Craig Roberts Reviews Possible Battle Plans Of A Russian Invasion

Craig Roberts is a former police officer with the Tulsa Police Department, exposes the plans that the NWO have for bringing down America. He exposes how the elite will use a series of terrorist acts to start an internal revolution. As a result of this, they will close transportation, confiscate guns, and begin religious persecution.

“Folks if you look at the map, you will see we have these arrows coming down from the north. If you invade this country from the north, and if you bring troops in from the north, you are guarded by one flank by the rockies, and guarded by the other flank by the alaganies and appalachians. And you have all flat land out here, north south interstate highways, you have a river system, mississippi on down, and you have wide open tank country. You don’t even want the coasts, you want to get rid of the coasts because they are centers of logistics, centers of communication, centers of politics, strategic and tactical targets. So get rid of those guys, and take the bread basket, take the minerals, and take everything and head home. Thats the way they do it. Now in the scripture, it says, they will invade out of the north, doesn’t it?

“I was given an exercise at General Staff College. If you look at this thing, Russia is very close to us, you just fly over the pole, and what do you hit first?, the northern part of the United States. When they try to take a country, this is age old, this is what they do. 1. cut lines of communication and logistics, 2, destroy political infrastructure, 3. destroy military forces and bases, 4, destroy populations will to resist, 5, capture and occupy food and mineral producing areas, 6, take all natural resources, and technology (take it home), 7, establish a new government. This goes back to the Greeks, to the Romans, and the whole bit”