Flee California! A Prophetic Warning From God Given To Pastor Joel


Flee California!  Pastor Joel (September 22, 2013

(This is an older message by “A Pastor Joel”.  I would encourage you to ignore dates, and focus on the content of what the Lord has told this man)- Meranda Devan
Sunday, September 29, 2013 12:32

Seen On (Before It’s News) By Mark Brander


I was traveling to Los Angeles for company training. While I was on the airplane, I heard the Lord tell me in my spirit (out of the blue, I wasn’t even thinking this at the time) why I was in Los Angeles. I heard that I was to decree a warning in the spirit that the Lord would then take to the mouth pieces on the ground to warn the people of Los Angeles to flee the area as God was going to judge the city. As we were flying over the metropolitan area, I was amazed at how many homes there were in the area (I had never been to LA). I sensed the Lord saying that all of this will be gone. He compared it to when the disciples were mesmerized with the temple and Jesus telling the disciples that this temple will be destroyed.

When I got to the hotel room, there was warfare already going on in the Spirit. I knew that I was not to do anything at that time and that the next day the Lord would have me pray, prophesy, declare, decree, etc.

Los Angeles

After eating my dinner (I probably could have skipped!), the Lord was all over me. He had me point to Los Angeles and proclaim judgment over the city for her hard hardness and refusal to repent. The Lord was grieved over the church and her unwillingness to participate and likened her as the blind leading the blind. They were all walking straight to the pit.

I sensed that there was no one in the city or even in the state of California who was willing to do what I am doing today (the eyes of the Lord ran to and fro through the land and could not find an upright heart). I was shocked – Really?!

He told me not to pray for LA as He has had enough. He was through with their wickedness and stated that He heard the cries of those crying out for justice. He said that He is avenging the elect (there were times I wanted to sit, but the Lord said no!)

He had me proclaim what Jonah proclaimed over Nineveh (which I read several days ago not knowing this would come up) that in 40 days (this would be around or after September 21, 2013), the Lord was going to destroy Los Angeles. He also had me speak to the Angels holding the ground in the fault lines (preventing earthquakes) to leave their post in 40 days, that they were relieved of their duties and to get rest that they have completed their assignments.

The Lord had me speak forth throughout the city to leave now. That my words would reach the elect that would hear. Also, to those who would hear the word of the Lord that would be a physical mouthpiece and proclaim from whatever platform they have to whatever people would listen.

The Lord was very upset with the chosen ones who decided to believe a different gospel and would not hear the warnings from the those who were warning. They talked themselves out of it by saying God is a God of Grace and Mercy and a God of prosperity. The blind leading the blind. He said that He would be unjust if He didnt judge LA and would have to repent to Sodom and Gomorrah.

I felt the Lord lift from me. I repented asking for forgiveness if I said things that were not of Him. He had told me on a few occasions while I was prophesying that this was of Him and to stop questioning. I laid down on the bed thinking this was over and offering myself to Him for whatever else He wanted to say.

San Francisco

I then sensed that the Lord had someone assigned to do in San Francisco what I was doing here in LA. However, this person was not obeying the Lord. The Lord came on me suddenly and told me to stand up and point to San Francisco and declare judgment over her as well.

This was very deep inside me and I first spoke of the bridge swinging that then the hills being flattened and on fire. San Francisco was referred to as a pit of harlotry and that a pit would be opened to swallow up 1/3 and belch out 2/3s. The Lord had me speak to the Angels over San Francisco to be relieved of their duties in the same time frame I suppose as the LA (it came out more of in its proper time but sensed it was around the same time as LA).

I then was waving my hand and speaking to those would hear (in the Spirit I suppose) to leave San Francisco now. I repeated this over and over. I said, Don’t sell your homes, get out now!

I then thought of my Aunt who lives in San Francisco and wondering what would happen to her. I felt the Lord tell me that she would perish along with others. She was not listening to Him either.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji was now on my mind. The Lord told me to point in the area where Japan was located and told me to tell the Angels holding back the pit of Mount Fuji to be relieved of their duties. I hesitated because I know John Paul Jackson was shown in a vision the devastation of Tokyo and the amount of people that would die as a result of Mount Fuji exploding. I felt the Lord was insistent, so I did. The difference was this seemed immediate that the Angels be relieved and not in the future.

The Plague / The Tribulation

Finally, The Lord spoke that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. The Lord was almost taunting Satan that the Army of the Lord is now coming together and will defeat Satan. I felt as if Satan was trying to get permission to release a plague. I spoke out of my mouth, release the plague.

I then stated that the time has begun. It has begun. The tribulation period has begun and the rise of the antichrist is here and the time of the Lord Jesus is at the door. At that I fell to my knees asking, is this really true?


San Diego

I sensed last night and today that the Lord wanted to have me speak something over San Diego, CA. This happened a little before 6pm. I started to pray in the Spirit and the Lord told me to stand and point toward San Diego. I did with my left hand and He said for me to point with my right hand.

I pointed and the Lord came over me and I said FIRE! (keep in mind I yelled this in my hotel room – thankfully no one heard me!). San Diego, you will burn! In one day you will burn. In one hour it will start and in one day you will burn. You will be crying out for your wealth and not Me? You have depended on your wealth and have not called out to Me. Therefore I will judge you and this will be just. You will burn. The Military will not be there to save you. Flee to the east, flee to the west, just flee!

Final Events at Hotel

I felt that the Lord was finished with San Diego. I walked around for a bit talking to the Lord about what was to transpire and I guess convincing myself that man has made choices and raised up children to completely leave God out. All of a sudden, the Lord came on me so strong and I spun in a circle with my finger pointed out yelling Flee!.

At this point, I sat down and ask the Lord if there is anything else. I heard that I did what He wanted me to do.

I went into worship. During Worship, I heard the Bear is roaring. I felt this to mean Russia is at our doorsteps. I did not realize that the Bear was a sign on LAs flag but also the California state flag. TOM G. Sept 28, 2013

The following is a repost of several warnings already in circulation from this past week……

(Note by Mark, I am not sure about Chuck Pierce’s prophecy, use your own discernment, the others do ring true )

A couple of days ago I received an audio email of Chuck Pierce prophesying about God preparing to enter San Francisco, shaking the city and cleansing the tainted blood of the city. This will happen soon, as God is at the very edge of the bridge, ready to come over.

That same day I received a call from a sister in the Lord (Kelly) who was frightened at a vision she had recently seen. She saw the upcoming date as October 3, with the Golden Gate Bridge breaking in half and going vertical, a huge tsunami covering San Francisco, an earthquake 9.7 in the city and water flooding the valley. Many souls perished. She felt compelled to warn people.
Her fear came largely because she had seen a vision of the Boston Marathon Bombing the night before it happened.

As I was sharing these two events with my wife, she reminded me of a call she had received two weeks before. An intercessor friend (Margaret) from the East Bay area had warned Georgia not to go into SanFrancisco starting the last week in September though the first three weeks of October. Margaret had seen a tsunami and a devastating earthquake in the city, in a vision. Today Margaret told Georgia that many other intercessors have recently seen the same type of warnings.

Earlier this week, I was sharing some of this with our Tuesday Prophetic Luncheon Group. One of our sisters (Barbara) told me that the Lord had spoken to her clearly recently. He said that the “bowl of iniquity of SanFrancisco” was now full to the brim!

Perhaps these images are spiritual rather than physical. Perhaps the Lord will do a spiritual earthquake and tsunami and blow His Spirit across the West Coast. I do believe “Revival” is headed our way. I’m not planning on moving away.

My point in sharing is so that we can all be forewarned, and be in prayer, asking for God’s Mercy and Grace in the middle of all that seems to be happening. I don’t know why these things have come to me, but I believe that God would have me tell others.Pastor Joel (September 22, 2013)