The majority of the people in the world believe in some sort of a god. But that doesn’t make it true.  Does God exist?  Is He really there?  If He does exist, which of the multitude of religions out there is the right one?  In a world of logic, reason and science, why do millions of people still follow ancient religion that are thousands of years old? How can any faith compete with the collective knowledge and wisdom of modern society? Isn’t it time to start demanding that religions either stand up to the rigors of intellectual investigation or be discarded in the name of progress?

Mankind has had greater advances in education and science over the past 100 years than ever before. Once upon a time the horse and buggy were cutting edge technology, but now we fly around in jet aircraft. Our knowledge of physics, astronomy and other sciences has absolutely exploded. So why does anyone still believe in a god?

Everywhere you go on the Internet today, and I mean EVERYWHERE, there are debates going on about Christianity, and these debates can get incredibly heated. It seems that almost everyone out there claims to have the answers. Atheists, skeptics, philosophers, preachers, bloggers and other self-appointed religious experts are constantly battling for the intellectual high ground.

So, who is right?

Do logic, reason and modern science have anything to say about religion?

Can religion survive in an era when most of the people are educated and when many people look at religious claims with skepticism?

The truth is that when skeptics attack most religions, they DO indeed have the intellectual high ground. For when one closely examines such “faiths” as Islam or Hinduism one does find that logic, reason and real, hard evidence are directly contradictory to these religious systems.

However, Christianity is the one faith that is different in this regard. If you are willing to look at the truth, you will find that there is no conflict between Christianity and the truth.

If you make the decision to actually investigate these matters objectively, you will find that Christianity has a MOUNTAIN of evidence to support it. Those who have actually studied these things with an open mind know the truth.

Dr. Simon Greenleaf (Harvard University – one of the greatest professors of Law in U.S. history) once said: “According to the laws of legal evidence used in courts of law, there is more evidence for the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history.”

Have you ever spent much time wondering if Christianity is true or not?

Perhaps you should.

We have studied these matters for over 20 years, and we have come to the conclusion that after you have asked all the questions, and after you have done all the research, the evidence does lead to an overwhelming conclusion:

Christianity is true.

But the sad reality is that the vast majority of Christians do not know how to defend the Christian faith. Why? Because the church has done an absolutely MISERABLE job of teaching people about the evidence for Christianity. So when Christians come up against atheists, skeptics and self-appointed, know-it-all “experts” they don’t know how to respond to their questions.

We would encourage all of you to investigate these matters for yourself.

The following are eight solid reasons why you should believe that Christianity is true…..

#1) The world around us reveals that God DOES exist. The following short videos were produced by an ex-atheist and ex-evolutionist who is a graduate of Yale Law School. These videos drive atheists and skeptics crazy, but for a more complete treatment of this topic, please read Strobel’s excellent book entitled “The Case For A Creator”:

#2) The historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth:

#3) There is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead:

#4) All of these things about Jesus were prophetically foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:
(Click “Watch” to view the presentation)


#5) There is extraordinary evidence that Jesus is doing miracles in our day:

#6) There are thousands of stories of Jesus appearing to people all over the globe:


#7) Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:

#8) Credible witnesses have seen the afterlife and have come back and reported to us that it is precisely as the Bible describes:


The truth is that the afterlife is very real, so make the right choice and give your life to Jesus Christ today:

If you have been persuaded by the evidence and you are interested in becoming a Christian, the following link is a place where you can learn more about how to give your life to Jesus:

With each day that passes our remaining time gets shorter and we get even closer to the return of Yahshua (the Lord Jesus Christ). You are not going to live forever. What will happen to you when you die? If you are not certain of your eternal destiny, please give your life to Jesus while you still can.

But if you are not willing to listen to the truth, it doesn’t matter how hard we try to persuade you.  Most people end up believing what they want to believe.  Hopefully if you are reading this your heart is at least a little bit open to the truth.  God is very real, and if you will truly investigate these things you will find that out for yourself.

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  1. …you lost me with the “witnesses for an afterlife”. Really? That counts as proof in your book? Well, I’ve seen people who swear they have been abducted by aliens, seen Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Please don’t call this scientific evidence. It’s anecdotal at best.

    And to #3: you can’t be serious about this. I read it and all it says is “the bible says it, that is as good as history books telling us that Lincoln lived. But we have no way of proving that he did”. So all it does is telling us that there is no way of asserting that either event happened. You call this proof? This is intellectually dishonest.

    So what about other holy texts that claim something different? Surely you would not discard them as irrelevant, since you would apply the same standard you used for the bible, right? So the Qur’an is just as true? Millions of people believe it and it is mentioned millions of times in the muslim world, just as the bible is in ours. How can this be enough for the bible but not for other religious works?

  2. You see what you want to see.

    You are an atheist plus 1. Once you understand that everything you use to dismiss Islam and Hinduism applies to Christianity, then you’ll be an atheist.

    The rest of those articles are just examples of intellectual dishonesty- people setting out to find only the evidence which backs up their suppositions.

  3. The judeo-christian version of god is no more credible to me than egyptian, greek, roman, and all other ancient myths.

    I will concede that religion helps people make sense of a senseless world, if you concede there’s no way to prove god exists.

  4. I’m with godlesspinko. You’re an atheist +1. Same with the intellectual dishonesty. Your eight “proofs” fail to actually prove anything except that you have a failure to understand what constitutes factual evidence.

    I find your criticism of other faiths hypocritical. How are they any different from yours?

  5. Isn’t it time to start demanding that religions either stand up to the rigors of intellectual investigation or be discarded in the name of progress?

    Let me answer that question. No. So you are proposing to force people to believe a certain way. If people want to believe in fake gods and religions that’s their right to. Even if you were to discard every single religion out there based on the best evidence it doesn’t mean that you are right. I think it is a well known fact that whatever God a person chooses to believe in cannot be proved or dispreved anyway. So what is this talk about demanding anything. That sounds like you want to impose your own views on other people. There are a lot of quack views and philosophies in the realm of science too. Who are you going to get to submit those to the rigors of intellectual investigation. In the realm of the “known” I am not very impressed. There were many “scientists” just 500 years ago that believed the earth was flat. There is no telling what idiots another 500 years will make of the majority of scientists who live today. The scientific community is SURELY getting too big a head already without your kind of encouragement.

  6. How can any Christian live the the idea of hell? I how can a normal person live with the idea of someone spending an ETERNITY being TORTURED for ANY reason? If that belief comes with Christianity you can have it. It’s all yours. What a disgusting concept.

  7. Seriously? You said that intellectual people have the high ground, you are saying basically every religion is wrong, that educated people, scientist, have the truth. BUT them all of the sudden Christianity is the right choice? just WOW. You are not saying anything new, is basically what every CHristian says. I have investigated this things already, and I can’t really see where the said “evidence” are. I believe jesus was a real person, just not the “son of God” as they say he is. The christian God portraits hate. I went through all your links and some of the videos, seriously nothing new.

    • Oh really? I have yet to hear a convincing argument on the other side. What do you have that proves that a “God” doesn’t exist?

      Do check out my new post on Antony Flew. I list some fantastic evidence there. It is up to you to investigate Jesus for yourself. If you don’t find any convincing evidence, and you feel as though you researched everything to believe there is no God, then that is entirely your opinion and your choice.

  8. Everyone believes that Abraham Lincoln was our president when in fact there is no “scientific proof” that he was our president, there are only credible eyewitness just like how there are credible eyewitness for Jesus Christ.

  9. You are kidding, right? You call these reasons to believe in God? You call this historical/scientific evidence? Yeah, you see, there is this guy in Brazil who is a “doctor” and says he was a ex-atheist aswell. He brings his “evidences” that souls exist and that they are in our pineal glands. He fools people talking about energy and the possibility of reaching this energy. His speeches are in the name of espiritism. He wants to prove stuff in its behalf. This is not evidence. This has never been in a scientific magazine. This was never accepted by the scientific community.

    You can’t just bring us something in which one or two guys – who claim to be experts – support “scientific evidence”, and say that you have a point.

    Why don’t you send this to the scientific community. Why isn’t this in the Scientific American? Conspiracy against God? NO! Lack of evidence. This, my friend, is not evidence at all. Afterlife witnesses? Bible says, so it is?! This is RIDICULOUS. If this counts as evidence, so Alah exists, Aliens exist, ghost exists, and the enormous monsters which sailors claimed to see in the high seas.

  10. The link under #2 states “The ancient Jews of Israel had developed sophisticated memory techniques to remember every word of a discourse by their rabbi.” without any sources of this statement what so ever. Neither did he give any sources of his statement about the Maori tribe.

    In #3 the first historical record takes place 40 years after Jesus’ supposed death. Any eyewitness that would be able to remember something about Jesus would likely be around 10 years old. Which would make that person 50+-ish at 70AD, that is far beyond the average life expectancy, 28, at that time according to Encyclopedia Britannica.[] And I don’t think anybody would accept witness accounts that were written 40 years after they occurred.

    After those two I just stopped reading this all together.

  11. We do not have to prove that god doesn’t exist. A lack of belief is justified by lack of evidence for the belief.

  12. As our scientific knowledge about the universe of which we are a part of expands, it is inevitable that our beliefs in ancient myths and superstitions will fall by the wayside. This is a good thing. We obviously still have a long way to go, though. Especially in America and the Middle East it would seem. Someone posted something earlier about all us atheists scrambling to disprove your “evidence.” The fact is that there is no reason for us to scramble. We are still waiting patiently for a single shred of credible evidence to prove any of the crazy stuff you guys insist on believing. I actually have more respect for someone who simply says, “because that’s what I have faith in.” I’m cool with that. Just don’t try to use pseudoscience to prove something that can never be proven.

  13. Well, count me as an atheist +1 as well, but this article is weak. Most of the links are just repeating the same garbage over and over and citing each other as references for proof and the only source of documentation that is being offered is Luke? I’m sorry, but there are doubts as to the accuracy of the bible, so you need to find other sources outside of the Bible.

    The Lincoln argument many of you have been spouting is crap. There is a ton of proof that Lincoln was president as their are historical records of the time. Most were based on eyewitnesses of the event, but it is true, the whole thing could be wrong, but that’s the point. The whole Lincoln thing could be an elaborate hoax, but we assume based on scientific processes what sorts of facts and data will lead to better understanding and accuracy and what sorts of information will be potentially false and misleading. *All* of the info on all these links I followed for a few links in were of the latter category.

    As for proving that God doesn’t exist. Why is it OUR responsibility to prove that he doesn’t exist. You should have to prove that he does exist. Scientists are discovering how our world works more and more every day. They have disproved the adam and eve story as well as the creation story, as well as tons of stuff in scripture. Religion has never brought anything to the table that man couldn’t have brought without it and probably better. Science can show that life on earth as we know it not only can have happened without the need of a god, but probably did. Science doesn’t have all the answers, but it’s getting them fast and picking up steam. Religion is losing ground. Religion is making outrageous claims, so outrageous proof should be required. Instead we are demanded to believe in an imaginary world because we will be doomed to some hell if we don’t, and we do it hoping to escape the inevitability of death. Total waste of time and money in my book, and this is from a 40 year Mormon (yes, Christian).

  14. have you ever heard anybody get into arguments over wether or not the tooth fairys real? no u dont. we all know the tooth fairy dosent exist. so why do all these athiests try to disprove christianity? if you dont believe it, dont beleive it and go on with your life, and u will soon regret it. god is always there, but its up to to invite him in your heart. god bless

  15. Nearly every arguement mentioned is flawed, and this has not phased me in my firm conclusion based on legitmate evidence that God IS NOT REAL. The evidence for the other side of the arguement is far stronger.

  16. I was a bible reading christian until I finally realized that every single time I needed this “God” the most and asked for his help or for healing, nothing changed. I believed in God with all my heart until I finally had one too many heartbreaking experiences that only he could fix and he never did. I may as well have been praying to my dog for help. If there is a God, he sure is numb to whats going on around him. I dont have to be a christian to be a good person and I gave God a chance.

  17. The following are the extracts to show the orderliness of the galaxies.
    a)The formation of each new galaxy would follow the same pattern that each orbits around its own centre base:
    Refer to the website address,, The second paragraph of the subtitle, Galaxy, mentions with the phrase, each orbiting their galaxy’s own center of mass. Or in other words, when a first galaxy was formed in this universe in the beginning, it orbits its own centre of mass despite their irregular shapes of design. When the second galaxy was formed, the same pattern would appear that each would orbit each own centre base. And so on and so forth. For instance, if the first galaxy would be generated by Big Bang theory, it would not be possible that each galaxy would orbit each own centre base from the beginning ever since the first galaxy was generated. Indeed, the first galaxy, that would be formed, would be moving in the mess with disorderly manner without guidance instead of orbiting its own centre base if nothing would be controlling the formation of the universe. The outcome (that each galaxy would not be created in such a nice manner that each would orbit its own base) is there would be a possibility that the stars or planets or whatever within each galaxy, that were created, would fly all around the universe without guidance and even to the extent that the stars or planets or whatever in each galaxy, would crash with each other to cause ultimate devastation of the universe so much so that our earth would turn up to be not in secure place. How could Big Bang Theory be able to create the first galaxy in the beginning so much so that it could orbit its centre base especially nothing should have existed before? How could Big Bang theory be able to create the second galaxy to follow suit the first galaxy to oribt its centre base?
    The orderliness of the formation of galaxies ever since its first formation to be that each would orbit each own centre mass, gives the signal that something must have existed in the creation of the universe. Religious people call it God.
    b)Each time when a new galaxy has formed, the same pattern would occur that something would hold this galaxy together so that it would not turn the whole universe into a mess and scientists call it to be gravitational force.
    The following is the extract from the third paragraph of the category, Milky Way from the above website:
    In 1750 the English astronomer Thomas Wright in his An original theory or new hypothesis of the Universe, speculated (correctly) that the galaxy might be a rotating body of a huge number of stars held together by gravitational forces, akin to the solar system but on a much larger scale. The resulting disk of stars can be seen as a band on the sky from our perspective inside the disk
    If nothing would control the entire universe, there would not be any force that would hold the entire galaxy to be in perfect order when a new galaxy would form. If this universe were created by Big Bang theory, the first set of galaxy would turn up to be in the mess that it would not give any warranty that it would orbit its own centre of mass. When the second set of galaxy was formed in the beginning, it would not give any warranty that the universe would hold these two sets of galaxies together in continuity. And so on and so forth. If this universe were created by Big Bang theory, the first set of galaxy would turn up to be in the mess in hitting against each other. The second set of galaxy, that would be created, would be worse than the first without revolving around its own centre of mass but flying around the universe with random order and nothing would hold these two together. And so on and so forth. There must be something that is in control for the creation of this universe. Religious people call it God.
    c)When a new spiral galaxy is formed, spiral arms would rotate its own centre with angular velocity. Despite there would be some step-back to alter its own velocity, it would still return to its original velocity and yet the same pattern, angular velocity, maintains to beautify the universe. Besides, most importantly it would return to its own velocity whenever something has caused it to accelerate its speed.
    The following is the extract from third paragraph under the sub-title of Spirals in the same website address as mentioned above:
    In spiral galaxies, the spiral arms do have the shape of approximate logarithmic spirals, a pattern that can be theoretically shown to result from a disturbance in a uniformly rotating mass of stars. Like the stars, the spiral arms rotate around the center, but they do so with constant angular velocity…As stars move through an arm, the space velocity of each stellar system is modified by the gravitational force of the higher density. (The VELOCITY RETURNS TO NORMAL after the stars depart on the other side of the arm.)
    If the spiral galaxy was created by Big Bang theory, it would not give any warranty that the first creation of the existence of spiral galaxy would result in velocity to return to its original speed after its acceleration due to some influence before. What if the spiral galaxy would not return to its original velocity, the spiral galaxy would keep on increasing its speed whenever it is influenced by external factor. The whole spiral galaxy would turn up to be in disaster since it keeps on increasing its speed non-stop since forever increasing speed would cause the heat to rise up and even be burnt up eventually.
    The above show that the nature reflects the existence of God.

  18. As yet, no one has been able to prove the existence or non-existence of any god(s). It remains a matter of blind faith

  19. If you were to go into a room full of people and say, “A man in the sky created the whole universe, everything around us, and you and me, half of the people in the room would believe you. However if you said that some freshly painted paint was wet, 75% of the people in the room would go over to the paint and touch it, to make sure that it was. Ignorance.

  20. When an atheist talks of evidence regarding evolution, he says something that can be debated. When a theist says he has evidence, I read and read, trying so hard to cut through the fluff, trying desperately to find some meat, anywhere. I’ve been trying to give theism the benefit of the doubt for over a decade. What a waste of time! I should have just outright converted years ago. The theists got nothing!

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