God will never leave you or fail you-  HEBREWS 13:5

If you use wisely what you have you will be given more- MATTHEW 25:29

You can accomplish great things with God’s Help- PSALM 60:12

God is a refuge in times of trouble- PSALM 9:9,46:1; ISAIAH 43:2

God Does not ignore us when we are in- PSALM 9:12

God does not let you slip and fall- PSALM 55:22

God offers rest from our burdens- MATTHEW 11:28

Give your worries to God for he cares about You- 1 PETER 5:7

God will give you good advice- PSALM 32:8

God is slow to get angry with us- PSALM 103:8

God wants us to belong to him- LEVITICUS 26:12

Blessings come from obeying God- PSALM 1:1

God blesses those who do what is right- PSALM 84:11

God blesses those who help the poor- PROVERBS 19:17

Don’t give up in your faith and you will reap great blesings- GALATIANS 6:9; REVELATION 21:7

God takes care of us- PSALM 23:6, ISAIAH 46:4

God cares about your troubles- PSALM 55:22

God sends his angels to protect us- PSALM 91:11

God is close to all who call on him- PSALM 145:18

Give your worries to God for he cares about you- 1 PETER 5:7

When you become a Christian, you are a new person- 2 CORINTHAINS 5:17

God’s Spirit will pursue your children- ISAIAH 59:21

God Conforts the Brokenhearted- PSALM 34:18; 147:3

God comforts those who suffer- 2 Corinthians 1:5

Those committed to God find renewed strength- ISAIAH 40:31

Those comitted to God will share in all his riches- HEBREWS 3:14

God takes special care of those in great need- PSALM 72:12

If you confess that Jesus is Lord you will have eternal life- ROMANS 10:9

If you confess your sins to God he will forgive you- PSALM 121:8

God is in charge over theworld- JOHN 16:33

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