A Power Called Creative Supernatural Working To Be Released On The Last Days Church – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

This video was taken from the Jim Bakker Show in the “prophets speak” recording on Dec 4, 2017 in Missouri, USA.


You know,  let me tell you one truth.  3 years ago, I had a visitation from an angel of the Lord and the angel of the Lord spoke to me about the seven horns of the Lamb.

If you read Revelation chapter 5 verse 6, the Apostle John saw Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God and he sees the Lamb with seven eyes and seven horns. So the seven horns represent 7 different kind of powers this makes up the powers of the age to come that God will release upon the last days Church.

Now one of the powers is called Creative Supernatural Working. 

I saw a group of people especially young people they’re all in hiding.  They have nothing to eat.  I saw a youth and he appeared like a youth leader, he was leading a group of youths and they were all hungry.

He just pointed his finger at the ground and he commanded food to grow.  And it grew!!  Like food hidden in the ground.  It grew then it came out they took and the ate.

He spoke to a storm a rock and it gave out water.  You see, the God who was with Moses is still alive on the throne as He was with the prophet Moses so will he be with you in these last days.

You are never alone.  You are never alone.

So next let’s come back to the word “for the elect sake”

Matthew 24:22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would ..

Now not all people are very strong in their faith. Some are very good Christians but their faith is not strong, so God will shorten their lifespan and take you home.

Is that good or bad?

You all look scared right now.

Most of all of you look like senior citizens to me.  Most not all.  Some are very young people here.

You know….  God knows.  You do not know yourself.  God knows whether your faith will stand strong during times of testing or not.

He knows, …..agreed?  He knows.

Suppose your faith does not stand strong.  Then you would deny the Lord Jesus when the testing comes.  Can He afford to lose you?  No, you are too precious to Him, so how can He lose you?  So He tells you to come home.