Jeremiah Johnson


On September 5, 2015, I had a prophetic dream about Kim Clement that deeply troubled my spirit. Several days later, I read news online about how he suffered blood on the brain and was in critical condition at the hospital. Because I do not know Kim Clement personally or any of his associates, I reached out to several leaders in the body of Christ and shared what I had seen and heard because I was so disturbed. I have spent more than two months praying in silence for Kim and now after receiving news this week that he has been attacked again, I feel I must share publicly what God showed me several months ago. I want to be clear, my hope and desire in publishing this dream is to release clear strategy to intercessors that pray for Kim and also warn prophets that will face possible similar situations in the future.

The Dream

I walked into a large cave and as I turned the corner, there were four large principalities that were huddled together talking. They all wore different types of armor and did not notice my presence there as I stood behind a rock and watched them from around 100 feet away. As I listened to them, one of the principalities, who had “Iran and the Middle East” printed on its breast plate, stepped forward and said, “I want Kim Clement dead. He cannot keep prophesying about Iran and the Middle East.” The principalities began to laugh and it sent a chill up my spine that I don’t have words for. Immediately, that principality and 2 others left the cave.

There was one demonic principality that remained and it had, “Death” on its breastplate. As I focused my gaze toward it, it turned and looked at the cave wall behind its back. My eyes instantly fell on a list of names on the wall. Many of the names I did not recognize, but it was names of prophets specifically. One name I did recognize was John Paul Jackson. I said to the Lord in the dream, ” Did John Paul Jackson die before his time? The Spirit said, “Yes“. I then said, “Where is Bob Jones name on the wall?” The Spirit said to me, “Bob Jones did not die before his time.”

As the Holy Spirit spoke that to me, I immediately woke up in my room and it felt as if I was sitting in the presence of Jesus. I sat up in my bed and said, “Lord, are there really demonic principalities assigned to take out prophets?” He said, “Yes“. I then received an open vision of John Paul Jackson’s book, “Needless Casualties of War“.

The Spirit said to me, “This book must be read by all intercessors and prophets if they want to stay off the hit list. Kim has engaged in warfare in regards to Iran and the Middle East that I did not legislate and it must be renounced for the curse to be lifted.”

Based off of this prophetic dream and vision as I woke up, I believe Kim Clement has been attacked by a demonic principality responsible for Iran and the Middle East and we as intercessors need to renounce any warfare that Kim might have engaged in that was not legislated from Above so that he may fully recover and live.

May God continue to release understanding into the rules of engagement when it comes to addressing demonic principalities and may the prophets and intercessors of the Most High God fulfill His purposes in their generation. Saints, we must have more informed and strategic prayer in this hour.

Praying and standing with Kim,

Jeremiah Johnson Needless Casualties Of War

  • JustMeOtessa
    • Meranda Devan

      I do believe these ancient symbols may come into play. There are a some ancient swords that some people have seen in the great tribulation that many occult groups use today

  • Scoopie

    Not saying what I’m about to say against Jeremiah J., but there’s another prophet named Stephen Benning, who, years ago had an open vision and word from the Lord that evil spirits in Africa were going to be released to the US, spirits of deception. Days after he got that, Kim C prophesied that wonderful angels were coming here from Africa to help the church.

    So, we can say that angels from Africa came here. For what purpose, let the reader discern. I’ll provide a link to the prophecy when I’m on a desktop. On a tablet now and not very proficient with the features.

    • Meranda Devan

      Thank you for that information. So these two words were a confirmation of each other then.

      • Scoopie

        They saw basically the same thing, but the interpretation was opposite.

  • paul morris

    the take away from this is that one should not engage if not directed by YHWH – if He directs, He protects, He mpowers
    I think of a recent interview I watched with Angela Greenig who goes into the darkest places to take down strongholds and deliver souls – she says that she’s called to it, and that not everyone is so called – I take it as she’s issuing a warning not to go off all revved up without clear leading of God’s Spirit