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Muslim Leader Dies And Sees The Demonic Coming For His Soul Only For Jesus To Rescue Him

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Originally Posted At Christian Today.com

Munaf Ali (name changed for security reasons) was an influential religious leader in the Middle East.  While he was walking home he fell to the ground and was found dead.  When he was dead he realized that demons were about to take his soul to hell.  Read more of this article:

He shared that he saw demons coming to take his soul away. “Get lost, you cursed demons of Allah. You have no right to take my soul!” he shouted at them. One of the demons spoke to him, saying, “No. It’s our right to take your life. And you will be with us.”

It was then that Jesus appeared with a group of angels and drove the demons away.

Munaf Ali then heard Jesus talk to him:  “Listen, my son. First Adam disobeyed God and sinned against Him under Satan’s influence. I am the second Adam, the Word of God and the Messiah Jesus, Son of the Most High. I was born of the virgin Mary, as a sinless Son of Man to redeem Adam and all of his descendants including you from sin and death.”

Jesus continued, according to Munaf Ali’s vision: “I was crucified and died as a ransom for all your sins to make you a child of God and citizen of heaven. I was raised from the dead and opened the gates of heaven to bring you back to eternal glory. Have faith in me and be my witness. I give your life back, for I have the authority of giving life.”

Munaf Ali awoke and immediately gave his life to Christ.  He told his family about his experience and they all came to know Christ.   Munaf Ali became such an outspoken Christian that the community he once led now persecuted him that they were forced to leave their home.

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  • Scoopie

    Glory to God! His mercy endures forever.

    • MotivatedinOhio

      I have read that many Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus that lead to them being saved. I pray for Israel, and I also pray for the Arabs nations, that whoever can be saved is saved.