Prophetic Vision Shows Revivals, Concentration Camps, New Government, UN Police In America – Daniel Rodes ( 6 Confirmations )

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Daniel Rodes was a very powerful man of God, and it is unfortunate that he was not more widely known in the United States.  The reach of his ministry literally circled the entire globe, and he helped plant a vast number of churches.  If you are not familiar with this man of God, here is an excerpt from his obituary

Daniel David Rodes, 79, of Mount Crawford, passed away Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. He was born in Pleasant Valley on March 21, 1938, and was a son of the late David Michael and Naomi Ruth (Koogler) Rodes.

Daniel was a bishop over numerous churches in the U.S. and overseas. He co-founded with his wife Estdan Printers, Dandee Printing, Truth, Light and Life Mission and Truth, Light and Life Ministries International and had a daily radio broadcast sharing the gospel.

He was united in marriage on Nov. 29, 1961, to Esther Marie (Hege) Rodes, who preceded him in death on Nov. 27, 2012.

Throughout his ministry, Rodes had supernatural experiences in which he was shown what is ahead for America.

Like so many other men and women of God, Rodes was shown that one day there will be a war in which nuclear weapons are used, and America will lose that war

In these visions I saw missiles and nuclear warfare being used on American cities. Our coastlines were surrounded by enemy nations, and Americans willingly surrendered to their authority. Americans became slaves to the enemy and were used and abused at their will.

I saw the sovereignty of the United States turned over into the hand of enemies and saw our shorelines monitored by destructive military equipment. The whole land of America was in a state of confusion as men and women were demanded to yield up all their American heritage for a “new and better way of life.” The American people will completely lose their citizenship as Americans. Their property and everything they own will become the property of the new government. Every person in the world will become the property of the New Age government. Because they have rebelled against the Lord God of Heaven, they shall suffer severely. I saw the deadly, dangerous peace keeping force who were unmercifully beating and tormenting anyone who would resist their takeover.

I saw many of the cities in America being destroyed completely by fire and massive military artillery. I saw biological and chemical weapons being used on American soil and against her people. In one of these visions, I saw a yellowish, pale, gooey looking substance fill the air with a cloud completely blotting out the sun and multitudes of people were dying on every hand. This, I believe, was a nuclear fallout or a biological or chemical substance, but the Lord didn’t explain it to me. It made me feel like panicking, but suddenly I realized it was not affecting me. I don’t know if that means the faithful people of God will escape this or not. The Lord did not give me that direction. However, I do feel that we should pray as Jesus admonished us in Luke 21:36.”

He was also shown that great persecution is coming and that “many Christian pastors will be killed and others will be threatened and greatly tortured”…

There will be persecution come upon the American people. Some of the so-called Christians will be taken as slaves and put in work camps similar to that of Israel being in Egypt. Because we will not submit ourselves to the right ways of God and because we have taught our church people contrary to the Holy Scriptures, there will be much persecution. Many Christian pastors will be killed and others will be threatened and greatly tortured. I saw mothers crying as they were being tormented and watched their children die before their eyes.

I saw so-called Christians bring great attacks against the holy remnant and I heard the word of the Lord say to me, “Come out from among her, My people.” I heard the Spirit say to me over and over again, “If they do not separate themselves from this evil system, they will become a part of the plague that is coming upon the whole world. They will either separate themselves now or they will be separated in eternity.” I saw this deception become so great that the American people were calling good, evil and evil, good. The so-called Christian world tried to stop all who would dare to interfere with their evil ways. Some so-called Christians willingly took the mark of the new age system as the right thing to do.

I saw that while the church was facing severe persecution, the Glory of the Lord appeared and great revivals were taking place among the God-fearing children of God. The more persecution that was put upon them, the more they were purified and made holy. When some of the people who were against Christianity saw how the people rejoiced in the time of persecution, they also became Christians and were willing to suffer with the righteous. This persecution was completely destroying denominational differences and the only goal these Christians had was to line up their lives according to the Word of God, instead of their doctrinal opinions. The Lord informed me that He will not come for a church that is in a state of division, but that His believers will be unified in love and compassion and in the knowledge of the Word of God. The Word of the Lord said to me, “I am coming for a church without spot and wrinkle.”

Daniel Rodes was definitely one of a kind, and he is greatly missed.

And we should all remember to make the most out of every single day, because we do not know when time will finally run out.

2006 by Daniel Rodes -TSUNAMIS & FOOD RIOTS COMING TO AMERICA. – Watch it here on youtube


Ken Peters Detailed Tribulation Dream (The Antichrist, Concentration Camps) VIDEO

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Revival And Great Miracles

” If it were not for this part of the vision I would not minister in America anymore. I would move away completely. Here is what happened. I began to see 12 regions in the United States of America and all over the globe where these beams of light would just come out and begin to shine into the atmosphere.

When I got down close, what I saw was mass revival hitting the earth. I did not see any Ken peters. I did not see any big-name evangelist or prophets or apostles for famous television personalities, Not one. All I saw was every day normal children of God ministering in the power like Jesus described in the Bible with the disciples. This was happening on a wholesale basis, everywhere! People were praying for sick people and they would be healed instantly. They would pray for blind eyes and they would be opened. They would pray for dead people and they would be resurrected. They were praying for the lost to come in. What I saw was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed since I have been alive. Nothing I have ever witnessed on earth could compare to what I was allowed to see. This period of time lasted about three or four months, maybe six months max. Maybe that long. It was so incredible! Regions were totally won For Jesus Christ. What I saw was so incredible that it was almost unbelievable. Jesus said in John the works that I do you will do and greater works you will do. I did not see any greater works but I saw a greater quantity. I didn’t see anything greater than raising a dead person, but I did see a greater quantity. It was almost like everybody was like Jesus walking around doing these works. You did not have to have a pulpit to stand behind to do this in this part of the dream. As a matter of fact I never saw anyone standing behind a pulpit. I think they finally understood the purpose of the ministry is equipping and releasing you to go out and be God’s superstars. This outpouring lasted for a short period of time and literally in regions there was complete light and right next door, which would almost be like a city next to it, would be complete darkness. There began to be an agitation in the spirit realm that was incredible.”

“Right about at the time that this earthquake hit, very unusual things began happening with the laws. I began to see local municipalities and no longer were the police departments the enforcers of the laws. But military police driving very unusual looking vehicles that I now know are called Humvees. The vehicles I saw were black and were on just about every corner of every main thoroughfare. The back cans were campus and there were men standing in the back of them wearing black uniforms and blue ball caps or blue helmets. The man standing in the back was wearing a blue helmet. I did some checking and learned that in 1980 there were no blue helmets or blue ball caps worn by any military on earth”

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A Frightening Prophetic Vision Of Foreign Asian Troops , The UN And The Mark Of The Beast – Dr. Bill Deagle

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” In the spirit the angel Gabriel took me to the West Coast where I saw foreign and oriental looking troops with blue hats carrying machine guns. I saw helicopters with the signs of the United Nations, and many thousands of Americans in lines waiting to receive the Mark of the Beast. He told me to watch as the Chinese navy, on the West Coast base we gave them, became a secondary staging ground for the invasion. The primary invasion was our own military bases. The angel showed me how our New World Order US government officials gave these bases to the invaders.  I was horrified as I watched. Deep below many airports and military bases, I saw those with Red badges, who were to executed for the word of their testimony, and they did not shrink from the faith in Jesus. Others, marked by Blue badges, worked in factories and were periodically brought to reprogramming camps and rooms where unspeakable in humane acts were performed on them to have them repent of their belief in the Truth and the Word.”

There are 72 types of Americans that are considered treats according to the government. Christians are mentioned more than once.

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A Horrifying Prophetic Dream Of Being Rounded Up Into Concentration Camps -Maurice Sklar

UN Police In America “I saw what looked like riot police.  Like you see sometimes coming in, with helmets on.  Some of them had light blue hats or helmets, I am not sure.  It didn’t look American, it looked like it was more of a UN type of, or international type of thing, I don’t know.  They started entering into homes, and they gave the people a choice.  They came in heavily armed, with machine guns.  They said, ‘either you, come with us, …we have a place for you’ .  They dragged people out of their homes and brought them to these, they looked like concentration camps.  But they didn’t look like the world war II type.  They looked like they were made into that from schools, corporate buildings and warehouses.  There were a lot of them.  I knew this was happening, not just in America, but this was happening world wide”

UN Police Rounding Up People “The people who refused to go were just shot.  And that was awful, I was just shocked.  They just shot them and left them in their homes”

Famine, Concentration Camps Warnings  “I saw what looked like small….  I am not sure what to call them, they looked like kiosk.  It was a small building that was like a prefab type of building.  These little kiosks were set up in every little town……everywhere.  People were starving, they had no food, there was looting, and gangs were going about, ….it was just awful.  People were starving.  These things were sophisticated and well advertised.  ‘Food, water and shelter, just come in here and we will help you’  It was very inviting and a lot of people went ….’there’s food lets go’.  It was a trap, they went in, and it was just like in the bible, it talks about the mark of the beast.

Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps “There was this hologram movie kind of….where the antichrist was three dimensional, it was like he was in front of you, but he wasn’t.  I have never seen technology quite this advanced.  They said ………’ your going to be alright, we’ll take care of you, just bow down on your knees, and receive me’ Almost like he’s Lord, but he said it in such a way that it didn’t seem like a big deal, but it was.  They could not touch the person until they got down on their knees.  I didn’t put that in what I wrote, but when they got down on their knees, then there was this automatic thing that they got stamped.  It looked like an electronic tattoo or stamp.  I believe in some parts of the world, it was on their forehead, some parts was on their hand.  The right hand, but I saw a forehead.  And then they went into this room in the back, and they had food and they could eat, they slept, but when they came out, they were like zombies.  They had lost their mind, they were in a complete takeover, like “i robot” movie.  It was like a taking over of their whole being.  They lost their soul.  You could tell. Many of them, the ones that were young, the ones that were fit, were immediately brought into the military, this police force, and they were given weapons and they were like zombies, they went out and joined the police that were rounding everyone up”

Torture, Concentration Camps, Hunting Down Of Christians “Then there was some, that I watched, two or three…..”  It was horrifying.  There were some that didn’t.  They said ‘ no, I can’t do that.  I will not take that stamp, I will not bow to you, I will not bow to you….’  Then there was this terrible torture.  They were tortured, and yet nothing was happening on the outside, it was the pain centers of their brain.  They were screaming.  They would scream and scream and finally if they would still not yield, then there was like this light that went on, and then these lasers would just….  it was like a red laser, or orange-red and it shot right through their brain and their heart, and then it sliced their head right off.  Right after that, it was like they were just burned.  I don’t know if this was just a dream, but it was very very vivid”

The Process Of Killing Is Quick After Not Accepting The Anti-Christ  He talks later about those who didn’t bow down, their body was incinerated within seconds. Their bodies would be burned, resulting in a small pile of ashes from these lasers.  He said it happened so fast, and the efficiency was frightening.  He remembered back to the holocaust, this was so much quicker and more efficient.  He mentioned that this process was one happening globally, not just in America.   

Brett Creamer’s Prophetic Visions About Nuclear Attacks, East Coast Tsunamis And Horrific Flooding In Florida

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A Vision Of An Invasion? – People Forced To Leave With Little Belongings, While The Government Distributes The Properties To Recipients   This next dream was horrible.  I remember I was in my bedroom and I was going through the drawers of my dresser.  I was looking for anything of value and importance that we could use while on the road on our own.   I knew that we had to leave the house in a hurry and that we could not take much.  I remember feeling completely unprotected, mad and without hope.  On my bed, I had a large sheet that I was piling things up on…  Anything we could use or barter with: money, jewelry, pocket knives, my guns and ammo and a change of clothes.  I remember thinking I would wrap up the immediate necessities like a hobo pack on my back.  We had a small wagon that was already filled with some food, water, tent and some blankets.  As I looked at the pile in the wagon and in the sheet, I got frustrated and threw what I had in my hands on the bed and yelled, “What good is this all going to do for us anyway!”  I heard a noise outside and I remember separating the blinds a crack to look outside.  I felt like I was peeking outside with the hopes that no one would see me in the house.  I saw all my neighbors leaving their houses; all were holding their children and were pulling little wagons like I had.  I remember thinking that we were all on our own, but how would we survive outside with our kids and such.  My wife and child have a medical condition where they can’t walk far due to the tenderness of their skin, so I was trying to figure out how to put them in the cart and somehow hold onto that we needed to live.  I felt hopeless.  I then heard noise again outside and I looked through the blinds up the street.  I saw what looked like hundreds of poor people walking down the street with their belongings and they were beginning to take up residence in the houses that my neighbors were leaving behind.  I knew that for some reason the government was forcing hard working people out of their homes and they were giving it to those who were living on welfare and government assistance.  I was so angry because as hard as I have worked during my life, I was going to lose it all to people who did not care about hard work and were taking all they could get for free from the government.  As I watched them get closer, I knew that these people would take all we had worked for and we would be essentially about to become street vagrants.  I grabbed what I could and we all started to walk towards the front door…  With that I woke up.  When I woke up, I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.  Although I knew it was a dream, the thought lingered as to what would happen if for some reason we were all forced to leave our homes due to an evacuation or something.  How much could we honestly bring with us and how long would it last?  What if the government took away my means of protecting my family?  How would we make it on the street and for how long?  It is a scary scenario and one with no answers for.  What was scary was, about a week later I saw on the news where the bank was evicting people from their homes who were having trouble paying the bills.  Then, the government was getting involved.  They were cleaning up and updating the houses and they were giving the houses to people on government assistance!  The dream was being fulfilled before my eyes!  My first thought was, why didn’t the government work with the people who were already in the house in the first place!  Why not help them get back on their feet since there were the ones who had already paid into the house and were currently living there?  It made no sense, but it is really happening.

7 Different Categories Of People

In this post 40 Confirmation Dreams Of War Coming To American Soil house invasions were also seen:

Carleton  “I dreamt this dream on (1/24/16,I was watching this take place in the dream/Terrorists, one night were doing home invasions simultaneously around the country, killing people in their houses,but,not robbing them.They were like coordinated attacks.Then i was shown that terrorists had a list of about seven seven different categories of people on a hit list that they were killing that Day.This seemed like One day of coordinated attacks all over the USA.One of the categories on the list was law enforcement officers,and another group were people that work in the utilities/power industries”

The Most Graphic Prophetic Dream Of The Future American Concentration Death Camps – David Eells

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“In this dream I was running from the UN Troops, and I hid in the crevice of this high rise building. It had a small entrance way, nobody could get in there. as you had to be really skinny to get in there. I was being chased by UN troops. These guys were in full combat riot gear and they had a black police style fatigues on. They were wearing black combat boots, black shirts, with white patches on their shoulders which said the UN, they had black bullet proof vests on, riot helmets and they had a fully automatic firearm on one arm, and they were well prepared. They had what appeared to be mini tanks and paddy wagons on the street where they were gathering up people.” 

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