A Powerful Prophetic Dream On Coming Death Camps And Imprisonment – Joanie Stahl

Joanie Stahl

Originally Published On z3news.com

In a dream I saw myself walking with some friends. It was the end of the day and the sun was starting to set.  The area we were walking in was near a park, a big beautiful park.

As we were walking I said to the people, “I need to go and see more of the park.”

They were against my idea and tried to convince me it would take away valuable time since we were on foot and the day was almost over and we needed to get somewhere. I knew they were adamant, and time of the essence, but I told them, “I will only be a few minutes.”

They seemed a bit agitated with me, and said, “Then please hurry. We will be waiting here for you.”

So I turned down a little path into the park. All of a sudden the park sprinklers turned on and caused me to run to get away. As I ran, I came to a big federal looking building. A few people were leaving it as I was approaching it.

Something did not feel right. I sensed something was happening. I saw a long portable fence off in the distance away from the building. It was a type of fence used either for construction projects or emergencies. From where I was standing, I could tell, this fence stood next to the edge of a steep drop. I heard voices, but I could not see anything.

Even though I knew I had almost no time left to spare, I decided to run over to the fence and look over the edge to see what was down there, and what these loud voices were. So I ran.

When I got to the edge, I saw a few people who were also curious and looking over the edge to see. It was so out of the ordinary and disturbing, especially because of the location and the oddity of it all. It was enough to provoke anybody’s curiosity.

As I approached, some people were quickly leaving from the fence, almost running with a look of terror on their faces. They looked at me with alarm and stopped only long enough to briefly warn me, “Don’t go over there! Just leave as fast as possible.”

But I thought to myself I was only going to take a quick look and get out of there and return back to where my friends were waiting for me, so I approached the long running fence and looked and saw it stood on the very edge of a huge cement river bed with no water in it. The sides of it where I stood were steep, totally vertical and made of cement.

I looked further up a ways and saw the sides were not vertical but sloped down and were not made of cement, but just the dirt ground. On both sides of the river bed and all up and down the edges, military personnel with rifles were standing every few feet. Then I looked and saw hundreds and hundreds of terrified people all forced down into the river bed.

For some reason I wanted to get even a better look. I wanted to get down into that river bed to ask the people first hand what was happening. I knew that the military personnel were not there to protect the people but were there to make sure no one would try to escape.

Somehow I made my way past those guards up to the area of the dirt slope that led down into the river bed. How they did not see me I do not know, but I climbed down into the large crowd of people.

It suddenly became terrifying as I was being jammed and squeezed and forced along with the people by these guards who were also among the people down in the river bed shoving people along and screaming at everyone. The expressions on everyone’s faces was like horrified cattle going to the slaughter. I did not see any children, only men and women.

All of a sudden we all heard something, so we stopped and turned around and saw a young man making what seemed like a last ditch attempt to escape, running with all his might up the soft dirt embankment, but the soldiers shot him and he died right on that slope.

As the soldiers were forcing us and ramming us to move along, I noticed intermittently along the edges where the soldiers were standing guard, were tons of dead horses piled up in big piles everywhere. They were all bloated and rotten. As far as I could see were dead rotten horses. I wondered why were they there? Why so many? Why dead? And they were rotting. The smell of them was permeating the air, which brought even more dread to all the people.

It felt exactly what I would imagine the Jews felt like during Nazi Germany. We were captive and being led into some imprisonment just like them. I knew I had to find some way to get back to the people waiting for me, but I had no way of escape. Soldiers were everywhere so escape was impossible.

As we moved along we came to a convergence of channels in the river bed. A fork in the road so to speak. As we approached it, a chain link fence began to divide the masses of people into two groups. Men to the right and women to the left. An armed guard stood at the beginning of the chain link fence to be the one who was yanking men with both hands, forcing them into the right channel and women to the left.

The people seemed to know there was much more to it than just incarceration. They feared for their very lives. Everyone was so scared they could only scream and cry.

I never had the chance to ask anyone what was happening because it was all happening much too fast. When it became my turn to be yanked over to the left with the women, I said in my mind, “Lord help me! Get me out of here!”

I was now in just as much dire terror as everyone else. And as quickly as I cried out to the Lord, that quickly I found myself back up on top where the park was. I ran as fast as I could all the way back to my friends who were there waiting for me.

We looked and saw that the sun was almost completely gone down. So we got out of there faster than at the beginning. Then I awoke.


The sun setting at the beginning and the sense of urgency among my friends reveals to me there is a day ending and another day beginning. We are near the end of the days we are currently living in.

The park that I saw and the sense I had to go into it to get a better look reveals to me that though there was not a lot of daylight left, my instinct took me on a necessary errand.

The building I saw was some sort of federal building on government land. The fleeing people from the emergency fence represent those that will barely escape being captured.

The people I saw down in the river bed were full of great terror like only people that are taken captive would have. Its a certain kind of terror.

The dead horses represent to me the death of the strength of our nation. As horses in the Bible are always mentioned when it comes to strength of ancient armies, kings and metaphors of strength. The multitude of them being piled up every were in big piles as far as the eye could see, and all intermittently among the soldiers, and the rottenness and stench shows that they had been dead for quite some time, which means that this nation stinks before the Lord and its rottenness is piled high. Our strength and our land is polluted with death, disease and destruction.

I strongly believe the capturing of all the people was sudden, which made everyone even more terrified. They did not know what had hit them. The rest I will leave to the discernment of others as they pray about it.

My crying out to the Lord and my supernatural deliverance back into safety to meet those waiting for me is very clear. The Lord was showing me that when we are in the worst, most dangerous, impossible places of no way out, He will indeed do strange acts, wonderful acts that no one has ever seen before.

He wants to tell us know that we can trust Him exactly the way I experienced in this vision. And let me add the Lord wants you to know, He is not showing me these visions to put you in fear. God wants you to understand that He is God and He is our God. He will use these events to perform His mighty acts of power to show His people that He means what he says, He will not leave us or forsake us. These acts of power are not only for the seen, but also for the unseen forces. And also for the unsaved who will be witness to convince them to come to Him like late passengers about to miss the last midnight train.

Many are wondering what is going to happen next. What is the moment, the trigger that will launch all of these things? But the Lord wants us to keep ourselves in Him, to learn to trust Him in the moment. He promises to take care of us as He is doing His last minute searches for the ungodly and the lost, compelling them Himself to come in. He is showing us blatantly that He is the Exodus. He is the only way out.

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