Lindsey Marceau’s Prophetic Dream Of A Blood Moon Judgment Coming To New York City


Lindsey Marceau

A Dream I had last year:

I had a dream last year of seeing a huge blood moon over the sky in NYC. I was there in the middle of the street screaming to people judgement was about to be poured out on the city and Jesus was coming. I was pointing at the blood moon trying to get people to listen but they just ignored me and kept walking. The end of my dream I said “Well I’m going to CA now.” And then I woke up.


 Additional Thoughts About The Dream


Meranda Devan: Here are some questions for you….

Do you think you said “I am going to California now”?

How did you get the impression you were in New York, and why California next? Were you to proclaim judgement there as well?

Lindsey Marceau – I saw the skyscrapers and the reflection of the blood moon in skyscrapers. I was looking at GPS and it said NYC. I’m not sure why I said “I’m going to CA next.” But my own interpretation of that was there was judgment coming there after.

Meranda Devan, What is GPS…. Meaning a map?

Lindsey Marceau, Yes…a map on my phone.

Meranda Devan, Oh, ok! Very interesting. Do you remember any other details?

Lindsey Marceau,Not really. I was in the middle of the busy street there screaming that Jesus was coming and no one was listening. Everyone didn’t even acknowledge me, they just kept walking by.

Meranda Devan, You know… “no one is listening” is a theme that comes up often. I find that really interesting.

Lindsey Marceau,Yes, it was like they couldn’t see or hear me. I was screaming and pointing at the blood moon…no one even saw it or acknowledged it.