Brett Creamer’s Prophetic Visions About Nuclear Attacks, East Coast Tsunamis And Horrific Flooding In Florida

Brett Creamer Visions

Re-Published From Brett Creamer

My name is Brett Creamer and I am a Bible believing, born again Christian.  I worked for a large non-denominational mega church from 2006-2012 and I ran a large ministry for 5 of those years.  I am now teaching at a church in Indiana and I am heavily active in my new church.  I am a Bible teacher, evangelist and a Bible counselor.

I normally don’t talk much about my interaction, dreams or visions from the Lord because quite frankly, most don’t believe…  And for those that do, it freaks them out because they have never experienced something like that.   I figured I should share my experiences with the Lord as the visions and dreams may help save lives.  I also wanted to write down what the Lord did in my life when I devoted my time and energy to Him and have this as a testimony for my children.  I want them to see what God has done in my life.

Out of body visions:

1) A Vision Of Washington DC Blown Up By A Nuclear Weapon  – My very first vision took place on 9/11/01.  I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job I had taken.  I had only been there for about 1 week.  As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had his the Trade Towers in NY.  My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.”  When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event.  As we watched the event on TV, ewe saw the second plane hit the 2nd tower.  Now we realized that we were under attack.  Within no time, we watched as a plane flew into the Pentagon.  The Pentagon was only 1 miles from my house and I had been in there several times.  I was still a VA registered law enforcement officer so my first thought was, how deep will this attack go?  I walked back to my desk to call my brother who was also active law enforcement to discuss the events that were unfolding when suddenly, I found myself floating above the City of Washington D.C.  As I hovered there, it was like my eyes zoomed in to man standing in front of the White House.  He was a dark skinned Middle Eastern looking young man around 18-24 years old.  He was wearing a striped sweatshirt and he had a large backpack on his back.  He pulled something attached to a cord and then I saw a blinding flash.  It was from my current understanding, a low yield nuclear weapon.  I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom could in the center of DC.  I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they were killed.  Instantly, I was sitting back at my desk holding my phone in my hand that I was about to call my brother on.  I immediately teared up and felt like I was going to throw up.  I grabbed my trash can and held my head over it for a few minutes until I felt better.  This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this.  Besides being given a vision, I had seen friends of mine dying right in front of me.  I was so sick and scared.  When I regained my composure, I called my brother and my friends that I had seen in the vision and told them what happened.  They were all in route to go home anyway, and they dismissed my story as my imagination.  I ended up getting saved about 5 months later.

2)  A Vision Of Brett’s Future Ministry  I had another very clear personal vision that was fulfilled.   This was back when I was still single at the time and living in Fort Lauderdale.  I was I was driving in my car on my way to see my parents in Fort Myers and I was headed across the state of Florida.  Since it was a 2 hour trip, I figured I would start praying to God.  I asked Him what He wanted me to do for Him and how was I to use my gifts for Him?  Suddenly, I was taken out of the car and I was standing in front of a room full of people.  The people were sitting at tables with books and notebooks out in front of them and I was teaching them the Word of God!  I remember when He put me back in the car I freaked out and started to tear up and the event left me speechless.  I almost felt like Moses…  “But God, I cannot speak in front of people!?!?!”  He knew I was scared to death to stand in front of people to talk.  I hated it all through school and college and I figured I would never have to deliver a speech again…  How wrong I was!  I ended up being the leader of a ministry at my church where I taught 25-30 people every other week all year long.  What He showed me came to pass.  I don’t know why in this instance and in 2008 (the next vision), God took my out of a moving car to show me something, but I guess that was to verify that it was not a dream.

3)  A Vision Of His Florida House Underwater, A Future Horrific Flooding Disaster By Water –  Back in 2008 I was given a vision that was so real it frightened me to my core.  My family and I were visiting with my parents in Fort Myers Florida for the weekend.  After dinner, we said our goodbyes and hit the road to head back to St. Petersburg which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away.  We were on the road for about 15 minutes when my kids fell asleep in the back of the vehicle.  My wife said she was going to lay her head back and try to get a quick nap.  I looked at my wife and kids and I was so thankful for what God had done in my life and in the life of my family.  As soon as she closed her eyes, I started praying to God.  I was telling God how thankful my family and I are for the life He has given us. I told Him how wonderful our home was, but in the grand scheme of things, we didn’t care about it because it will all burn anyway….  Well, instantly, as I was telling God that, I found myself standing in the living room of my home (in Saint Petersburg Florida).  I had no idea what was happening, nor where my family was.  I looked around and everything had a tingle of blue to it.  The walls shimmered with diamonds of light the way it looks when you are swimming under water in a pool on a sunny day.  At that time, I had no idea what the light was and what was happening because just seconds before I was just driving with my family on the highway in the dark.  As I looked up, I saw the roof was partially ripped off the house and I could see that the house was actually underwater.  I could see the light streaming down from the surface as it reflected all over the walls of the living room.  The surface of the water looked like it was at least 15 feet above the roof line.  As I stared in amazement at the scene I was standing in, I was suddenly brought back to where I was praying in my car with my family all around me.  To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I got that dream in 2008. Since then, we moved out of Florida and we moved to Indiana.  Sadly, we still own the house in Florida since it is financially under water (no pun intended), but as far as what I saw, it, along with all of Florida, will be destroyed.  Now, the funny thing is, our house in Florida sits on the 2nd highest ground in St. Pete (based on an Army Corp of Engineers survey).  Since we lived at such on such high ground, we did not need to purchase flood insurance.  Well, my vision told me otherwise.  Then again, no amount of flood insurance will fix what is coming.

Since this last vision was shown to me, I have researched to see if anyone else is getting similar visions.  I see lots of people having dreams of disaster coming, but so many of the dreams people have conflict with other people’s dreams.  Which dream of destruction is the correct dream?

Dreams can be caused by so many different influences, be it food, movies or even from conversation.  That is why I do not put as much faith in people’s dreams lately.  I am looking for people with visions such as the one I had because I feel that dreams and visions are two different things.

God has given me many visions and when they come, I am in the middle of doing one thing, when suddenly I have an out of body experience and I am placed someplace else.  It is something you cannot control and it is something so real you could reach out and touch what it is you see.  God might have given pieces of the puzzle to many different people and when we all tell what we know, it might give us a bigger picture of what to expect and how to prepare.  These visions might have been given to us to save many lives.


Now, I mentioned that I don’t put a lot of faith in dreams , but I have had other dreams that were so real that it blew me away.

1)   East Coast Tsunami Between Virginia and Florida- I had dream where I was on vacation with my family in a condo on the beach (in what felt like the east coast, somewhere between VA & Florida).  I remember the front of the house that faced the water was all huge glass windows.  I remember standing in the living room looking out at the ocean, when way off in the distance, I could see a dark line across the horizon that did not look normal. As I watched, the dark line started to grow in thickness very rapidly.  Then, it came into view and I realized it was wall of water coming at the beach house with intense speed.  I remember being memorized by the line in the distance that was getting bigger and bigger by the second.  By the time I knew what it was and started screaming to the rest of the people in the house, it was already too late.  The wall of water looked like the wall of water in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  At that time I remember getting the dream soon after I was first saved in 2002.  I can only imagine that this dream was part of the vision God showed me in 2008.

2) A Vision Of An Invasion? – People Forced To Leave With Little Belongings, While The Government Distributes The Properties To Recipients   This next dream was horrible.  I remember I was in my bedroom and I was going through the drawers of my dresser.  I was looking for anything of value and importance that we could use while on the road on our own.   I knew that we had to leave the house in a hurry and that we could not take much.  I remember feeling completely unprotected, mad and without hope.  On my bed, I had a large sheet that I was piling things up on…  Anything we could use or barter with: money, jewelry, pocket knives, my guns and ammo and a change of clothes.  I remember thinking I would wrap up the immediate necessities like a hobo pack on my back.  We had a small wagon that was already filled with some food, water, tent and some blankets.  As I looked at the pile in the wagon and in the sheet, I got frustrated and threw what I had in my hands on the bed and yelled, “What good is this all going to do for us anyway!”  I heard a noise outside and I remember separating the blinds a crack to look outside.  I felt like I was peeking outside with the hopes that no one would see me in the house.  I saw all my neighbors leaving their houses; all were holding their children and were pulling little wagons like I had.  I remember thinking that we were all on our own, but how would we survive outside with our kids and such.  My wife and child have a medical condition where they can’t walk far due to the tenderness of their skin, so I was trying to figure out how to put them in the cart and somehow hold onto that we needed to live.  I felt hopeless.  I then heard noise again outside and I looked through the blinds up the street.  I saw what looked like hundreds of poor people walking down the street with their belongings and they were beginning to take up residence in the houses that my neighbors were leaving behind.  I knew that for some reason the government was forcing hard working people out of their homes and they were giving it to those who were living on welfare and government assistance.  I was so angry because as hard as I have worked during my life, I was going to lose it all to people who did not care about hard work and were taking all they could get for free from the government.  As I watched them get closer, I knew that these people would take all we had worked for and we would be essentially about to become street vagrants.  I grabbed what I could and we all started to walk towards the front door…  With that I woke up.  When I woke up, I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.  Although I knew it was a dream, the thought lingered as to what would happen if for some reason we were all forced to leave our homes due to an evacuation or something.  How much could we honestly bring with us and how long would it last?  What if the government took away my means of protecting my family?  How would we make it on the street and for how long?  It is a scary scenario and one with no answers for.  What was scary was, about a week later I saw on the news where the bank was evicting people from their homes who were having trouble paying the bills.  Then, the government was getting involved.  They were cleaning up and updating the houses and they were giving the houses to people on government assistance!  The dream was being fulfilled before my eyes!  My first thought was, why didn’t the government work with the people who were already in the house in the first place!  Why not help them get back on their feet since there were the ones who had already paid into the house and were currently living there?  It made no sense, but it is really happening.

3) FEMA Camps?  A Vision Of The Rapture   I remember another dream where I was in a cold dark prison.  I remember being separated from my family.  I remember being filled with despair and anger knowing I could do nothing to protect them.  I had no idea when or if I would ever see them again.  Suddenly, it was as if we were Israelites being thrown out of Egypt.  The doors flung open and the guards all lets us leave.  I ran to the outside and franticly looked for my family.  Then, I saw them and ran to them.  As we stood outside of the prison, it was night time and I could see the prison was in the middle of a suburb of the city.  I saw the people who lived in the homes surrounding the prison started to pull down their shades and close their doors as if to say they wanted nothing to do with us.  I huddled my family close by me and we started to pull on doors to see if we could find some sort of protection and shelter.  One door I pulled on opened and suddenly we were hit with this bright light as if it was day time.  The outside of the house was dingy, dark and damaged, but when you looked inside, the foyer and the stair case inside looked like a beautiful mansion with the most amazing rays of light shining in through the windows.  We felt a welcoming feeling as we entered the house and went up the stairs.  The stairs where in the shape of a V, meaning you walked up about 10 steps to a landing, turned to the right and (turning 180 degrees) then walked up another flight of 10 steps which would have put us above the doorway into the house.  I knew the steps could not lead to anything as the steps pointed back to the front of the house, but at the same time, once we entered the house, it was as if we were in a completely different home and the home was in a different place.  As I mentioned, with the light streaming in, it was so bright and inviting.  Out of the window, I could see palm trees swaying in the wind and the house was situated on a beautiful beach.  Since we were just outside in the night time in a dark dank inner city neighborhood, I was completely confused as to what was going on.  As we walked up the steps, my family and I were suddenly filled with peace as if we knew it was all ok.  At the top of the steps was a door.  I opened the door and found a magnificent large waiting room.  Again, the light was streaming in and we could see the beach and the trees as we overlooked the scenery.  Then, one by one, my extended family members (Mom, Dad, sister and brother) started to come in the same door and we had just entered and we were all so overjoyed to see each other that we all just stood and hugged without saying anything.  Our confusion as to what was happening turned to peace because we knew it was the rapture.  We all looked at each other, then we all realized that our other brother did not make it.  We all looked around and knew he wasn’t coming.  All I can say is, we had a sadness that he was not there, but a peace knowing is was the right thing.  It sounds strange, but it was as if we could understand that God has to make decisions as to who makes it and He will never force a person to be in Heaven if you don’t freely chose it.  Once we were all together, an angel came in to meet us all and bring us through another door which was the entrance to Paradise.  He spoke to us briefly, saying, “Ok, it is time to go.”  Once we entered the door, we were hit with a blinding light as if you walked directly into the path of the sun’s rays.  Once our eyes adjusted, we saw the most beautiful place, but it was different than the scene we could see out of the windows in the waiting room.  I saw people everywhere.  It was as if each immediate family got to gather together before entering Paradise to meet the rest of the extended families.  With that, I woke up.  This dream had such strong emotions tied to it and it seemed so real.  When I woke, the imagery of Paradise stuck in my head and gave me such a warm feeling of peace.

4) A Vision Of Jesus’s Mighty Return –   I had a dream where I was on the ground, then suddenly I heard the most amazing music.  It is something that I have never heard on earth and is a bit hard to describe.  Imagine every voice in Heaven and Earth as well as every single musical instrument in Heaven and the Earth playing/singing the same note and building it to a crescendo.  It was so loud and overwhelming, yet so beautiful at the same time.  As the music played, I was suddenly transported up into the air.  It was a blue sky with a few clouds around.  As I floated in the sky, I could see Jesus galloping towards me on a white horse.  His robe was blowing in the wind and behind Him was thousands and thousands of saints on white horses also.  They were coming toward me in a V formation with the Lord in the front.  As His horse galloped, rolling clouds formed under the horses feet as if the clouds were rolling out before Him and making a pathway of solid ground for the horses to ride on.  As fast as the horses went, the cloud was right in front rolling out.  It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen and I know according to the scriptures that when He comes back after the tribulation, He will be bringing the saints with Him to rule and reign here on the earth.  I did not feel like I was raptured because I believe in a Pre-trib rapture, but it was as if He was showing me His seriousness and His might as He came back to the Earth to make things right.  It was awesome!

5)  A Vision Of A Possible Pole Shift?    I had another dream that I received several times before I got married.  For years, my family and I have been going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for vacation.  Up the mountain a bit, there is a little cliff that overlooks the city.  Since most people do not know it is there, it is a neat out of the way spot to sit and look at the mountains and the city without people all around.  There is a cemetery up there and many times we’ve wandered through there reading the names and dates of the residents.  The setting of the dream I had took place on this cliff.  In the dream, it was night time and I remember standing with a woman who I knew was my wife.  The strange part was, I could never see her face.  I figure that God wanted to keep that part hidden from me since I had not met her yet.  I remember we were looking over the city and admiring the lights, when suddenly, the stars in the sky started to spin.  The only way to describe it is to give a science lesson.  The axis of the earth is at the poles, so when the earth spins, the stars move across the sky from left to right.  But these stars were spinning in a circle as if the earth started spinning off trajectory and we were suddenly the axis point of the world.  If you could imagine what the stars would look like if you were at the north pole, that is what we saw.  The weird thing was, they suddenly started spinning so fast that we were freaked out.  Then the stars suddenly stopped spinning and they started to fall towards earth.  I remember my wife grabbing me and pulling in close.  She was scared and she said, “What is happening?!?!?”  I remember being completely calm at that point when I realized what was happening.  I said, “It’s ok, it’s ok.  It is the end.  We will be going home soon.”

I’ve always wondered if the dreams fit together in some way.  It could be that dream #2 (people being forced out of their homes) leads the people into dream #3 (families being thrown in FEMA camps), then soon after that, the rapture happens.  After the rapture of the church comes the 7 year tribulation.  After the tribulation we then see the Lord coming down from the clouds on His horse with His army of righteousness to rule the earth for 1000 years.

Audible Voices

I’ve had other experiences where I have heard an audible voice that not only saved my life numerous times, but saved the lives of hundreds of people.  If I even mention that to a person, I lose them completely.  As soon as a person hears a voice in their head, they are labeled as “crazy”.  Well, I know differently.

As far as my salvation experience, I got saved in 2002.  I was living in Fort Lauderdale at the time and I was single and new to the area.  In fact, soon after getting saved, I was laid off from my job and I was unemployed for about 7 months.  Since I wasted the first 30 years of my life, this time off gave me plenty of time to focus on God, and from my point of view, I figured I owed the Lord all the extra time I had.  I was driven by the fact that I needed to use the time I had left to further His Kingdom and help as many people as I could to find salvation.

In order for me to learn as much as I could, I took every class the church offered.  Besides the classes, I was reading the Word for about 1 hour each morning with a half hour of prayer and I did the same thing at night.  I wanted to be ready to teach others and serve Him with all my heart when He called me.  Besides the classes, I was getting involved in the church by serving where I could be useful.

During that time I started to hear an audible voice in my head from time to time.  The majority of the time when I heard it, it was something  serious that I had to do wither for Him or to save my life.  Other times, I would hear Him speaking to me in prayer.  Now I am not a split personality and I my conscious does not have conversations with me, so I know what I heard was of the Lord.  Here are a few examples of when I heard Him speak to me.

1)  God Calling In An Audible Voice Out Of A Worldly Lifestyle –  The first time I ever heard the Lord was about a year before I left the Washington DC area to move down to Fort Lauderdale.  At the time, DC was the perfect place to meet people and party.  Up until my teens, I was very involved in the church.  Sadly, I ended up following the world instead.  Girls, drinking and good times dominated my life; I wanted to party more than I wanted God in my life.  Every Saturday night before I went out to party, I would hear a voice in my head telling me “Come back to Me.”  I knew it was God, but I always compromised with the voice that was calling me back.  I said “I’ll read the Bible tomorrow God.”  Every Sunday morning, hang over and all, I went to the park and I did read the Word like I said I would.  The thing is, He wanted me to leave the world and come to Him with my whole heart.  The voice started out quiet, but got more loud over the next year.  I ended up moved to Fort Lauderdale for a job opportunity in Sept. 2001.  Soon after getting acquainted with my co-workers, I found myself falling into the same lifestyle again.   On Jan. 26th, 2002, the voice came back so loud that I could not think.  I boomed in my head, “Come back to Me!”  I actually had an attitude and said, “Alright, alright already!  I’ll go to church!  Get off my back!”  The next day I found a non-denominational church where I heard the message that would save my life.  I heard the pastor read Ephesians 5, Galatians 5 and  1 Corinthians 5 & 6.  All those chapters showed me that I was a complete sinner who needed salvation.  On Jan. 27th, I came back to the Lord and re-dedicated my life to Him.

2)  In A Time Of Desperation, God Encourages Him To Walk Further  Earlier I stated I was laid off from my job soon after I moved to Florida.  Since I was out of work for so long, I started my own graphic design business.  On a hot July day in Florida, I started walking through a huge strip mall area so I could hand out flyers and brochures to drum up some business.  After walking in the blistering heat for about 4 hours with no business opportunities at all, I was about to give up.  I came to the last row of businesses and I prayed.  I said, “God, I can’t do this anymore.  I walked and walked all day with no results.  I need some business and I don’t know what else to do.  At this point, I’m going home.”  A voice responded, “ Keep going.”  I answered, “Why?  I won’t get anything anyway!”  Then the voice responded louder and bit more forcefully, “Keep going!”  I said, “Alright, alright, I will keep going.”  I went to about 8 business with nothing but “No!” responses…  Then, half-heartedly I went to the last business there and gave them my sales pitch.  When I was expecting a big “No!”, I got a “Come on in and let’s talk about some business!”  I walked out with a check for $500.  It was exactly what I needed for my rent with money left over for food.

3)  God Calls In An Audible Voice That Leads Him Away From An Accident That Would Have Resulted In Death   I finally got a job working for the City of Pompano Beach.  I was on the way to work one day driving on the road I normally take to get there when I hear a voice say, “Turn left now!”  I answered, “What?”  The voice answered with more urgency, “Turn left now!”  So I made the left which took me a different way to work, but it was no big deal.  When I got to the office, my boss was on the way out.  I said, ‘Where are you going?”  She replied, “I’m on the way to an accident with injuries.  I crane fell over across Commercial Blvd. on some cars about 10 minutes ago.”  Well, that was the time and the location when the voice told me to turn left.  That voice saved my life.

4)  God Calls In An Audible Voice Warning Him, And Prevents An Accident That Would Have Taken His Life  I was running late for my seminary classes one day and I was driving pretty fast to get there.  I came to an intersection where there were two lanes turning left.  The light was red and I was waiting for the green arrow to turn.  Out of the two lanes turning left, I was in the right hand lane.  I was gearing up to hit the gas as soon as the light turned when a voice said, “Slow down it is not safe.”  Once again, like an idiot I say, “What?”  Then the voice said, “Slow down it is not safe.”  I figured, ok…  I am already late for class, so what does racing through the intersection get me?  So I patiently waited for the light.  When the light turned green, I slowly rolled forward with a car on my left.  Suddenly, the car on my left hit the brakes, so I did too.  Obviously the car on my left saw something I did not see.  Then, a car came barreling through the red light driving at about 60 MPH.  If I had raced through the intersection as soon as the light turned green, I would have been t-boned and possibly killed.  I was in shock for the rest of the ride.

5)  God Calls In An Audible Voice Preventing An Accident That Saves Thousands Of People  I was serving at an evangelistic event called “Beachfest” with Luis Palau back in 2002.  This was a musical event with all the major Christian rock stars, skate boarding, and of course evangelism to the lost.  I used to work in law enforcement, so my church asked me if I would serve as a safety officer team lead for the event for all 3 days.  I thought it would be a great way for me to use my skills and training for the Lord.  It was my job to help in medical situations, crowd control around the food and around the vendor tents and to be around for any problems.  While I was on foot patrol, I walked past a make shift fence that separated the food vendor storage and generator area from the public.  I saw a large door was open and there was a large service truck backed into the area.  As I walked by the truck, I heard the voice say, “Go back there.”  I peeked alongside of the truck and I didn’t see anything, so I said in reply, “It all looks ok to me.” And I kept walking.  Once again the voice said, “Go back there.”  I looked back and said the same thing in reply.  Now, the voice was loud and commanding, “Go back there!”  I said, “Ok!”  As I started to walk back towards the back of the truck, I started to smell a strong scent of gasoline.  As I rounded the back of the truck, I noticed the truck had a huge gasoline container on the back from which a man was filling a red gasoline container.  While I stood there, I looked over the situation and I realized he was standing and pouring the gasoline over the huge wires that went to a makeshift electric board that was hanging on a telephone pole.  These huge wires he was standing on feed the vendors and the stage with electricity.  Imagine how much electricity was needed to feed the whole stage.  Imagine how many blown fuses and sparks are flying around that make shift electric board.  With the amount of fumes that surrounded the back of the truck and huge fuel tank, one good spark would have blown that area up sky high!  They say there was a total of 2 million people on that beach listening to the music and buying food all around where I was standing.  That explosive situation could have killed hundreds and wounded more.  I told the man to stop immediately and called for my supervisors.  When they got there, they shut the area down and had me move the truck to a safer location.  God protected so many people that day.

6)  God Reveals To Brett His Future Wife The same voice that protected and helped me also told me that the woman I was taking to was going to be my wife.  That is an amazing story in itself….  We were both at the beach one night in separate areas (separated by about 15-20 feet).  We were both praying, when a voice said, “She is the one.”  I stood there dumbfounded when the voice said once again, “She is the one.”  I looked over at her and she was physically glowing!  I can’t describe it any other way.  Needless to say, we have been married for over 10 years and we have 4 kids now!

Brett CreamerI hope my experiences can help others to see the importance of spending time with and serving the Lord.  Maybe more people would hear from the Lord with they were more devoted to Him.  Hopefully you can use this info to encourage others to come forward and tell of their experiences with the Lord.

God bless!

Brett Creamer

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