God will never leave you or fail you-  HEBREWS 13:5

If you use wisely what you have you will be given more- MATTHEW 25:29

You can accomplish great things with God’s Help- PSALM 60:12

God is a refuge in times of trouble- PSALM 9:9,46:1; ISAIAH 43:2

God Does not ignore us when we are in- PSALM 9:12

God does not let you slip and fall- PSALM 55:22

God offers rest from our burdens- MATTHEW 11:28

Give your worries to God for he cares about You- 1 PETER 5:7

God will give you good advice- PSALM 32:8

God is slow to get angry with us- PSALM 103:8

God wants us to belong to him- LEVITICUS 26:12

Blessings come from obeying God- PSALM 1:1

God blesses those who do what is right- PSALM 84:11

God blesses those who help the poor- PROVERBS 19:17

Don’t give up in your faith and you will reap great blesings- GALATIANS 6:9; REVELATION 21:7

God takes care of us- PSALM 23:6, ISAIAH 46:4

God cares about your troubles- PSALM 55:22

God sends his angels to protect us- PSALM 91:11

God is close to all who call on him- PSALM 145:18

Give your worries to God for he cares about you- 1 PETER 5:7

When you become a Christian, you are a new person- 2 CORINTHAINS 5:17

God’s Spirit will pursue your children- ISAIAH 59:21

God Conforts the Brokenhearted- PSALM 34:18; 147:3

God comforts those who suffer- 2 Corinthians 1:5

Those committed to God find renewed strength- ISAIAH 40:31

Those comitted to God will share in all his riches- HEBREWS 3:14

God takes special care of those in great need- PSALM 72:12

If you confess that Jesus is Lord you will have eternal life- ROMANS 10:9

If you confess your sins to God he will forgive you- PSALM 121:8

God is in charge over theworld- JOHN 16:33

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Meranda Devan
If it is controversial, it's got my attention. Growing up, God seemed to be the one topic that was unspoken, and I needed to know the truth. I discovered Him in my 20's, and really started finding tremendous evidence for Him that had to be shared. Supernatural miracles exist today, and He speaks to His people today. Yeshua has given us prophecy to strengthen us in the days ahead. Find your victory in His strength. Connect with me on Facebook, or feel free to email me (michaelandmeranda @ g mail .com)