atheism8x6atheismAtheism is experiencing explosive growth all over the world.  Even in the United States the number of atheists is surging. The truth is that people in most modern nations are rejecting the concept of “god” more than ever before, and this is really starting to frighten many major religious institutions.

In a 2008 Gallup survey, 15 percent of Americans claimed no religion at all. That is up from only 8% in 1990. That is almost a doubling in the number of “non-religious” in less than 20 years. That is explosive growth! In fact, the “non-religious” now outnumber all religious organizations in the United States except for the Catholics and the Baptists.

But the U.S. cannot yet match the enthusiasm of British atheists. More than 100,000 people in the U.K. have recently downloaded “certificates of de-baptism” from a website that seeks to assist the non-religious in renouncing their Christian faith.

The de-baptism certificates are being distributed by a group called the “National Secular Society”. This campaign comes on the heels of a highly successful bus advertising campaign by atheists in the U.K. that promoted this slogan: “There’s probably no God.”

The growth of atheism shows no signs of slowing down.

Millions in both the United States and the U.K. are eagerly buying books by militant atheists.

Just consider the titles of a few recent New York Times bestsellers…..

*”God is Not Great: Why Religion Poisons Everything” by journalist Christopher Hitchens.

*”The End of Faith” by atheist author Sam Harris.

*”The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

So why are so many people now turning to atheism?

Is it because people are being persuaded by the evidence?

Or is it because people don’t want to be accountable to any higher authority and therefore atheism makes things easier for people to live their lives as they please?


Well, there IS the perception out there that the atheists have the intellectual high ground.  But that is not the true reality of the matter, but we will get to that in a moment.

For now, let’s consider a couple philosophical problems with atheism.

For example, do you know what atheism’s best kept secret is?

Atheists believe that nothing created everything.

That sounds totally ridiculous, doesn’t it?

They even admit it on television.

Just check out this stunning video…..

Another huge problem for atheists is the meaning of life.

Does life have meaning if we evolved from animals and everything will cease to exist someday?

Just what IS the meaning of life for an atheist?

Recently the following short YouTube video was brought to our attention.

This video is of part of a debate between an atheist and a Christian, and in this particular secton the two debaters are discussing the meaning of life…..

But philosophical arguments are never enough.

The reality is that we all want the truth.

Does the evidence point to the existence of God or not?

Well, the truth is that when you examine the evidence it overwhelmingly points to the existence of God.


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  1. To answer your question – religous fundamentalists, religous intolerance and arrogance. Btw I am a Christain.

  2. As an atheist, there is one thing that we both agree on. That is that science fails to address the fundamentals on the nature of the universe. We both seem to believe that science does not have all the answers. The difference though, is that theists seem to believe that they do.

    This article states that it’s merely a perception that atheists have the intellectual high ground. Is it really just a perception when two of the three ‘militant’ atheists have PhD’s and all have studied philosophy. For those who don’t have any insight into the way philosophy works, it uses critical thinking and reason to find truth. Although I would argue that truth is impossible to pin down, these methods are used to determine what is false. I believe that the ability to think critically is one of the greatest gifts that humans have and to deny and suppress the use of such a faculty is a sin against humanity. When you compare these individuals to people such as Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you can see that there does seem to be a leaning toward atheists being the more educated bunch.

    You make the assertion that atheism’s best kept secret is that we believe that nothing created everything. Yes, this does sound ridiculous and it is outright a lie. The evidence points to our universe being created in a big bang. But that leaves the question, “What occurred before that?” and science is working to find an answer. Is a science video for children all that stunning when they tie up a loose end such as that? Take a look at what quantum mechanics says concerning the big band and what caused it and you’ll see why that sort of material would be intentionally omitted, especially since it’s simply a hypothesis at this point.

    You wonder why so many people are turning toward atheism? Look in the mirror and you might gain some insight. When two people getting married stirs more anger among the religious elite than the killing of millions of innocent civilians in a foreign country or the corruption of the education system because it goes against what a hebrew tribesman wrote thousands of years ago, I hope that people with any sense of morals see what hypocracy this is. You think that god fearing politicians have any hesitation on moral ground when it comes to selling their country to highest bidder? Religion is incapable of resolving, let alone identifying the fundamental issues that are plagueing society. Just look at the disparity between the family values that are being fed to you, when no one is even standing up and demanding that people are paid enough of a wage so that one parent can stay home and raise children properly whether it’s the father or the mother. We’ve developed as a society where we all collectively agree that women are not property but still believe that homosexuality is abomination. I don’t hear anyone suggesting that god is turning his wrath on America because disobedient children aren’t being stoned.

    Maybe I’m less of a person because I believe the meaning of life is to eliminate suffering and injustice instead of worshiping a egotistical god so that I can selfishly pursue my reward in heaven or fear of hell. That we should all be actively working to better ourselves and the world in which we live on. To grow and evolve beyond the animalistic behavior that once reigned. Of course you can say that the bible doesn’t advocate that fear/greed meaning of life, but the fact is that that is how most Christians operate. That is what children are brainwashed into believing. Look at the Catholics who so many of which have huge guilt complexes concerning such benign things as masturbation. When the bible shows that god condones the killing and raping of nonbelievers in his name, it just goes to show I have a distorted sense of morals with my absolute belief that killing is immoral in all cases.

    Superficially, religion may appear to be a benevolent institution, but the fact that power consistently corrupts, those who hold power in the church are not acting in humanities best interests. It’s simply naivety that would lead someone to think that these people are any better. The naivety that these same people foster in their followers.

  3. “Atheists believe that nothing created everything.

    That sounds totally ridiculous, doesn’t it?”

    Actually, that is what science implies. Atheists just go with the evidence (except the steady staters). The irony is that having God does not solve this problem in the slightest. Where did God come from?

    “Another huge problem for atheists is the meaning of life.”

    Life has no inherent meaning.

  4. I’m not sure if you’re seriously attempting to cite problems with Atheism as a world view… If you are, then you must have some kind of misconception of what we often believe (and I say this because I’m aware of a number of different ways to be an Atheist and to support the conclusion that there is no God.)

    To address the suggested problems with Atheism:

    1) Nothing created everything.

    Firstly, what makes you assume there is a beginning to the universe? I’m aware that current mainstream science suggests that there was, but it says nothing of what occurred before the universe began. That does not mean that we believe that nothing caused everything. Rather, it means that we do not know what caused everything and are working on figuring it out. There is no reason to attribute God as a cause simply because we currently don’t know what the cause is.

    If you suggest God as a first cause (to resolve the infinite regression “problem” of causality), as I often hear in rebuttal, take note that there is no metaphysical reason that infinite regression is not possible. It seems difficult to follow, but it would be presumptuous to place a first cause on a system that might not have one.

    2) The meaning of life.

    Well, this does seem to pose a problem. If we arose from lowly sludge in the sea, what meaning could there be to aspire to?

    None. This is a question often left to the individual in our case. There’s no universal meaning of life as I see it, nor is there for many other Atheists I know. Life is what you make of it, and it doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something to you.

    That shouldn’t be a problem or a sin. Theists often presume that some meaning for life must exist, but I gather that such an assertion follows from that idea that God has plans and intentions for us. When there is no God, there are no intentions or expectations. You are a creature in the world with limitless possibilities and the only meaning there is to be found is buried in how you interact with your world and the other people who live in it.

    Anyway, I hope this is illuminating. If you want to discuss it further, I’d be more than happy to submit subtler aspects of Atheism to your scrutiny.

  5. Atheists believe that nothing created everything.

    Wrong on two counts. First, “atheists” have no set of beliefs. Some may believe that ‘nothing created everything,’ but the ones I know either have no opinion on the origin of the universe, or they accept some version of the Big Bang theory, which certainly does not include such a ludicrous proposition. Learn a little science; it won’t bite and your nonexistent gods won’t smite you.

    Does life have meaning if we evolved from animals and everything will cease to exist someday?

    No, although many atheists find their own ‘meaning’ and lead full and valuable lives.

    Does the evidence point to the existence of God or not?

    What evidence is that? Oh I see, you hadn’t cited any. Curious …

    Here’s something for Christians to ponder: what is your God’s purpose?

  6. this is absolutely so sad…AND it’s quite the example that the end IS near…no, not a freak here, but the world had gotten so out of control … it’s a sad sad place to be. Religion has lost it’s way, as it’s not about who you believe, what church you attend or how you this or that…all God meant for us to do was love him with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls..and to love our neighbor/brother as ourselves…WITHOUT SELFISH GAIN!!!!!! You don’t have to belong to a religion, man (world) created religion to believe in God their own way…you’re either a christian, or your not (believer or not)..plain and simple. Haven’t you seen the signs? SELF help, SELF gain, SELF inspiration, SELF dreams/goals, SELF SELF SELF…shortened version of SELFISH and who was the ultimate selfish example? SATAN…and what is the greatest lie ever beleived? that he doesn’t exist….
    I’ve got way too many comments to post here, but this is a shortened version to share…it’s a sad sad place to be here, weak, self centered, spoiled, people….we’re a sad group…that’s for sure and we have no one but our immature, selfish selves to thank for it…

  7. atheist don’t believe the universe came from nothing. we all still searching and learning about world the last 50 years, we discovered DNA and that there are thousands of galaxies and solar systems like ours.
    Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have been around for thousands of years. Their followers have had a lot of time to read and decode their holy scripture in order to find out where we came from. However, atheism has been around for less than 200 or 300 years. it relies on science. The government started taking it seriously only a century ago. You cannot really expect scientist to discover everything in a mere 200-100 years. As time goes by, scientist will make new discoveries and finnally now the history of humankind, the world, and the universe. First give us time. Christians have been given thousands of years to figure out where the universe came from and why we are here today. But they still think we came from God who created the world in seven days. remember the first Christians thought the world was flat and stretch only from Europe to China and Norway to Northern Africa. Science and math proved this to be long. It proved there was also thousands of worlds like ours.

  8. Your article starts off well; kudos for actually providing real statistics, rather than either ignoring or misrepresenting them. But then it descends into a combination of delusion, dishonesty, and ignorance. Kind of a microcosm of religious belief, actually.

    Just to clarify, theists don’t reject “the concept of “god””, we reject the concept of “gods”. We don’t single out Yahweh. We also don’t think Allah, Thor, Zeus, etc are real.

    “Millions in both the United States and the U.K. are eagerly buying books by militant atheists.”

    What’s a militant atheist? Does he fly planes into buildings? Strap bombs to his body? Teach creationism in high school biology classes? Oppose life-saving stem cell research? Or does he use mere words to state that he doesn’t necessarily think that magical wizards in the sky are the answer to things we don’t yet know the answers to? Hmmm.

    “So why are so many people now turning to atheism?”

    Because a series of social movements have decreased the amount of bigotry and prejudice that people can show publicly towards minority viewpoints. Sexism against women, racism, and even homophobia are no longer accepted by most civilised, respectful people. As a result, past overt intolerance towards people of other religions, and even those who reject all religions, is declining. This is allowing people to publicly reject religion without the beheading, burning, or social ostracism that previously would have accompanied such daring use of the intellect.

    “Or is it because people don’t want to be accountable to any higher authority and therefore atheism makes things easier for people to live their lives as they please?”

    Um, that sounds like what Catholic mafia bosses and Muslim suicide bombers do; you know, people who say they believe in various gods? Atheists actually take responsibility for their own actions, we don’t abdicate that responsibility in the ways that religions teach people to do so. We have such higher authorities: they’re called society, the state, and the legal/justice system. These are the real higher authorities that actually exist. Judging by how theists act, these are the only higher powers they think are real, too. Watch American Christians loot Los Angeles or New Orleans after riots and floods if you think otherwise. Judgement after death by gods is merely the revenge fantasy of the weak and the poor, who have been frightened into submission by the princes and priests who rule them and take their money.

    “Well, there IS the perception out there that the atheists have the intellectual high ground.”

    Yes. Not believing in unicorns and fairies, compared to those who do, tends to create that impression. And in this case, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    “Atheists believe that nothing created everything.”

    No, that’s what theists believe. “Magic man created everything from nothing” pretty much sums of the first page of Genesis; it is NOT what atheists believe.

    “Does life have meaning if we evolved from animals and everything will cease to exist someday?”

    I don’t know, does it? Does a weekend with family or friends have no meaning because it will come to an end? You must think so, because that’s what you are implying with your life has no meaning without an afterlife assumption. You don’t think things through much before parroting them, do you?

    And it is only in debate with an atheist that a theist insists that the only meaning in his life is, well, the mythical afterlife. Among religious friends, I’m sure you’d be eager to share your love of family, spouse, children, parents, and friends. The pleasure you derive from work, hobbies, or causes you support. And that’s what religion is – one of the many things that gives your life meaning. Well, good for you. Atheists get the meaning in their life from all the same things as you do, they just don’t share all your hobbies. But then, realising and admitting that makes your religion seem less special, doesn’t it? Makes you realise that maybe it isn’t as important as you’ve been told it is, doesn’t it? Makes it a little harder to just demonise atheists and dismiss them, doesn’t it? Uh-oh, that type of thought might lead to skepticism, doubt . . . or (gasp!) atheism! Don’t open your mind an inch, it could open all the way up!

    “The reality is that we all want the truth.”

    Do we? I’m not sure. I’ve read religionists who believe in their god because they need the comfort it provides them (ie a security blanket). They can’t imagine living without god belief. These aren’t people who want truth, these are scared people who want confort, even if it’s a placebo they use to deny reality. Some people want truth, but people like that are clearly terrified of truth.

    “Does the evidence point to the existence of God or not?”

    By capitalising the word “God”, you must mean Yahweh, the Jewish tribal god. No, that monster is clearly fictional. Any objective reading of the Old Testament shows him to be a fraud invented by Jewish princes to rule over their tribe. All evidence not only in the Bible but also in all of human experience shows that that god is not only implausible, but impossible.

    It IS possible to argue for some sort of invisible deist god, who set the universe in motion and then disappeared. But that type of god has nothing in common with Yahweh . . . or Allah, or Zeus, or Thor, or any of the thousands of anthropomorphic nature spirits which evolved into the tribal gods of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Does it? A deist god has nothing to do with all the artificial sacrifice, ritual, mumbling, and hatred that all the human-made gods have had attributed to them, does it?

    And isn’t it interesting that Yahweh doesn’t actually “do” anything in the New Testament? He really got edited out, didn’t he? It’s almost as if those writing it were consciously replacing an obsolete god nobody could believe in any more – a bearded man in the sky with lightning bolts, like Zeus or Thor – with a new and improved one, while still retaining connections with the old one, so it would seem legitimate and familiar to their audience. How to do that? What sort of literally metaphor could you use . . . I know! Make the new god the son of the old one! No wait, the Greeks used that idea first. You know the Greeks? The people who language all the Gospels were written in? That MUST be a coincidence, mustn’t it? Just like it’s coincidence that the Greeks worshipped a sun (son?) god with 12 zodiac signs – I mean “apostles”. New Improved ABC Detergent, familiar yet gets your whites whiter and your colours more colourful! Come to think of it, didn’t Islam and Mormonism do the same thing, piggy-backing on Christianity? Where will the story-telling end?

  9. This among the most profoundly wrong-headed views of atheism I have heard. It is fallacious from start to finish. The author clearly has no understanding of atheism and the misinterpretations and distortions are in stereotypical fundamentalist fashion. But then coming from a religious zealot, it is not unexpected. Don’t expect rationality, consistency or honesty to be the operative word here. If such people were cognizant of logic and reason they wouldn’t believe the crap they do so it’s hardly surprising.

    I don’t know what the author’s definition of “evidence” is but it is must be as obtuse as his thoughts and feelings on atheism. Evidence for him consists of stretching and twisting reality to conform to his preconceived patterns of belief.

    Christians, especially fundamentalists don’t reason that god exists. For them it’s believe in god that comes first, usually an emotionally based need or some sort of mystical epiphany. THAT is first and foremost how they arrive at their beliefs. But in order give it a veneer of respectability and to allay any feelings of doubt that may still linger, they feel the need to validate their beliefs so they go to elaborate lengths to justify them on the grounds of empirical evidence and even science. In so doing they make a mockery of reason and science all the while pretending (no, deluding themselves into thinking) they have logic in their side.

    Some embarrassing displays of polemics and nonsense are passed off as logical arguments, all the while committing every known fallacy of logic. They can be found all over the net. I wish such christians would go back and claim ‘faith’ as the basis for their believe in god (like they used to). It was a lot more honest.

    For the record…

    1) No thinking atheist I know postulates that something (everything) comes from nothing. That more fits with the theist belief that “god” created the universe from nothing.

    2) We don’t consider that human life needs to have meaning beyond itself. And we don’t (as theists naively assume) that life has no meaning unless it originates from realm of the supernatural. Just because theists WISH this to be the case doesn’t mean it IS the case.

    I don’t speak for all atheists but I do believe in a reality independent of wishes, hopes and fears and in human survival and happiness as the standard of value from which a code for living is derived. I don’t hope for what many christians do — the deliberate destruction of the earth and of life in an armageddon of wrath and rapture by an imaginary, genocidal god. This is one of many transparent fear tactics contrived by power lusting charlatans that arose to manipulate and seize control over the minds of masses of peasants that lived in the bronze and middle ages. Absolute theocratic power and control was the dominant form of government during those times when people were generally illiterate, ignorant and knew little to nothing of the world and universe at large. We have so much better answers now.

    One would expect we should have grown and advanced with the presence of science and critical thinking to guide us but no… too many people willfully suspend their faculty of reason and embrace this cultist nonsense instead. Do I think therefore that atheists reside an a higher intellectual ground? Not necessarily; I think the theist’s state of mind is willful and deliberate in most cases. They have CHOSEN to abandon reason in favour of faith in order to satisfy an childish emotional need to revere a mysterious authority who gives them love and comfort in return for total submission (much like the feelings of a young child towards it’s mother).

    Atheists on the other hand are more honest, honest and realistic, they value reason and critical thinking over faith and they validate knowledge far differently than theists but they are not always more intelligent. They have just grown up and think more freely unfettered by dogma and fear.

  10. I am an atheist. Creation of the universe on its own or as you say out nothing is much more easier to believe than the creation of a God who himself has created such universe both out of nothing… You christians are funny in reasoning!

  11. REALLLLLLLLLLLLY? Dude, don’t get me wrong, I’m an atheist too, but get your facts straight or else you make us all look bad. Atheism has probably been around since the first human thought maybe there is no god. It’s been around AT LEAST as long as since Socrates was forced to drink poison hemlock because he didn’t believe in the gods of his city state. The scientific revolution didn’t come until millenia after that.Hate to sound like a jerk, but it’s better for a fellow atheist to bust your balls than a Christian.

  12. Atheism does not have to provide answers to the question of where we came from or the meaning of life.

    Atheists do not provide moral guidance.

    People who think that are confusing atheism for a religion.

  13. What is the meaning of existance for a mountain? What is the meaning of existance for the ant now crawling over the second twig to the left?
    We have a human brain, which asks “why”. Doesn’t make it any more or less relevant.

    Atheists do not have a problem with the “meaning of life”, or “origins of the universe”. Actually, religious people have problems with these questions, and thus, need religion to answer them.

    Atheists are content with saying, “I don’t know”. Religious people say, “I don’t know…therefore…must be god”. Which is like saying, “I dont’ know…therefore….I know” A contradiction which most religious people don’t even realize they make.

    The worst thing is reading what religious people think Atheists must believe or struggle with, when in fact their words put light on themselves. Remember the old saying…all theives think everyone steals.

  14. I’d like to point out that atheists and Christians seem to believe the same things.

    ~ We both believe there is no “magic man” in the sky, and neither position is willing to deny that there may be some greater source (i.e.: “God”).

    ~ We both believe that elitist organizations have REALLY screwed up religion, and what every religion claims to be about.

    ~ We both believe that one of the best goals in this life is to make the world a better place for others to live in.

    ~ We both believe in getting closer to “God”: be it by worship and observation, or searching the vast information of scientific exploration.

    The main differences lie in whether or not any standard is demanded by something superior to inherently flawed humanity; whether or not Jesus of Nazareth was more than a flawed human being (like the rest of us) and, by His relationship to us, can lead us to the best possible outcome; and whether or not to give credit to the Source (“God”).

    Personally, I see no reason why an “atheist” can’t work together with a follower of Christ for a common goal of a greater good. The Bible actually demands it: specifically in Luke (“friends from among the children of the mammon of unrighteousness, etc.”), and the statement of Paul in Acts (we are all the offspring of God). I’m not saying we can improve ourselves beyond the way we are, successfully – as a rejection of Christ would suggest, – but I am suggesting that there is something to improve… and, no matter whether other brothers and sisters like it or not, God blesses even atheists to do His Will.

  15. If God is God , it would make sense that he foresaw the people that would write the bible for him , and was able in his ways to make absolutely sure they got it perfectly right and into the hands of anyone who searched for him.

    An atheist is a prideful , selfish , idiot that will be screaming and gnashing his or her teeth for all of eternity .

    God doesn’t send people to hell , people chose to go there .

  16. All these Atheists commenting if this was an argument about whether the tooth fairy was real or not im pretty sure you wouldnt waste such time commenting. If some one wants to believe in the tooth fairy why not let them? Go out and find meaning in your life o wait their is none.

  17. Can I hit these overly religious people, can you prove to me there is a god? No, can I prove to you there is a universe and there has been a Big Bang? Yes, just look at discovery channel etc. People don’t care if you believe in god, they can respect it, so please do the same if you have some respect left.

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