time, I had no idea what the light was and what was happening because just seconds before I was just driving with my family on the highway in the dark.  As I looked up, I saw the roof was partially ripped off the house and I could see that the house was actually underwater.  I could see the light streaming down from the surface as it reflected all over the walls of the living room.  The surface of the water looked like it was at least 15 feet above the roof line. ”

Steven Hanson – ( Florida, California ) “The Lord showed me a picture of the state of Florida. I was looking at it and then the shape of it was then transformed into the shape of a gun. It was as if the panhandle section was then the barrel of a gun. It then seemed that the state itself had become broken in half. The Lord then showed me a picture of the United States. I was shown the state of Texas and it was broken in a piece where the bottom half of it was now submerged. It had broken off from about where the panhandle section was in the state. The gulf of Mexico had come into most of it and had totally changed it. Then I looked at the rest of the continent, and saw that the northeastern section of the America was being curled up like a paper. The continent was rolled up along the northeastern edges, and along the coastlines down to Florida, some 200 or miles inland. This was also on the western half of America as well, except that California was not to be seen.”

Steve Mac – ( Tsunami, Florida ) ” The scene began with me driving down a road in the middle of North Florida though, when suddenly I saw a wave of water coming which I knew I would not be able to escape. It was at least 30 feet high, however, even after traveling what would be an hour and a half drive from the coast, which goes along with what others have seen regarding Florida being completely covered by water after getting hit by a tsunami. I was woken up by this dream in full alarm mode, however, with the feeling that the time for warnings, which in my case started over 3 years ago, is coming to a soon end. But for those not familiar with this channel, I first started receiving warning dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit in June 2015, of judgment coming to America due to America turning away from God. These included being shown a nuclear missile hitting NYC, a massive earthquake hitting middle America, a Russian invasion along the east coast of America, along with a tsunami wiping out the state of Florida. I’ve further been shown the aftermath of all of this, by seeing electricity cut off, food shortages, a stock market collapse, Christian persecution, men and women being rounded up and placed in the same outdoor prison camps while enduring horrible conditions in these camps, as well as plagues and pestilence becoming commonplace too.”

Steve Mac ( Tsunami, Florida ) ” …..The water would come in along the east coast for up to 200 miles. I posted that one in the comments above and mentioned that you and another lady had been shown the same thing as well. I can’t even imagine it coming in 25 miles though, but 200 miles is almost unthinkable. That would explain why people have seen Florida completely underwater, however, while in the last tsunami dream I received I saw water coming into the middle of North Florida where I live up to 30 feet high or so”

Chuck Youngbrandt ( New Madrid Earthquake , China, Russia ) “In 1973 the Lord God gave me a stunning vision of a monster earthquake that would lay waste much of the Midwest and lead to the spilling out of the Great Lakes into the Mississippi basin. This horrific event would be followed by a sudden attack on the U.S. by Russia, China followed by an invasion on both of our coasts. The pre-event leading to this would be a major earthquake striking St. Louis, which would cause serious damage to Chicago.”

John Paul Jackson – ( New Madrid Earthquake )The Great divide – The new Normal on the Mississippi River”

Maurice Sklar – ( New Madrid Earthquake ), “He saw the United States seem to crack in two with a giant earthquake, right down the middle…..”

John Kilpatrick – ( New Madrid Earthquake, Israel Divide )In the event that mishandles Jerusalem, if the Secretary of State, who ever that is in the future, or if the president, in the future, pressures Israel to divide Jerusalem, and we have a hand in it, I believe the New Madrid is going to bust wide open, and divide America”

Shane Warren – ( New Madrid Earthquake, Israel Divide ) “I hear a voice behind me that said, ‘They divided My land. Now I’ll divide theirs’. And I knew that this was the Lord, and He’s talking about America concerning the nation of Israel”

Julie Whedbee – ( Israel Divide, California, New York, Miami ) bit.ly/juliecalifornia

” Speak daughter, for I wish My people to understand what must come to pass. The United States is surrounded by her enemies and will be plundered. Your betrayal of Israel will bring about destruction, as your leaders have betrayed you, the people. California, California, California, oh how you have grieved My heart. I will destroy you and all of the abominations that have been a defilement in My eyes. New York, I will burn you and lay waste your city. You will be reduced to burning rubble and ashes. Miami, your cup of iniquity is overflowing and I will utterly consume and destroy you in your wickedness. ”

Dr. Patricia Green ( New Madrid Earthaquake )He also said, ‘The Appalachians will be the furthest point east before the Mississippi River expands it’s boundaries. The ocean will come as far as the Rockies in some areas. The Grand Canyon will begin to fill with water. The Great Lakes will combine to form one large body. And the geological plates will shift’.”

David Wilkerson ( New Madrid Earthaquake ) “God has appointed the instrument of killer earthquake as His most ominous weapon of judgment. It will strike suddenly, without warning. In less than two minutes on God’s judgment clock, the death angel will claim the lives of multiplied thousands over a radius of hundreds of miles. Mountains will tremble and cities will fall. “Quake-proof” buildings will crumble like sand castles. Power lines will crack like toothpicks. Mountain-pass roads of escape will be blocked. Water mains will break. Cars and houses will sway like toys tossed about. Dams will burst and flood tides will carry many to their doom. This earthquake could be the most destructive in the world’s history. (I believe it will stretch from Canada to Mexico.) Devastating aftershocks will follow, with hundreds of tremors hitting almost daily for months. A series of minor earthquakes will precede the major killer quakes. One of moderate magnitude will strike, with moderate damage, and many will be relieved that a massive quake did not happen. But it will follow, most assuredly.”

Annie Nelson ( Israel Divide )  “As Israel is being separated, I shall separate your land, America.”

Jason Lawrence – ( Volcano Eruptions )  “The vision of events was a series of volcanoes going off causing great damage and then I saw 3 major earthquakes go off along the west coast and northwest coast and then I saw great tsunamis destroy major cities. I saw cities on fire from civil unrest and then I saw martial law…..”

Shawna Elizabeth – ( Volcano Eruptions )   “It was a vantage that I don’t believe exists in the natural because I could see all of the Cascade mountain peaks in Washington and Oregon. Nearly simultaneously, all of the large peaks became active volcanoes.  The first to erupt was Mt. Rainier, and it’s plume was the largest. But directly following, all of the peaks began sending up large ash plumes. From where I stood, I could see a line of erupting volcanoes from north to south”

Donald (Joshua) Taylor – ( Volcano Eruptions ) “As the first vision begun to unfold, I knew that “a major volcanic eruption was in the process” or “had just happened!” Maybe Mt. Rainer!”

Minister Warren – ( Volcano Eruptions ) ” He took me out of my body to California, again. Actually I was standing in San Francisco. ….I’m standing somewhere in San Francisco and I’m looking toward the mountains. He shows me three mountains in a kind of, they were sitting in a row. He showed me all three and they were all sitting in a row, they were all close together….. They were all in a row and the first one of them was Mount St. Helens, …Mount Hood. The third one after that was mount Adams. And he said to me, it has beginning, they’re all going to blow, they’re all going to blow any second.I don’t know guys timing. This could be next week. This could be tonight. This could be next month, I don’t know, but I know that they’re going to blow. I didn’t see all three of them, blowing, you know, as far as only one I’ve seen that actually blew that I actually witness blow with my two eyes, was the Mount St. Helens. I saw when Mount St. Helens blew …, it was devastating. It was so loud. It was devastating there was nothing but a crater there. “

Robert Highley –  ( Volcano Eruptions ) “ I saw a vision and heard God’s voice. “Do not pray any longer for these disasters to be withheld.” A scroll was opened and the United States was written in black and then in blood red next to it was the word judgement written thickly in what appeared to be blood. I saw the earth like a globe and then it panned to the West Coast of the United States. A huge fiery explosion went off in the Pacific Northwest near the coast and then I saw California begin to flood. The view panned high above the earth and I saw that the state of California was covered far inland by a giant Tsunami.

Robert Highley –  ( Volcano Eruptions ) “My feeling about the explosion of fire was that it was a volcano but my view was too high above the earth to be sure. This was the area that the fire came out of and surrounded: I know it is a large area but it was so large of an explosion that is covered a huge area. The west coast tsunami came after the explosion and went very far inland, it may have been the whole west coast, it was definitely all of California.

Robert Highley –  ( Volcano Eruptions )” I did not perceive hardly a pause after the fiery explosion before the tsunami began to flood the west coast. I forgot to mention that when the Lord told me not to pray any longer for the withholding of judgement, I saw a great wall that appeared like a wall of water holding back the calamity from the west coast which I perceived to be prayers from the saints “

Notzrim Woman –  ( Volcano Eruptions ) ” On 3/29/12, I received a vision of three volcanoes in Washington State in a triangle pattern ( Rainier, Adams, St Helens ) and then a forth one further south.  I am pretty sure it was Mt Shasta in Northern California. ”

Chuck Youngbrandt ( Volcano Eruptions ) “ I saw, at night, three volcanoes exploding like fire crackers on the west coast from California to Washington State.”

David Wilkerson ( Famine ) ” The threat of major food shortage in the United States will cause a wave of hoarding. Flour, dried foods, sugar, rice, beans, and canned foods will skyrocket in price. Supermarket shelves will be emptied of staple items. The price of dried foods will eventually quadruple. People will be prepared to kill in defense of their hoarded food supplies. Prayer meetings and days and weeks of prayer will not break this drought. God will not permit unrepentant men to escape judgment by simple mouthing meaningless calls for relief. This drought will fall upon the just and unjust. Everyone’s lifestyle will be affected.”

David Wilkerson ( Famine ) “A second judgment zone will be stricken with drought. Long, tragic drought. Rivers and streams will dry up. Water tables will no longer support irrigation systems. Crops will wither and die in the fields. Winds will carry away topsoil, and this nation will suffer its worst dust bowl in all its history. ”

Maurice Sklar ( Angel, New Madrid ) “I saw a huge angel standing suspended in the air over New York harbor. It looked so large that it covered the night sky. His body was clad in golden armor as if he was going to war. His face and entire being were so bright that I could not gaze up at him for long. White beams of light seemed to radiate outward from him in all directions. He was standing over the Statue of Liberty. It was night, but I could hardly see the lights around him coming from New York City as he blazed so brightly with divine light. He reached for his belt that was covered with a red sash around his mid section, and drew out his sword. It was so massive! It blazed with light and fire all around it. It looked at least 100 feet long! I have never felt such fear when I saw an angel before. I just knew this mighty warring spirit had authority from the very throne of God. He had a grim expression as he held this mighty sword over his head with both hands. I could see that he was poised to hit the Statue of Liberty and cleave it in two! I trembled and tried to hide, but the angel was looking directly at me, and I knew there was nowhere to go that he would not see me.Then, to my horror, that massive sword came smashing down on Lady Liberty. When it hit the top of her head, there was a blinding flash of light and that sword split her in two – right down the middle! Then the sword came again and again against her. It divided her in pieces. As the sword would finish each strike, fires would burst forth. I heard terrible explosions. The vision of the Statue ended with an earthquake as it was hacked into pieces and sunk into the harbor. I saw the United States seem to crackin two with a giant earthquake – right down the middle! ”