Ken Peters Graphic Prophetic Dream Of The American Concentration Camps

Martial Law 2016

Ken Peters had a vision from the Lord of the Tribulation. He was able to see the Antichrist and the actual mark of the beast in his vision.   He saw that TV & radio shut down for several weeks, and after that period of time ended, radio and Tv returned where the Antichrist was promoting world citizenship 12 hours a day.. See it on Youtube

At that point the dream had been going for several hours. Later, I fell asleep again and instantly the dream started exactly where it left off.

I was facing this very sinister creature. It was very intense and it gripped my heart. I slammed the door and ran off. I realized that my wife was not in my home and that she was gone. I knew this by this presence.

It is hard to tell you how afraid I was. I have since learned how to combat demons so I am not afraid of that anymore. They don’t usually go with me anymore because I know how to pray now. But at this time I had no comprehension about how to deal with this evil being.

So I began to run and I ran and I ran. In the dream I ran a couple of miles. I got caught by one of these strange looking police trucks. They knew my name even though I didn’t tell them my name.

They took me to this government building. It was a large building. They took me into a room and there was my wife and this older gentleman that I began to call you evangelist. They had already been captured. These people knew exactly where to take me. That was very astounding to me because I wondered how do they know all of these things about people.

They began to politely interrogate us. They began asking us to be cooperative and to come into agreement with this new government and everything will be fine for you. Well, my wife is one of the boldest Christians I have ever met. She is also one of the kindest and most gentle believers I have ever met. But she will get in the devil’s face. She and this older man began to preach to these people that were trying to convince us of this new alignment of this government.

So they took us out of that room and let us in another room. Now there was a lot of mind control interrogation. I could feel my mind being pulled into this new order. I began thinking if we just don’t cause any trouble it will be okay. That is how my mind began to function. But the older gentleman and my wife began to fight this with all of their spiritual strength and they challenged it with scriptures.

It was amazing to me because our capture was almost as though they had planned it out.

When we were being interrogated the mind control was phenomenal. It was not like any human being could do in an interrogation. My mind began to really be slept with anxiety and fear. Because my wife and this older gentleman kept being very bold and in your face with them they took us out of that room and into this very long corridor. In this corridor there were thousands of people lined up. The corridor seemed to be at least 100 yards long. It was probably longer than that. Every five or six minutes the people in this long line would take a step forward.

We had been in this line for a long time when people would barge in through the doors on the sides of the corridor and began to grill people and tell them to renounce their faith. They would never use the name Jesus. They would never use the name Jesus Christ. They would never use the name God. They would say you should renounce your faith in him while you can still live. They would say your faith is empty. It was a blasphemous challenge that these people were bringing against the people in the line. Every so often, someone in the line would crack. They would just collapse and these people would drag them away. They would renounce their faith in Christ.

It made me very uneasy to be in this line because I was not sure what they were going to do to us. I wondered if they were going to put us in prison or maybe beat us up.

Eventually we made it through a battery of three double doors. After going through the last double doors we were put into a holding cell. There was the old man in the front of the line and then my wife and then myself. They took this older gentleman into the room and closed the doors very quickly. I do not know what happened to him.

About six minutes or so later they opened the doors wide open and what I saw made me experience the emptiest feeling I have ever experienced in my whole life. I saw this man that was very big. He was tall like a professional basketball player but was very big like a professional football player. He had a big satin hood over his head with eyeholes to see out.

My wife was in front of me and they began telling her she should renounce her faith and live. Now I realized what was happening because this man was standing there with a huge sword. It was a very frightening looking sword. I saw this table that was a little longer than the average human being and a little bit wider. My wife said she was not going to renounce her faith in Jesus. She began to preach to them powerfully. She began to rebuke the devil. They got angry and strapped her down on this table with her face up. This man was standing behind her with this sword. So he took the sword and chopped her head right off, right in my presence, I saw it.

This sword left an indelible mark in my life. Later I saw the same sword on the red cap worn by the Shriners. Their caps are called the Fez. They are red because they have promised to dip them in the blood of Christians. The sword is called the sword of scimitar.

I was more afraid of what was going to happen to me next than the fact that my wife had just died. I was more concerned about my life then with her dying. I was very afraid. I knew that I was going to die now. In my mind I knew that I was not going to make it. I was paralyzed. My mind began to torment me so much I almost literally blanked out. My stomach began to shout almost out loud asking Jesus to help me. The message could not get out because my mind was paralyzed. It was like I had the flu. My teeth were chattering and I was shaking with chills. I could not process my thoughts whatsoever. It was as though I had totally lost all faculties of my mind, my ability to cognitively be aware of what was going on. It was terrible. Although it only lasted for five or six minutes, it seemed like hours because of the extreme weight of this attack on me.

I began to really try to cry out to God from my stomach. Today I know it was my spirit crying out but in the dream it seems like a war in my stomach. Finally it was like something penetrated out of my stomach into my mind and I was able to spiritually call on Jesus and say, “I am afraid Jesus. Please save me. Help me.”

At the very instant that communication happened, I felt a hand grip my shoulder. For a brief period of time I was actually more interested in the hand gripping me then I was in what was happening to me. As soon as this hand gripped me I got very warm and the chills left me. It was as though my mind could now see and I could comprehend clearly what was going on.

I will never forget the hand. It was a very rugged looking hand. It looked as though it had been through a great deal of work. It was almost like a man that is a blue-collar worker who uses his hands like a mechanic for a builder or a plumber. It was a very thick hand. It was a very solid hand. After a few moments I turned back and there was the Lord Jesus Christ standing behind me. All of a sudden he looked me in the eyes. He looked at me very sternly. It was not like a reproof or a conviction. It was more like he was just looking and peering into my life.

At the very moment I looked at him, his eyes were not brown or green or blue or anything like that. They appeared to be red like fire. They were looking clearly through my whole life. Somehow at that moment I was able to realize that him looking at me was actually looking through me. He knew everything about me. He knew my strengths. He knew my weaknesses. He knew every lie deep down inside of me. He knew every deception. He knew every place that I was afraid and that I had compartmentalized. By him looking into me, my whole being was exposed to me. It was very frightening. It was a very intense moment. I wish I could say that seeing Jesus at that moment made me very happy. It did not. It made me very fearful. I understand now what the fear of the Lord is because of that experience.

A few moments after realizing my own depravity, He spoke to me. He looked sternly into my eyes and said, “Fear not my son for death will never hold you.”

Instantly it was like courage flooded through me. I wish I could tell you that I got very bold and preached a great sermon and got everybody saved. But I didn’t. It was just courage to go through what was before me.

I knew that he had saved me because of the prayer I prayed with the older man. When I looked at Him I knew He was the Lord of all and the king of every king. When I saw him I knew there was not one me that would not bow to him. There was not one tongue that would not confess him as Lord regardless of what side of the coin they are on when he reveals himself to them as Lord. Every knee will bow. This presents that he stood in was so powerful and so awesome and so anointed and so terrible that you knew there was no power on earth that could challenge Him.

Then these men strapped me down and they said, “You can renounce Him.” I said, “No, I cannot renounce Him for He is the Lord of all and he should be your Lord.”

That was my great sermon. I wish it could have been a lot longer but probably if I had got going with it I would have messed it up like I had messed up everything else.

When this man cut my head off I saw that as soon as it touched my neck, the moment the blade touched my neck, I was gone. I felt no death whatsoever. I was standing their holding a person’s hand and I was looking down upon the scene. It was very grotesque. My head was cut off and I was bleeding profusely. Even though this hand was holding me up in the air I was actually more interested in seeing me dead then I was interested in the fact I had been delivered from death.

All of a sudden, I looked down and realized it was another one of these rugged hands holding my hand. I looked up and it was the Lord again. It was the Lord Jesus Christ.

At this point now it went from a stern, powerful, all-knowing God to a God who was holding my hand that gave me the understanding that now I was his son. I was his brother. He was not a shame to call me his brethren. All of a sudden, I had an understanding that I was equal with him. Not as God the deity or is Jesus the son of God, but as a son of God. I was not THE son of God as in the only begotten son of God, but I was a son of God. There was equality in the sense that we were brothers now. It was no longer a fearful thing for me to stand in his presence. There was immense acceptance. There was immense understanding. I had a clear understanding of things that I can preach now with great fire.

The Scripture says, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” I know that when His children are coming to Him, it is precious to God.

When his children are coming through death it is precious to him. When he gathered me to himself in death, He showed me the scripture says it does not appear what we shall be but we know that when he appears we shall be like him. At that moment, I was like Jesus. I was like him in image, in faculty, in understanding. I could no longer see any of my weaknesses. None of my frailties were known to me any longer. I was completely delivered out of all of that. Truly to be in the presence of the Lord is to be like him.

All of a sudden, the man with the hood pulled off his hat and threw it down and said, “I will not kill another one of these people.” With that the dream was over.