Satanism has infiltrated the Christian church, ex-witch Beth Eckert says in her latest video blog.

“All the devil has right now is his tricks and lies, and we need to stop believing them,”

Beth says there are churches out there with occultic members who are doing witchcraft on the congregation.  Believers are then dealing with these curses and have no idea what the cause is.

We as Christians need to stop being ignorant about the occultic practices that have entered into the church.  Deliverance isn’t a practice most believers walk in.  We need to change this.

Casting out demonic strongholds is essential for releasing a demonic presence where the door has been opened in a believers life.  Without that clean sweep, the house remains dirty and those lusts are still a stumbling block for those believers over and over again.

Removing curses that have been placed on our own family generational lines is something that most believers have no knowledge of.  Its time for believers to be set free in these areas…and have eyes to see what is happening out there.

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Bill Schnoebelen also teaches on these deliverance themes.  You can find his website at With One Accord Ministries


Published on Jan 17, 2017

Satanism has been working it’s way into the Christian church for ages. Satanic rituals, witchcraft, astral travel and much more, are hidden in Christian churches, posing as good but teaching the elect false doctrines. Here Beth talks about her experiences with Satanism in the Christian church.

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About Me: Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I am an ex witch and new ager, who came out of satanic ritual abuse in the Mormon church. I am saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I blog and vlog about my past experiences, what I have learned and where God is leading me. I am also a stay at home mom of 4 boys, and married to a wonderful man.

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My name is Beth, and I am here to tell you my story. A story of my journey into a life of darkness, hopelessness and despair; into the very pits of what I call hell, and the amazing force that brought me up out of the darkness, and into the light.

I have always felt alone and sad. I never felt good enough or loved. As a teen I was raped by my boyfriend and became suicidal. Later I fell into drugs and alcohol, which consumed a large part of my life. In my search for truth and meaning in life, I delved deeply into the occult and witch craft and new age for several years. I was in several abusive relationships and continued to be depressed and lost for many years.

Does any of this resonate with you? Have you ever struggled with depression or suicidal thoughts? Or maybe your struggle was with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Have you been searching, wondering, why you are here? Is there a purpose in life? Have you suffered and been so tired that you just can’t take it anymore? Was there a time in your life you used witch craft or new age practices in your search for the truth?

I am here to tell you I understand completely. I have walked in those shoes as well. I have felt unbearable pain and sought to try any means possible to numb it or take it away. You are not alone. There is hope. There is help and healing for you. I have received unbelievable healing, comfort, joy and lasting hope in life! I have known unconditional love, that surpasses my understanding. And I have found peace in knowing why I am here on this earth, and what my purpose is. You are loved beyond anything you have ever known in your life! And you too can experience this wonderful joy and hope that I have found. It is there even for you!

Please explore my blog and learn more about my life, my experiences and how I found light in a dark world. Learn more about walking in joy and victory! I pray you will be blessed beyond measure as you read this blog. Thank you so much for visiting!

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  1. Evil exists. Anyone who doesn’t believe this doesn’t believe God’s Word. The Adversary and His Minions are looking for anyone they can devour. So always remember to be dressed in the full armor of God.

  2. I just came across a post (referred to below) which tackles a topic that I have up till now have held back with exposing as it is a sensitive issue. I’ve many times contemplated the best approach in handling false testimonies or at the very least fabrications of those who desire to lay claim to the title of “ex-witch”. I’ve tried to wrap my brain around the reason why anyone would choose to falsely claim the title of an “ex”, as surely they are clueless to the very real spiritual and emotional complications and struggles of actually walking out from a lifestyle of magick, after having experienced the freedom only Jesus can bring. It’s something I feel led to share so that others can hopefully avoid making the same mistake and enduring the heartache and the toll it takes on one’s soul. In fact, I’ve often said a testimony doesn’t have to be an account of full-blown “witch” involvement, but it must be “true” for only the truth will set the captive free. Honestly, a testimony where one has merely participated in any aspect of the occult is one that more people can relate to and will therefore encourage a broader range of people, who may feel far from someone who actually “was” a full-fledged witch. Believe me, there is no glamour in being an ex-witch, yet we come across the “wannabee” all too often. The question then becomes; how do the “real” ex-witches handle the cape-flappers, do we “out” them or silently sit back as they ignorantly feed the masses with stories that unfortunately create more harm than good? The problem is that there are real repercussions that create road-blocks, hindering those who need to hear the truth because the cost is great… their salvation. Ironically, the fake “ex” actually does become obsessed with the spirit of witchcraft and in the end, uses manipulation to deceive their gullible Christian audience. I’ve known self-proclaimed witches who studied the Craft more now that they are Christian, than they did when they said they were involved just so they can attempt to fool the Christian masses. It seems the more dramatic or outlandish, the more clicks which of course is what the media thrives on… bringing us to the topic of “Fake News”.

    “Fake-News” is news manufactured to grab headline attention with no proof, unreliable or unnamed sources which provide you with no witness/witnesses to substantiate the claim. Sadly, it’s not only been a problem with the secular media, but can be found in Christian media as well. Entering into the publishing genre was a rude awakening for me as I soon discovered Christian publishing is all about money, creating a platform and making what sells! Somehow truth is irrelevant or optional to say the least. It’s truly disturbing when one of the most noted Christian Charismatic Publications apparently falls into the definition of “Fake News” at times, given above. They obviously did not research or validate one of their primary sources of ex-witch material. Sadly, we have watched this testimony morph into a large scale embellishment that now includes (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanic rituals in the Mormon Church. How do I know this isn’t true? First, because I am an ex-witch and second… because I have her original testimony as I had interviewed and researched her for a possible spot in my last book, “From The Craft To Christ”. Her original story was lacking in actual involvement and her knowledge was extremely limited. Of course, now having subjected herself to repressed memory “counseling”, the story has become so dramatic and bizarre that I feel it necessary to address it. I do this, not to invalidate her testimony of overcoming drug use and depression but because it has progressed to the dangerous practice of (RMT) Repressed Memory Therapy, which has ruined many lives and led to many false claims. RMT was popular in the 1980’s, but most therapists today have moved away from this type of therapy. RMT techniques include coercing the participant by lead-on questions and hypnosis and borders on Eastern Mysticism and occult teaching. It just goes to show what any media source will publish for the sake of clicks and views, thus moving away from factual news and embracing Fake News.

    Below is the blog post from Richard Bartholomew that prompted my writing this blog for your review and discretion.

    In closing… much prayer is needed for our sister-in-Christ who is both falsely misleading and being falsely mislead. Also pray against “Fake News” and let truth prevail.

    Above was an opinion article From The Insightful Scribe blog – S.A. Tower

    Charisma Promotes New Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims
    Posted on October 21, 2016 by Richard Bartholomew
    From Charisma News:
    Ex-Witch Reveals the Ritual Satanic Abuse That Happens on Halloween
    Since her salvation in recent years and subsequent inner healings and deliverance, Beth came to realize she was abused in a satanic ritual on Halloween when she was just 3.
    “We went to the (Mormon) church and what happened next made my blood curdle. I was given candy, but that was just a prelude to the sexual abuse that would happen in a satanic ritual,” Beth reveals in her blog.
    “On Halloween, Satanists use young children, such as myself, as sexual idols to worship. Other children receive a far worse fate. Death…”
    This is just one of several articles published by Charisma about Beth Eckert, a woman in her thirties residing in California. Eckert apparently attended a Mormon church in early childhood and later embraced Wicca and occultism, before eventually becoming a Christian.
    Charisma News caters to evangelical Christians, particularly neo-Pentecostals; the site’s publisher, Steven Strang, is a significant presence in evangelical Christian media, and according to a statement put out by the Ted Cruz campaign when Cruz gained Strang’s endorsement in January the site “is read by more than 200,000 monthly, with four million unique online visitors per month” (Strang is now an enthusiast for Trump).
    Charisma News is most useful for monitoring trends and developments within neo-Pentecostalism, although in recent months it has branched out into purely secular anti-Clinton articles. It also gives a platform to one particular author who promotes David Icke-type conspiracies about elite “Illuminati” Satanic rituals and their potential to create dramatic supernatural irruptions. Eckert’s claims about Satanic abuse are similarly being promoted by the site at face value, despite the cautionary example of the 1980s Satanic Ritual Abuse panic.
    The key phrase in the Charisma article is “since her salvation… Beth came to realize”. An early version of Eckert’s story appeared on a site called Your Spiritual Quest a year ago. According to her account then, she left Mormonism because the religion presented God as “cruel and judging”, but her subsequent years in an occult and New Age milieu were not conducive to her psychological wellbeing or maintaining healthy relations. Although she believes her interests at this time were spiritually harmful, there is nothing about Satanism or child rape.
    On her blog, The Other Side of Darkness, we can see how her story developed. In March, she wrote that:
    I decided to explore options for counseling. Once I began to dive into the emotional and spiritual depths of my soul, I found the answers I had been seeking. I was horribly abused as a child, by the people who loved me and were supposed to be taking care of me. This was a shocking blow to me, because the abuse was so severe that I actually completely blocked it out. I mean I had no memories whatsoever of any of it. Yet the information I began to receive as revelations from the Holy Spirit, finally started to put my life together like a puzzle that had lost the corner pieces.
    In April, she went into specifics:
    I am now in a class for women who were sexually abused as children. This class, (called Wounded Heart, after the workbook), has been a big help for me… I was molested, sodomized and raped as a child, in the Mormon Church. The abuse was so terrifying that I completely blocked it from my conscious mind.
    The Wounded Heart, by Dan Allender, was first published in 1989. The author heavily promotes the idea of “recovered memories”, and he warns readers that
    The denial is an affront to God. It assumes that a false reality is better than truth. It assumes that God is neither good nor strong enough to help during the recall process.
    In other words, to doubt the memories you have been told by a counsellor or “deliverance minister” that you’re supposed to have is to commit a sin. This is highly manipulative, and I would go so far as to describe it as a form of psychological abuse.
    From suddenly remembering being abused, to being abused in a church setting, to being abused as part of Satanic ritual on Halloween – the arc is depressingly inevitable. In Britain, this kind of “recovered memory” led to the tragic suicides of Caroline Marchant and Carol Felstead, and it is likely that a dubious therapist inspired the lurid allegations made by “Nick” that led to the recent disturbing farce of Operation Midland.
    As far as I can tell, Eckert has not contacted the police with her story – even though she’s young enough that her supposed abusers may well still be alive and continuing with their predations. That in itself seems to me to be a tacit admission – either by Eckert herself or those who are helping her to “discover” these memories – that this is not a story that could bear much scrutiny on specific details.
    Given Eckert’s obviously vulnerable state and her relative obscurity, this was not a case I really wanted to explore in any detail – but with a high-profile religious media empire irresponsibly using her to promote unsubstantiated allegations that may well lead to innocent people suffering harm, there was little choice.

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