HeavenDoes the Christian concept of heaven exist?  Is there any evidence that it is actually there?  After all, the Bible DOES promise eternal life for those who believe in Jesus Christ.  John 3:36 tells us this…..Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.  But is it true?  When people die do they actually go somewhere?  Well, one woman from Ethiopia says that not only does heaven exist, but that she has been there.

The stunning video posted below contains the testimony of an Ethiopian woman who died, saw heaven, and was raised from the dead in the name of Jesus. It also contains the testimonies of her friends and family members who witnessed this amazing event.

The Ethiopian woman was raised as a Muslim, but she had become a Christian before this near death experience.

This video is just another incredible example that shows that the Lord is God over the whole planet, and that He does miracles everywhere even in our day:

Okay, so that is one story, but are there others like this?

Are there other people on this earth today who have been to heaven or who have been to hell?

Yes, there are.

There is actually a large number of people who have eyewitness testimonies regarding their experiences with heaven, hell, angels, Jesus and other supernatural matters.

A wonderful compilation of these eyewitness testimonies can be found at spiritlessons.com. I encourage you to check it out……


The truth is that heaven and hell are real.  Eternity is real.  The Bible is real. 

Our hope is that this website will wake at least a few people up and help them understand that their eternal destinies hang in the balance.  We encourage you to turn to Jesus Christ while there is still time:



  1. Religion is poison and you scaring people by telling them they will go to hell for not believing in Jesus is wrong. There isn’t a heaven or a hell. When you die, you die. Get over what happens after you die, because you truthfully have no idea and live for today.

  2. To the person that is so sure that there is no heaven, can I just say that you have not thought your argument through. You cannot know what is beyond this life, even the top scientists cannot disprove it….Heaven is not against reason my friend, it is beyond reason.

    Time, space and everything we know is more complex than anyone can fully understand or will ever understand…as William Shakespeare wrote..’there is more to heaven and earth than in all thy imaginings’. One day you and I will have absolute certainty, until then all anyone can have is hope and faith, its sad that you appear to have neither and therefore seek to dismiss that which you cannot understand.

    BTW I am not a particularly religious person, I am simply pointing out that everything we believed 500 years ago has been turned on its head and many more things we currently hold as facts will turn out to be wrong in the next 500 years, you or I cannot state with absolute certainty that there is nothing more to life, or the universe than we understand today.

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