Man Sees Humanities Last Judgment Before God In Terrifying Out-Of-Body Experience – Rod Pickens

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Rod Pickens shares a powerful translation experience where he saw the judgement process of every believer and non believer after they die.

What he saw left him terrified.  This video is a little over 14 minutes long and is a must see!

In the video Rod explains that he asked the Lord in prayer for a sincere out-of-body experience.  When God answered his prayer, he was overtaken by the experience.  He was hoping to see something pleasant, but what he saw was the most terrifying experience that a person will ever see in their lifetimes.  – Their judgement day.

He saw the judgement process that all of us will go through.  When he came out of the translation experience he was not able to physically move because he was overtaken by what he saw and terrified at the same time.

” I asked I said lord if you give me an out-of-body experience….you know I vowed to share your word and to tell the people what I saw.”

He finds himself in a long line of people. He observed thousands of people in front and behind him. He was the only person who could move out of his place in line and observe what was happening.  Meaning all other people were anchored in their positions in line.

In this experience, it was much more than a dream because he talks about having a heightened awareness that many people have claimed to have when they have visited heaven or hell.  This is a common pattern that authenticates his experience. 

He was able to taste, smell, and possibly be aware of things mentally, a clearer sense of being than what he was capable of on earth.

He describes this line of people who are being judged, and either sent to hell or sent to heaven.  He recalls one one conversation between the Lord and a woman that he describes as having blonde hair.

” I could hear some of the people talking to God and I remember there was a woman with blonde hair and …. was talking to her,… He said ….I’m not judging you for what you put on Facebook but I’m judging you on how everybody else received (it). 300,000 people were led astray by one of her favorite books and he said their blood was on her head”

Through this process he also sees seeds on peoples chests, which he comes later to realize is unresolved unforgiveness in a person’s life.  This is another authentic marker that is often brought up in many hell experiences.  The mention that unforgiveness can send you to eternal hell.  It has been a theme that many believers in Christ have relayed in experiences that have sent them to hell.

This is scriptural.  In Matthew 6:14-15, it tells us that if we don’t forgive someone, then the Father will also not forgive us. This is a scripture that many believers gloss over, but in countless near death experiences, many people are sent to hell for the simple fact that they cannot forgive another person.

For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

The most shocking part of this testimony is his encounter with God. His terrifying experience of understanding that he was guilty of his wrongs, and later understanding that he would have barely made it into heaven.

Watch this testimony here on youtube.