Four Judgments Are Coming Upon America- Byron Searle

September 9, 2017

Christian broadcaster Lyn Leahz published a new video this week in which she shared the testimony of Byron Searle. God showed Byron four judgments coming to America, confirming what others have been shown, including John Fenn and Brother Billy Nelson. The following provides a transcript from part of her 16-minute video, which is shown at the bottom of this post.

“Hello Lyn, the Lord has told me so much in just a couple of weeks that I really don’t know where to start. I am currently on day 216 in my quiet/prayer time with the Lord and He has revealed to me that four judgments are coming. He told me this back on day 205 and I was in shock.

He said the first judgment is the hurricanes that are hitting the coasts now.

The second judgment will be the earthquakes that will strike both coasts.

The third judgment is a massive tidal wave that will hit the East Coast and drive water all the way to the mountains.

The fourth judgment is so terrible that He would not tell me what it was going to be.

The thing is, after each judgment, the Lord is waiting for his body to wake up and repent. He told me that after the first judgment his body would awake a little bit, but go back to sleep. After the second judgment, his body would wake up a little more, but not be fully awake. After the third judgment, his body would rise up, but still not see that the hand of God was bringing these judgments. People would explain it away, saying it was climate change or that the earthquake faults had been locked and loaded for years. The tidal wave is what gets the church’s attention.

I do not know what causes the tidal wave and he did not tell me, but as he was telling me this, I saw in a vision a massive wave half the height of the Empire State building in New York. I also saw all the deaths of thousands of people as there was no warning this wave was coming, bodies stacked up like cord wood. I can guess maybe an asteroid or underwater volcano or nuke, but I don’t really know. Maybe it could be that the Canary Islands that is split that causes the wave. I just don’t know. However, the fourth judgment is the worst. Many will perish in this judgment that will finally drive the Church to its knees, crying out for repentance. I asked of the Lord, “What is going to do this? ”

But He said, ‘It is not for you to know.’

Lynn, ever since the eclipse, I have had an overwhelming, very heavy sense to pray for repentance for this nation. The main thing that I think gets me is the Lord said, “Before the mess from one judgment is even cleaned up the next one will strike.”

Sitting at my desk at work, I silently pray and ask the Lord questions, and I asked him about the hurricanes. He said they will continue, but be ready for the shaking, for I am trying to wake up my sleeping body. Today, September 6, I see that the sun just had an X-10 plus solar flare Earth facing. That could be the catalyst for the earthquakes. I don’t really know.

Lyn, yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake. I thought, ‘Lord, that will cause a lot of damage and deaths.’

He then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’

I am now watching what this solar flare will do to the earth’s tectonic plates. The Fukushima earthquake occurred after the earth got bombarded with a 1.2 M-class flare. This X-flare is going to be significantly stronger and more deadly I think.”

My Comments:

The first two judgments Byron saw are the same as what the Lord told John Fenn. Byron said, “The first judgment is the hurricanes that are hitting the coasts now.” John Fenn was told “two hurricanes would hit the United States back to back.”

Byron was shown the second judgment would be “the earthquakes that will strike both coasts.” He was shown the first would be a 9.1 magnitude, followed by another stronger earthquake with 12.2 magnitude. John Fenn was also shown two earthquakes striking after the two hurricanes.

“After those two hurricanes, we would see an earthquake in California… Then will come another earthquake that will occur in an area not normally thought of as prone to earthquakes, not normally thought of as having earthquakes. He didn’t specify the city. He just said there would be another earthquake that would come.”

Byron was shown the second earthquake would strike the east coast while John was shown it would strike an area not normally thought of as having earthquakes. The East Coast fits that description.

They both saw the timing of these events comes one after another with no time to recover before the next one hits. Byron was told, “Before the mess from one judgment is even cleaned up the next one will strike.” Referring to the two earthquakes, John Fenn was told, “It would come at a time when the United States was already dealing with the expense of the hurricanes.” (see the complete post)

Byron was shown a third judgment, a massive tidal wave hitting the East Coast and driving water all the way to the mountains, including “a massive wave half the height of the Empire State building in New York.” His reference to New York might be connected with what John Fenn was warned about, an economic tidal wave hitting by September 2018 that would be much worse than the 2008 collapse of the housing market. As the financial capital of the world, New York would be at the center of the collapse. Separately, John was shown bank holidays are coming with a 50% devaluation of the dollar, but was not shown the timing for those events.

The Fourth Judgment:

Byron was shown increasing severity with each subsequent judgment, which he measured by their impact on the Church:

• First Judgment – “His body would awake a little bit, but go back to sleep.”
• Second Judgment – “His body would wake up a little more, but not be fully awake.”
• Third Judgment – “His body would rise up, but still not see that the hand of God was bringing these judgments.”
• Fourth Judgment – He described this one as “the worst.” He wrote, “Many will perish in this judgment that will finally drive the Church to its knees, crying out for repentance.”

Amazingly, on October 19, 2014, Brother Billy Nelson received a prophetic dream revealing a very similar warning as the one Byron received.

“In front of me, suspended in the air, were four individual unfurled scrolls. Each scroll represented a judgment for America. I was told that the scroll on top was the most severe of the four judgments and that it was a plague of famine and pestilence. What judgment the other three scrolls represented wasn’t made known to me but I was told each was less severe by numerical order. The number four scroll was the most severe and the number one scroll was the least severe of the four judgments.

As I looked at the four scrolls an angel standing to my right said, ‘It has been given to you to decide for America which judgment it shall receive. You must choose one of the four scrolls.’

If I picked the worst plaque, which was number four, more people in America would suffer. However, the worse the suffering the sooner America may repent of its wickedness and turn back to God. If I choose the lesser plague fewer people will be impacted, but the longer it would take America to repent. I did not want to pick any of them. Then I woke up and pondered what decision I should make.

When I went to prayer time, I was given Ezekiel 21.
1 “The word of the Lord came to me:
2 “Son of man, set your face against Jerusalem and preach against the sanctuary. Prophesy against the land of Israel
3 and say to her: ‘This is what the Lord says: I am against you. I will draw my sword from its sheath and cut off from you both the righteous and the wicked.
4 Because I am going to cut off the righteous and the wicked, my sword will be unsheathed against everyone from south to north.
5 Then all people will know that I the Lord have drawn my sword from its sheath; it will not return again.’
6 “Therefore groan, son of man! Groan before them with broken heart and bitter grief.
7 And when they ask you, ‘Why are you groaning?’ you shall say, ‘Because of the news that is coming. Every heart will melt with fear and every hand go limp; every spirit will become faint and every leg will be wet with urine.’ It is coming! It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel 21:1-7)

With this on my heart throughout the morning I still had to decide which judgment I would choose. Should I choose scroll number four, which is the most severe judgment, or perhaps number three? Perhaps, I should choose number two or one.

A few years ago, I would have quickly selected number four, but now my heart wants mercy more than the wrath of God for America. The years spent in the wilderness have had their effect by softening my heart in ways I did not even know until this dream. I then told the Lord. “If a judgment must be selected then I select number one, which was the least severe of the four scrolls. It will have the least impact on America but perhaps it will cause many to repent.” (see the complete post)

Byron and Brother Billy both saw four judgments coming upon America, with each one more severe than the previous one. They both saw God’s purpose in sending judgment is to wake up the Church and bring them to repentance. And they both saw the more severe the judgment, the greater the impact it would have on the Church.

The Bible confirms what they saw. God requires repentance from His people, not from the whole nation. Judgment comes to humble those who claim to follow Him while going their own way and doing their own thing. If only He could get His people to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and pray and seek Him, He would heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Although God has repeatedly revealed His judgments from Genesis to Revelation, much of the Church rejects the possibility that He would do it today. However, both Mike and Billy saw it is necessary, the only way to wake up the sleeping Church. It is not God’s first choice, but His last resort, necessary because the Church has become so compromised with sin, so hardened in heart, so stiff necked, so blind. Ultimately, more lives will be saved with the shakings than without them, so they are the wisdom and love of God.

Even after three judgments; Mike saw the Church would still not see the hand of God was bringing them. The evidence supports what he saw. Christian leaders today are publicly mocking prophetic warnings for our country, warnings given by God. In the name of God, they mock God. For example, Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma Magazine, recently published an article rebuking Z3 News for posting “gloom and doom prophecies” and ridiculed Z3 News contributor Pamela Banda for sharing her warning vision of God’s judgment bringing flood waters to Houston, even though it was fulfilled in great detail. It was a remarkable example of the kind of blindness Mike saw. It’s already happening and appears likely to continue until the shaking becomes so severe the mockers finally humble themselves and repent or fall away from the faith.

To make matters worse, the Church is polluted with smooth talking false prophets claiming America has avoided judgment and America will soon become great again. Even though God is shaking heaven and earth to bring us to repentance, they make no mention of it. No repentance required, just unlimited mercy and glory ahead. Just like the false prophets in the Bible, they oppose what God is doing, claiming God He would not send hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, or pestilences. Sadly, much of the Church believes their lies due to being indoctrinated with the Me Gospel, which claims if it isn’t good for me, if it doesn’t prosper me, if it doesn’t promote me, if it doesn’t help me, if it doesn’t give me what I want, then it couldn’t possibly be God. The Me Gospel endangers the lives of everyone who believes it because it causes them to become offended and mad at God when things don’t happen like they expected.

Followers of the Me Gospel seek to silence prophetic warnings of judgment, even after reading example after example in the Bible and seeing it happen again and again before their eyes. They don’t want to hear it, so they go on the attack, slandering, accusing, belittling, discrediting, and ultimately betraying, reporting, arresting and murdering the true servants of God, foolishly thinking they are serving God by doing so (John 16:2-3).

The gospel is not all about us. If it was, God would just take us to heaven after we get saved, but He leaves us here to help others find their way to Him. So, God is working in us for their sake, even allowing us to endure hardships so we might be more credible witnesses. The gospel is about denying ourselves to take up our cross to follow Him wherever He leads, trusting He knows the way, even when we don’t and knowing He will make all things right in the end, even though they are not right today.

Reasoning with followers of the Me Gospel is a waste of time because they’re in a deep sleep, thinking they already know the truth. We’re more likely to rile them up than wake them up. God sends shakings to bring them to their knees in the hopes they will humble themselves, repent of their wicked, twisted ways, turn away from their self-centered, perverted Me Gospel and begin to follow Him wherever He leads.

Mike was not shown what the fourth judgment was, but Brother Billy was shown it was “a plague of famine and pestilence.” While the first three judgments strike specific regions with hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves, other regions don’t feel the same level of pain. However, famine and pestilence are not limited geographically, but can spread throughout the whole land. Plus, natural disasters have short expiration dates. We see their beginning and ending, so we have reason to hope they are over and gone, but famine and pestilence have no end in sight. The threat of death and suffering remains looming in front of us day after day, causing people to despair and lose hope. So, it makes sense that both Mike and Brother Billy saw this fourth judgment would finally bring the Church to its’ knees.

John Fenn’s economic collapse also confirms the fourth judgment, famine and pestilences, because the resulting unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, dollar devaluation, and skyrocketing food prices usher in famine and the lack of proper nutrition and healthcare ushers in pestilences.

Others have received similar warnings. Z3 News contributor Joanie Stahl received a dream in January 2016 in which she saw severe famine coming.

“In the last days, there will be a severe food shortage. And the government will control the supply of food. In the beginning the people will be allowed to acquire food allotted to them. Then they will be told the food supply is running out. Then the government will trick people into leaving their homes by telling them there is food for them. And when they leave their homes in hopes for food, the government will lay siege to their homes and they will become government property. The people will never be allowed to return to their homes ever again. They will lose all rights of ownership. Even if they try to return, they will not be able. The moment they leave their homes, they will be taken.” (see the complete post)

Surely the false prophets will claim this is just another gloom and doom prophecy, which is why we must know the Bible because it warns us famines and pestilences must come to fulfill ancient prophecies before the Lord returns. The Lord Jesus warned us these things would come upon the final generation before His return as the beginning of birth pangs (Matthew 24:7). John saw famine and pestilence released after the third and fourth seals on the book of life were broken, released by the riders on the black and green horses (Revelation 6:5-8). Ultimately, each of us must choose whether we believe the Bible or the religious hypocrites who contradict it.

The solar eclipse on August 21 was a scriptural sign of God’s judgment on our nation, and it came swiftly afterwards. These prophetic warnings reveal hurricanes Harvey and Irma are only the beginning of a series of increasingly severe judgments to come. The sooner the Church realizes what is happening and humbly repents before God, the sooner God will heal our land. The longer we mock and ridicule God’s warnings and His messengers, the more the judgments will intensify.

Despite all the mockers and scoffers and regardless of what anyone else does, each of us can find refuge from the storm by humbly repenting of our own sins and daily walking uprightly before God in every thought, word, and deed, which is all He requires from us to qualify for His amazing promises.