Hearing Gods Voice
Israel WendyIsrael Wendy

Seven Keys Of Intimacy with God,

Learn Hot To Hear His Voice!

1 Spend Time Often In The Secret place
2 Worship Often.
3  Use your prayer language often
4  Confess Your Sin.
5  Cast Out Your Fear.
6  Talk openly and honestly to Him about what’s in your heart
7  Be silent. Give God the opportunity to speak to you. Be Still and Know that I Am God. Psalms 46:10

Keep A Journal:

God will speak to your Spirit, though a word of knowledge. , Encourage You, give you dreams or/and visions, speak to you through His word, through a prophet or a Prophetic Voice.

The more time you spend with God the more ways and more often He will speak to you. God is a REWARDER of those that diligently seek after Him.



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Israel Wendy
About Israel Wendy The Lord says, "Do you think I have Brought You This Far To Abandon You?" By Apostle Israel Wendy Since I was a small child, I've had the gift of visions and prophetic dreams. At the age of seven I began having dreams of falling stars and asteroids and a hidden red planet of demons. I often saw sentry angels around my bed at night, just standing at attention. I had a lot of ear infections and tubes in my ears that left me partially deaf and because of that I had troubles with my speech. The stuttering made me withdrawn, and insecure. I felt different because I often saw things that others didn't. I dreamed of being normal. I was saved in 1997. That summer I went to a Christian festival in upstate New York called Kingdom Bound. I went to a Hillsong concert, then jumped to a Newsboys concert, as long as I was close to the speakers, I could hear. Suddenly with hands raised high in worship, a hand grasped mine. Suddenly, miraculously I could hear, it was so loud I had to cover my ears. I looked to see whose hand had touched mine and was surprised to see Darlene Zcheck beside me. I began gaining confidence in God's capable hands, but soon found myself discouraged, backsliden, not in a good bible based church, but God wasn't done with me yet. He never left me, I was in His hands all along. In 2010, I was living in sin with a boyfriend. I was deeply feeling the grief of the Holy Spirit daily but didn't know what it was. My boyfriend thought I was depressed, I knew I wasn't. I didn't know that another miracle was in the making. One night my boyfriend was very, very sick. Without insurance, he would not go to the hospital. I gave him one tiny Tylenol, knowing that I was going to wait till he fell asleep and then pray over him. I didn't know anything about healing or very little about praying but at that moment, I had child like faith. As he slept, I listened to his labored breathing. I held his hand and felt his hot body, earlier his temp was over a hundred but I know it was higher now. He wasn't sweating, his body was so dehydrated that it couldn't even make sweat. Holding his hand, I said, "God, I'm healthy, give me his fever, I can handle it. I know you will heal me." He was not saved and I knew that he didn't like my gifts so I had to hide them from my boyfriend. It freaked him out sometimes and he called me psychic or mind reader. That's why I gave him a Tylenol. I felt the heat of the fever go up the arm that was next to him, then the little voice told me to lift up the other hand to God. I raised it up and felt the heat go out of my body. It was incredible. The fever left and he was totally healed. Not only was he totally healed but I think God touched him and convicted him that we were living in sin. Like Jesus told those He healed to go and sin no more, my boyfriend left my house. I haven't seen him since, but that was only half of the miracle, more was to come in just a week or so. My 4x4 SUV started making noise in the tires, a squealing. I made an appointment at my dealership for the weekend, but the noise became intense so I decided to go to a local mechanic that took your vehicle without an appointment. I was getting ready to go and I kept hearing that little voice saying, "put a folded hoodie on the seat next to you." I was kinda annoyed and argued back. "Its the middle of winter, what do I need a hoodie for?" But the voice persisted. Finally I obeyed but with that haughty attitude that God was working on. Then the voice began again. I can laugh now, but I remember rolling my eyes and obediently taking out my glass recyclables out of the back of the SUV. So I was finally on my way. I live in an area of high altitude so I needed to go down this steep hill to go into town. It is a beautiful area overlooking Keuka lake in the finger lakes region of upstate New York. I was headed down the hill and the rear right tire totally froze up putting me into a spin and then a violent roll that headed down the steep hill. I had been going only about 30 mph or less, so the seat belt didn't hold, the air bag didn't go off because the front end was violently ripped off. Suddenly, I was looking into another place. It was like looking through the veil into the spirit realm. Then there was this huge hand in front of me. It was the angel Michael but I wouldn't find that out until in 2016. I didn't see any wings. He was dressed all in white robes but with a tarnished gold or bronze colored sash. He was fierce looking so I lowered my face to concentrate on the beautiful ring on his finger. This ring was so big that I could probably wear it on my wrist or even my ankle. It was a beautiful black pearl or opal that sparkled with many colors. It was set in a gold setting that almost looked like a little crown. Suddenly he spoke and said, "Israel come here" He scared me so I looked up and saw that his gentle eyes could be trusted. I gave him my hand. I was instantly in the place of my dream when I was five. It was a place of pearl white tile and an atmosphere that was calm and comforting. The atmosphere of pinkish fog hung over me, keeping me safe. Suddenly I was back in the cab of my SUV, the hoodie was wrapped around my head protecting it, I was unharmed except for a bump to my knee which turned out to be a blessing because I had a kneecap that was out of joint and this bump pushed it back. I know the accident would have been violent if I had actually been in it because I saw my footprints sunk in about an inch deep into the driver side door. After that God had my full attention. I went on several mission tours, spoke on missions in several churches, started a Christian singles group called Bondfire Christians, sang on worship teams and continued having visions and dreams, which I kept to myself. I believe this grieved the Holy Spirit because I started going down that road again, losing confidence, isolating myself, just dreaming of being normal. God again had to do something drastic to get my attention. Why do I doubt? My children are not saved so there is a rift there that is sometimes hard to bear. It really eats away at me when the holidays come and I am alone. This past Christmas 2015, it seemed to come to a head. By the week between Christmas and new years, I was severely depressed. It got so bad that I threw myself on the floor, broken, beaten and at rock bottom. I weeped on my face and begged God to just take me, kill me, kill me God. That is exactly what God did but not in the way I was wanting. God killed my depression, God killed my brokenness, God killed my stinking attitude and took my guilt, my condemnation, and unforgiveness. Overnight I was emotionally healed, whole. God had put an incredible fire and intense joy, then gave me an avenue to use it. I'm going to go back a little to 2012. I sleep days because I work nights, I was awoken but everything was dark, dark, dark. It was a spiritual darkness, but in the middle of my room, floating above my bed was the image of a man, all lit up to draw my attention. Then a booming voice, not the voice of the Holy Spirit but an eternal one said, "SUPPORT THIS MAN AND HIS MINISTRY" I never saw that man in my life, but the following week saw a video of him preaching at his gym. I had no doubt that it was the man in my vision because when he said, "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah" it was like sparks going through me and I jump in spasm, just like I was electrocuted but it wasn't painful. I friended James Wrenn but stayed in the background. Holding him and his ministry up in prayer faithfully, to this day. So after I put myself on the alter on new years eve this year. I began writing my visions down and soon was contacted by Apostle James Wrenn himself. He didn't know me other that that God spoke to him about me. He wanted me to join his private prayer room, a chat room on Whatsapp. I laughed. I had never been in a chat room before. It was a phone app and my phone was like one step up from a flip phone. I would have to buy a new phone, I dragged my feet. I was being disobedient in that I was not quick to be obedient but God still used me. In Walmart I saw a phone on sale. It was about 100 dollars, which I barely had to spend. I picked it up, praying in tongues over it and twice put it down. God then had me put it back and pick the one behind it, then it was clear that I was to buy it. Still wonder what was wrong with the first one. The next day I got a check in the mail for 100 dollars from my mom, she had won some money. That covered the phone and I also got a check from an unknown individual that paid off my garbage bill. I had never had anyone give me money anonymously, I asked God what that was all about and He said, "I'm taking out the garbage." I was still leary about doing the chat room, prayer room thing because I would have to give a complete stranger my cell phone number. I thought and prayed about it, rationalizing that well, Apostle Wrenn has a southern accent so he's no where near me. Boy was I wrong. So I downloaded the Whatsapp app and James put me in the room. So I went in. I work nights so I was doing this at work when it was quiet. The app has a feature where you can record so I was listening to others prayers, some typed, some were recorded. Suddenly there was a period where people were requesting prayers but no prayers were coming. I got nerve up and started recording prayers. Like I said before, I have not been very strong in prayers. I've done spiritual warfare with decrees but not prayers for others, let alone the public. The Holy Spirit led me and there were several healings in the room. I gained confidence, a ladies sheep were dying from lack of water. She was crying and my heart broke for her, I prayed for rain. It hadn't rained in that part of New Zealand in three years. It rained. Several people in chat confirmed the rain. It rained some that day, then I prayed again the next day and it rained again. There were many miracles seen, Apostle James became a dear friend and prayer partner. We prayed many days for hours in tongues and I had many visions, I even walked in another spiritual realm while he prayed over the phone in tongues with me. I visited him personally, he wasn't too far from me and he spoiled me rotten before he anointed me as an Apostle because of the signs and wonders and because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. My weakness is God's strength, my faults are what He can use as well as obedience and humility. He was raising me up as a child for such a time as this, a messenger to the watchmen. I have continued on, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me things through the scriptures. Just today, my closed Bible opened by the wind to scriptures that I will be studying after finishing my testimony here. I have begun to flow in miracles again, glory to God in the highest, it's not me. God bless you, Apostle Israel