Have you ever watched a kid preacher preach against the theory of evolution? If you have, you have probably never seen any kid as good as the one in the video below. The video is in Spanish, but English translations are provided at the bottom of the screen. This little kid makes more sense than dozens of other preachers that I have seen who have tried to talk about this topic. Perhaps if the majority of the pastors and ministers out there continue to compromise and continue to water down the gospel God will raise up little kids like this to make a mockery of us all. I don’t think I have ever seen such a young kid speak so eloquently. This little guy is really something special. Let’s hope that he continues on this path as he grows older. He certainly makes a lot of great points concerning evolution and creation…..


  1. I guess I’ll be the first to comment.

    Forgive me for making a negative criticism, but I think that the argument presented against “Descent With Modification” is guilty of the Beard Fallacy.

    Darwinists claim that life, over generations, is modified very slightly.
    The point being made is that those who side with Darwin will simply retort firstly, “just because we don’t know where one species ends, and another begins, does not mean that we can’t tell the difference between two species (Beard Fallacy).” They will retort secondly, “evolution is just loads and loads of slight modification, which nobody rejects happens everyday!”

    If you will allow me, I recommend to reference scientists who argue that there is a limitation on how much any given species can vary.


    Otherwise, I think he hits the nail on the head!

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