Melissa with midnight hour- Youtube

Melissa from Midnight Hour Oil published a video where she talks about a CD of John Fenn’s where he talked about a visitation he had with Jesus.  In this teaching he talked about how there would come two hurricanes, and three earthquakes.  Hurricane Irma is being watched right now and might be expected to hit the east coast, and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that just hit texas will be the most expensive in U.S. history at over $190 billion.

Will we see 3 earthquakes like John was told?  So far, this prophecy seems accurate so far.

” About a year ago I shared something that I learned from one of Jonathan’s teaching CDs about end times and in this CD John Fenn Church Without Walls …talked about a visitation he had with Jesus in 2010″ 

“He said that Jesus shared with him that after the majority of President Obama’s policies were in place that the United States was going to be hit with two hurricanes and three earthquakes all right and they would impact the US economy”

More from John Fenn’s Website:


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