A Coming Tsunami To Seattle With Refuge Christian Rescue Stations – A Prophetic Vision Given To Jan Meador

Tsunami Seattle

Jan Meador

Published On August 30, 2011

On August 30, 2011, the second day of our week-long “Gathering of Eagles”  intercessor conference in Seattle, Washington, the Lord instructed me to go to downtown Seattle to pray during our afternoon break.  I knew that my friend and roommate could not join me because of her bad knee. I had never been to Seattle, but had no problem with the thought of going alone.

However, the Lord told me that I was not to go alone–that the woman who was to go with me would be downstairs on the main floor of the hotel, and that I would know who it was the moment I saw her.  With that, I “assumed” that it must be one of the women that I had connected to over the first two days of the conference.  I walked around in the lobby and hallway for several minutes expecting to see one of these new intercessor friends.  I even hung around the elevator waiting for her to suddenly step off–but to no avail.  Finally, after watching a multitude make their way out of the hotel, I said, “Lord, I feel like I’m wasting precious time.  Please show me this woman.”  I think He was patiently waiting for me to get to the end of myself and my presumption so I could seek HIS direction.  He said, “Walk through the restaurant.”

The restaurant inside the hotel was designed so one could enter it from the main hallway near the front lobby and also from a rear entrance at a back lobby. When the Lord spoke this to me I was near the back lobby.  As I came through the back entrance of the restaurant I saw several tables of people eating lunch–couples, groups of men and women–but sensed nothing from the Lord.  Midway of the room on my right sat two men from the conference that I had met the first night.  I stopped and spoke to them for about a minute.  When I turned to walk away from their table, I saw a woman who looked to be about my age sitting alone at a table to my left.  Though I had never seen this woman before, just as the LORD had informed me, I instantly knew it was her–the woman who was to go pray with me downtown.

However, the enemy did not want me to fulfill what God had planed, so he immediately jumped in there and mocked me, telling me that I was wrong, made sure I noticed that she didn’t have on a conference lanyard, and made me think that she was not one of the intercessors. There were approximately five hundred attending the conference, but there were other guests staying at the hotel as well.  And remember, when God said I would “know who it was the moment I saw her” I “assumed” that it would be someone I had already met.  With that preconceived mindset and the onslaught of gigging from the enemy, what did I do?  I just kept on walking through the restaurant and out into the front hall!  Praise God that He is so very gracious and long-suffering toward us when we are being buffeted with doubt and confusion as the enemy tries to thwart what God desires to do in and through us.

I found myself standing out in the hall, AGAIN, waiting for this mystery woman to just appear!  Though I knew it the moment I laid eyes on the woman in the restaurant, I had allowed the enemy to cause me to doubt my ability to hear the LORD.  He had driven me away with a spirit of intimidation and unbelief.  But, like the man who asked Jesus for help and Jesus asked if he believed, who answered yes, but then added, “help though my unbelief”, I prayed again and apologized to the Lord if I had messed up.  I asked Him to not let me miss what He had planned for me and to show me who I was supposed to go downtown with.  His plan, His timing, His purpose–all are vital and must be obeyed.  Otherwise, we are just operating in the flesh, disobeying God, and wasting our time in futility!

One thing I have learned in my walk with the Lord is that He does not alter His word to us and He has no need to explain Himself.  He simply said, AGAIN, “Walk through the restaurant.”  At that moment I knew.  I knew exactly who was supposed to go with me.  And again, the enemy mocked and accused me–telling me that I had really messed up and missed God–that I was too late–that she had already left.  This time, I ignored him!

I felt such an urgency and quickly walked back through from the rear entrance just as I had before.  Hallelujah! She was still there. She had finished eating and was just sitting there looking down at her cell phone.  I walked up to her table and got her attention by asking, “Are you with the conference?”  She looked up with a big smile, lifted up her lanyard name tag that was in her lap, showing it to me, and said, “YES! Yes I am!” We introduced ourselves and I sat at the table with her as we found out about each other.  After a few minutes I knew that I had to cut to the chase because I had already lost a lot of time in my search for her.  So I said, “I’m going downtown to pray.  Would you like to join me?”  She again responded with an excited, “YES!”

I had never been to Seattle, and though Debbie lived in Portland, Oregon, she had never traveled via the rail system.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  A crisp 72 degree cool breeze and a sunny, clear sky.  Not a typical day in rainy Seattle! (It was this way the entire week we were there–rare indeed.) We were staying at the hotel near the airport and were able to catch the rail nearby.  We rode quite a way to get downtown and found our way to street level at Nordstrom’s.  Because we were both sharing about the Lord with each other as we walked, we didn’t slow down when we got to the street.

We just took a left and started walking up the hill. After only a block up the hill, the LORD told me that we were headed in the wrong direction and had us turn and walk back down the hill.  Just as we walked past Nordstrom’s entrance again, I suddenly got very thirsty.  I was fasting and knew I needed to hydrate my body, however, in hindsight I can see God’s timing and purpose even in this.  At the bottom of the hill was a Starbucks.  We got our drinks and went back outside to sit at an umbrella table in the plaza in front of the store.  The only one available was one near the building and several tables from the street.  We had a wonderful time sharing about the LORD with each other.  Neither of us still had any clue as to where the LORD wanted us to pray.

Just as we finished our drinks and stood to leave, I saw it.  Directly across the street from the tables was a massive arch and I heard the Lord say, “Go there.”   It looked like some sort of park or plaza in the middle of the city.  We had walked right past it and had not seen it.  We had sat directly across from it for several minutes, but because of being in the back of the crowded tables, did not see it until I stood facing it–but actually, I did not see it until it was TIME to see it.  We quickly walked across the street and into the plaza.  The next thing I saw was just more confirmation that this was indeed where we were to pray.  To the right of the huge arch was a long wall of water coming from a fountain that ran parallel to the street.

Because of the many prophecies I had learned about or had myself concerning volcanoes, earthquakes and a devastating tsunami coming to the entire West Coast–especially this area–this wall of water cascading down in this plaza was just confirmation that we were in the right place.

 As I stood in front of this fountain I saw a wall of water from a tsunami.  

But as I stood there seeing what was coming, I began calling on the “Fountain of Living Water” (JESUS) to come and fill this place.

Debbie and I separated as we walked around in the open plaza praying. I didn’t even notice until later that we were dressed as if we had planned it.  We both had on long black skirts down to our feet and black tops.  Considering our attire and the fact that I am 5’9″ and she might reach 5′, we must have looked like an odd pair indeed.  I was so glad that the plaza was not crowded with people. We had the freedom to walk and pray aloud unhindered.   At one point we crossed each others paths in the middle of the plaza and I told her what the Lord had just shown me.  While praying there, there were very few people within the plaza.

However, He had just given me a vision of this plaza filled with rescue stations manned by Christians.  I saw a massive crowd coming from all around–a throng of people desperate for help and for answers after a great disaster had come to the city.  I also told her that I sensed something important about the raised platform beneath the massive arch at the entrance to this plaza.  I did not know what it was, but there was something very significant about that platform.

We continued to walk around praying.  At one point, while standing in the middle of the plaza, I turned my head and there stood a young man who had walked up on my blind side. He immediately asked, “Are you ladies praying in tongues?” I answered, “Yes”.  Before I could say anything else Debbie joined us. I told her what he had asked and she asked him why he asked that.  He humbly replied, “I saw you and just knew you were women of prayer and that you were praying in the Spirit.

Mark then introduced himself and explained his plight and purpose for being there.  Though he was homeless and needed help, he seemed very intelligent.  Though his clothes and shoes were tattered, he was clean.  In sharing his story he told of how he grew up in a home where his parents had home church.  He had been devastated by tragedy in his life and was working to get his life back together.  We sat on a bench with him there in the plaza and he asked if we could pray with him.  We eagerly said yes and he immediately bowed his head and HE began praying before we could even open our mouths.  I was amazed at what came out of this young man.  He began to pray the Word of God over us like a seasoned prayer warrior.  He did not struggle for words as he praised God and blessed us.  When he stopped, I began praying for him, and when I would start quoting a Scripture over him in my prayer, he would finish it before I could. This happened repeatedly.   Debbie then prayed for him and he was so grateful for our prayers.

The three of us walked out into the center of the plaza.  I had not mentioned the vision that the Lord had given me concerning that area, however, Mark said something that confirmed what the Lord had shown me in the vision and it gave understanding concerning the significance of the platform under the arch.  Neither of us had mentioned anything about the plaza to him, but He said, “You see that raised platform under the arch?”  Almost every weekend, a Christian band comes and plays on that platform and people come to this park to hear a free concert.  Immediately, I understood that the people of Seattle, Christians, non-Christians, and the homeless were already accustomed to, and know that Christians come to this park on a regular basis to minister, and in a disaster they would know they would find help here.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Immediately, I understood that the people of Seattle, Christians, non-Christians, and the homeless were already accustomed to, and know that Christians come to this park on a regular basis to minister, and in a disaster they would know they would find help here[/perfectpullquote]

Besides ministering to Mark emotionally and spiritually, we ministered to his physical needs as well.  He responded to our love offerings with tears and hugs of gratitude. He said that he knew that all of our steps were ordered of the LORD–that this was a Divine appointment–for he said that he does not normally come to the plaza this time of day, but just felt he was supposed to go there.

As we traveled back to the hotel on the train, the Lord showed me that Mark had been a “SIGN”–a great confirmation of what the Lord had shown me in the vision and what we had been led to pray and do in the park, and that Debbie and I had fulfilled what the LORD desired. Mark represented those in my vision who would come there for help in times of great trouble.  He was one who had suffered great tragedy and loss and who came to the plaza for physical, emotional and spiritual help.  Like those in my vision, he was one who was drawn to the park to receive help from those whom God had placed there, just as He would place other Believers there to minister to the hurting when tragedy struck.  As with us and Mark, not only will there be those there to help physically, but even greater, spiritually.  The LORD showed us that even in the midst of His righteous judgment, His tender mercy, just like His Salvation, is available to whosoever will.


Seattle Disaster Christian Refuge PlaceThis photo was taken from the area where we were sitting at the umbrella tables and the vantage point of where I first saw it from.  Notice the fountain wall on the right and the raised platform beneath the arch.

After I returned home the Lord prompted me to research this plaza in the middle of downtown Seattle.  All I knew to type in the search engine was something like “park in downtown Seattle” and look at “Images”.  And there it was…Westlake Park.

After seeing the photos and the name of this plaza, I researched its history and fully understood the significance of God leading us to that particular spot to pray.  For you see, Westlake Park is known as the “TOWN SQUARE”.  A “town square” is known as the “HEART” of the city and is the public meeting place for important events.

Seattle Disaster Christian Refuge Place

And, keep in mind.  I had never visited Seattle.  I had never seen this area or this park–this town square or this arch.

In finding photos of the park fountain that was so prominent to me, I was amazed to see something that I totally missed while there, and find it even more significant in light of the prophecies of a tsunami.  What I did not notice was a break in this fountain that one can enter into that allows you to walk between the two walls of water.  You are literally enclosed within the double wall of water on both sides and overhead.

Seattle Disaster Christian Refuge Place

You can see the entrance into the center of the double wall of water

I am sharing this with you to encourage you to seek the Lord.  Pray.  Do not fear what is coming, for those who walk in obedience to the Lord and seek Him with all their heart will find peace in the midst of the storm. 

He wants us to be a beacon of light–showing the way to those who are walking in darkness.  He desires to manifest His love through us to those who are hurting.  It’s not all about us.  It is about HIM and HIS DESIRE for this world.  Let us live in such a way that HE IS MANIFESTED–HE IS GLORIFIED in all that we are.

UPDATE 07.30.2015

I was doing a search for more information on another prophecy when I came across this youtube video.

And the following video, which not only confirmed what the LORD had shown me in this post, but reminded me of two other dreams and visions that the LORD has given me concerning the West Coast. It is the only one I’ve seen that speaks about the volcano’s.

These are the two night visions the LORD gave me concerning this.

11.25.2003 Volcano and Massive Earthquake Split the U.S. In Two


07.19.2007 Death Angels at a Football Stadium

I never cease to be amazed at how the LORD works.  Before I could even finish preparing this article, He was already confirming it again, as well as confirming two other prior revelations. It is not just a coincidence that at the very time the LORD brings this testimony back to mind, all of this concerning the threat to the Northwest coastline, with Seattle in the cross-hairs, has just days prior been reported on in the news across America and abroad–news that I had not heard.  I believe it was God’s timing.  Four years ago the LORD had me speaking prophetically and interceding for Seattle and the entire West coast–and  yes, with boots on the ground.