“Everything was under water” Susan’s Prophetic Dream About A Map In Oregon

Everything was under waterSusan’s Dream – Tsunami

(Susan contacted us about the significant dreams she has had over the years.  What she saw may have to do with the tsunami coming to the west coast.  Susan does not want to identify her last name)

Year 1980

My 2 sons and I all had the same dream, the same night. The younger son told me he was standing in front of our neighbors house, an older retired couple. He looked towards the west hills and saw a huge wave coming over them. My son and our neighbors have since passed away.

My older son said he was at school. He was in class on the 2nd floor of the school bldg. He looked out the window and saw a huge wave coming over the west hills. He jumped up and ran out into the hall yelling for everyone to run, because a wave was coming.

I had the same dream of a huge wave coming over the west hills. I was standing across the street from our home in front of another neighbors house. At the time of my dream I was standing in front of this house, and I was holding my younger children’s hands, son and daughter, when I saw the wave coming. I held their hands and told them to run with me. Presently, these two younger children, now adults, are living with me, at the house we were standing in front of, in my dream.

Vision August of 2015

I have been wanting to move out of the city, and hoping to find a place in eastern Oregon with high elevation. I was looking at Joseph, Oregon. I was looking at a map. The map changed to black and white, and everything was under water, swirls of water were everywhere….end of vision.


Hillary ClintonMost recent dream 7-28-16

I had a dream of Hillary Clinton. I was in a large room with hundreds of people. I looked up and saw a crowd gathered around someone. I was finally able to see a woman in a wheelchair, it was Hillary. The people that were around her were trying to conceal the wheelchair from the other people in the building. She got out of the chair and started to walk towards the stairs that would go up to a platform. I craned my neck, looking at her legs. They were thin and frail. As I watched her climb the stairs, her right leg kicked out as she went up. She went to the podium and was going to give a speech. She was wearing a light blue outfit, and she had a sheer pale blue veil over her head. I thought in my dream, is shariah law now a law? Did she win? When I woke up I felt this dream had a lot of meaning especially with her health, and if she were to win, that the veil meant shariah law.

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Published on May 1, 2015

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