A 2003 Vision Of America’s Land Divide Connected To Dividing Israel- Timothy Snodgrass

Seen at WPA-Apostolic Prophetic

Vision Of June 5, 2003: On June 5, one day following the Aqaba Summit, I received the following vision: Rivers across America were overflowing their banks from terrifying storms which were sweeping across the United States, creating floods; from California to Florida, houses were buried under raging torrents of water, as land masses across America were slowly diminishing from natural disasters.

Earthquakes began to jolt the land from Anchorage to Los Angeles, as tsunami rippled across the Pacific. Thousands of observers gathered on a hill in California to watch the tsunami and large waves roll onto the shore, each wave reaching further inland and causing more havoc.

Weather patterns began to change across the land, and violent storms would illuminate the heavens with spectacular electrical displays.

Hurricanes and tropical storms battered the coastlands, as tornadoes wreaked havoc inland.

Volcanoes erupted in the most bizarre places, closing highways and releasing fire and volcanic ash across the injured earth.

Although the vision lasted perhaps only minutes, I was aware that I was witnessing events which would cover a large span of time. Whether this time-span was one, two or three years, or perhaps an entire generation, I cannot tell you.

But the vision was concluded with one large judgment, greater than all the other judgments combined.

As millions of bolts lightning illuminated the Midwest, America was ripped in half like a veil from east to west. Flood waters from the deep began to fill the gulf even before tsunami from the emptying of the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico reached the center of the newly created gulf.

Although I have had visions of this event several times over the years (Great New Madrid Quake), this is the first time I have witnessed the enormous magnitude of the quake, so great that it created an electrical reaction in the atmosphere.

The day following this vision, and within less than 24-hours after President Bush’s plane landed in Washington from the Aqaba Peace Summit, a rare 4.5 earthquake shook the New Madrid Fault Zone on June 6, centered in Kentucky, and felt as far as St. Louis, Missouri and Alton, Illinois.

The good news is, the Aqaba Peace Summit over time may prove to not be as important as we first suspected, and may fall apart just as the Oslo Accord fell apart before any real land concessions are made by Israel. But realistically, I do not wish to understate the immediate problems and ramifications created by the Aqaba Summit, especially if the first phase of the agreement is achieved by the end of 2003 (interim Palestinian State), which could be devastating for the United States.


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