• Jose Bernal talks about his book “The Truth About The Harbinger” which defends the book by Jonathan Cahn titled “The Harbinger”. here
  • Ray Yungen talks about the emerging Church and mysticism within the Church. here
  • Mike Gendron from “Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry” talks about some of the doctrinal issues in Catholicism. here
  • Steven Cook talks about his ministry “Jewish Worldwide Mission Ministries” to the Jewish People. Ed Decker talks about his “Saints Alive Ministry” that is reaching out to those caught up in Mormonism and Free Masonry. here
  • Tim reads some material from a book by Sydney Cleveland dealing with the doctrinal errors in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. here
  • Joe Dallas from “Genesis Counseling” talks about sexual addictions and recovery. here
  • Warren Smith talks to Tim about the new age movement and spiritual deception. here
  • Susan Perlman from the “Jews for Jesus” ministry talks about her organization and techniques for witnessing to Jews. here
  • Ron Rhodes from “Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries” talks about his ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults here
  • Dr. Morey talks to Tim about Islam and Muhammad. here
  • Debra Gauthier talks to Tim about her ministry to those living the “gay lifestyle”. here
  • Dr. Morey talks about Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Jesus”, and then Tim and Robert discuss witches. here
  • Johanna Michaelsen talks to Tim about Halloween, and offers some suggestions to Pastors on dealing with this occult holiday. here
  • Pastor Terry Jones talks about the Quran and “What Would Jesus Do”. here
  • Pastor Billy Crone from Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas talks about homosexuality. here
  • Ray Comfort talks to Tim about evolution and his video at www.evolutionvsgod.com. here
  • Tim talks to Dr. Cathy Burns about Freemasons and her book “Hidden Secrets of Masonry”. here
  • Tim talks to Cathy Burns about her book “Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?” here
  • Tim plays segments of a Ray Comfort DVD where Ray talks about homosexuality and interviews several homosexuals. here
  • Dr. Morey talks to Tim about horoscopes, reincarnation, and the war on terror. here
  • Tim plays a section of a taped debate on Catholic doctrine, where Dave Hunt debates Catholic apologist Karl Keating. here
  • Debra and Marsha discuss whether homosexuality is consistent with Biblical Christianity. here
  • Marsha is a current self-described “lesbian Christian”, and Debra is a former lesbian that came to the Lord after rejecting the lesbian lifestyle. here
  • Tim plays an audio CD by Ray Comfort titled “How to Bring Your Children to Christ and Keep Them There”. here
  • Kleg talks about Hollywood and the media pushing the homosexual agenda- here
  • Debra Gauthier, a former police officer with Las Vegas Metro for 20 years, talks about her book “Bright Lights, Dark Places”. here
  • Shah Afshar is a former Muslim that has converted to Christianity, and talks about his book “Shame on You”. here
  • Dr. Mark Shaw, author of “Hope and Help for Gambling” discusses gambling problems. here
  • Will Hoffman talks about Mormonism and witnessing to Mormons. here
  • Pastor Martin is a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor that left the Adventists. He now has a ministry reaching out to Adventists called Ex-Adventist Outreach. here
  • Dale Ratzlaf is a former Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, and talks about some of the doctrinal issues with the organization. here
  • Sandra Tanner is an ex-Mormon, and now runs Utah Lighthouse Ministries, spreading the truth about Mormonism. here
  • Tim and Tom  talk about apparitions of Mary that are reported in the Church, with Tom comparing apparitions and praying to the saints to a form of necromancy and communing with the dead. here
  • Richard Bennett- a former Roman Catholic Priest that served as a parish priest for 21 years. After 14 years of contrasting Catholicism with Biblical Christianity he was saved in 1986 by God’s grace alone. here
  • Marcia Montenegro, a guest from the old St. Louis program, is today’s guest. She is a former licensed astrologer and former president of astrological society. Tim asks Marsha about those predictions by astrologers and others that come true. Marsha responds that sometimes it is a coincidence, sometimes guesses, and sometimes even demonic guidance. She says it took her about a year and a half from the time she came to the Lord until the time she realized that astrology was evil. here
  • Mike Shreve  is a former yoga teacher, and is now the head of Shreve Ministries. He studied eastern religions at an early age, and began seeking truth after a bad drug experience. He tells about spending hours in meditation and other experiences that he thought were from God, but now understands that this was not from God. After seeking God through prayer and reading the Bible, he met a hitchhiker that led him to the Lord. here
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