The Tornadoes: A Prophetic Dream Of America’s Future Given To Perry Stone


meranda-devanMeranda Devan’s NOTE

I am compiling a series called “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct ?” in which I hope to review all the prophecies about the coming election, and events which relate to it.

Perry Stone had a very vivid dream back in 1996, and then an almost identical dream on an unknown year (between 2001 and 2009) both involving tornadoes.

The dream from 1999 involved 5 tornadoes which ripped through power lines and cornfields. It also involved a tall tower that many point to as 9-11.  

The other dream involved 3 tornadoes and Hillary Clinton wearing a yellow pant suit.

These dreams of Perry Stones have been circulating for years, and almost forgotten about, but I cannot help to wonder if we are about to see them fulfilled.

Perry Stone had this dream about Hillary when she was senator of New York.  There is no doubt the dream is about a significant event in her future, or a very horrific event that takes place under Hillary Clinton. 

Could it be something to do with 3 terror attacks that happen right after she becomes president?

There is no doubt that Hillary is the center of all the attention right now, after the FBI obtained a warrant to look through Huma Abedin’s emails.

Michael wrote a very interesting piece today detailing this investigation and what it may mean for Hillary if she is found guilty. 


hillary-prisonIf Hillary Clinton Is Charged With Obstruction Of Justice She Could Go To Prison For 20 Years

The older dream to me suggests there might be a major disaster with the power lines. Could it suggest an emp? The corn fields could represent our food supply in America. Could the skyscraper represent a future terrorist attack that takes out the power, and disrupts our food ?

hillary-clinton-prophetic-dream-yellow-pants-suit-prophecyHillary in a yellow pants suit. Could it have to do with a terrorist attack?

hillary-clintonHillary in yellow at Donald Trumps wedding

Here was a post from Perry back in March of 2016

PROPHETIC DREAM CONCERNING HILLARY CLINTON: Some time back I experienced a vivid dream of Hillary Clinton. I saw her dressed in a very bright yellow outfit, a pants suit, and she was in a large field as if preparing to speak. Coming behind her, were three very tall, spinning tornados. There were in a straight line and all 3 seemed to be forming at once. She was attempting to ignore them, but I saw them not moving, then suddenly as if by a signal they began spinning all at once. I knew she was about to encounter some form of difficulty or “storm” that would be linked with her. I have thought of this for some time, and believe it may be connected to the government e-mail investigation. I did not see them strike her, but spin behind her back. They were very tall and thin and there were three. I believe time will reveal the meaning and be looking for that yellow pants suit outfit. That really stood out in the dream. Before the critics come out of the wood work with their opinions, as I said lets “wait and see” what happens.

Here are some interesting comments from that facebook thread speculating on the dream back in March 2016.  You might find the analysis thought provoking.

Ricky ScaparoWell this is huge confirmation of what the Lord revealed to me about a pattern regarding Hillary and Jezebel! Time will tell

Samantha WinsteadI wonder if he just saw her campaign debate… She was wearing a yellow pants suit, and the head of FB I said he is shortly coming down to the end of his investigation concerning her and her emails. I just would like to say Jezebel got hers in the end and so will Hillary Clinton.

Lu SmithTornadoes in the bible are sudden destruction.

Brenda Black SewellYellow in a dream can suggest cowardice, jealousy, caution or quarantine. So in some dreams it is linked with sickness or some form of inner illness, or a warning that something is not right.

Mike MikesellMaybe those tornadoes were the feds coming to arrest her on the day she is sworn in as first female president. SHe’s as crooked and as dangerous as Obama.

Mark WoodIn dream interpretation the color yellow represents deceit, disgrace, betrayal, cowardice and sickness.

Danell WesselMy 8 year old daughter had a dream 4 months ago. Of getting off her bus and seeing Three large Tornados also behind her off in a field. She noticed little demons flying around the outside of them round and round with swords in there hands. She drew a picture of the swords and they were the Islamic curved ones.

Mark McDonaldI had a dream involving Hillary and tornados! Cant recall it all it was some time back. But i do know when i dreams of tornados to start watching. Calamity is sure to follow! Whdn i dream of snakes its time to evaluate the people around me! God always warns those who obey!

Joyce NorthernI had a dream about Hillary Clinton back when her husband was president and dreamed she sold America out to Russia and Russia came in and took America over. I’ve prayed over this many years. I pray she will not become president

Tammy LutesProphet Brian Carn had a vision concerning Hilary and she had military planes flying over her head. He prophesied that she would be the next president and that we have wars coming. Wars that we are not prepared for including a war we will not be ready for because of our allies. Maybe the tornados are the wars coming and she will be wearing the yellow pant suit when she takes office. We need to keep in prayer. The hour is at hand.

Anthony Ray ArredondoThe tornados could mean righteous judgment, wickedness or blessing depending on the color (light vs dark) . More than likely in her situation, it is judgment. The judgment could be for her and her wicked ways or for us because we appointed her or both. She is wearing yellow which signifies a coward, Fear and intellectual pride. More than likely the judgment will be for the world. I say this because she is standing in the field and according to the parable of the wheat/tares, the field is the world. The number 3 represents the God head (Triune God). All I know for sure is that the USA WILL be judged for it decisions during this election and chances are, we are about to make a bad decision.

Wendy DouglasIn am still a firm believer that women should not rule in the government… just as women should not rule over men, according to the Bible.Perhaps, one of those tornados has to do with the reminder or revelation of her time involved with the Watergate scandal, now with Benghazi and the emails, and I am sure… there is something even more sinister ti be revealed.I am having a really hard time deciding on a candidate. I thought I had made up my mind but I don’t feel any of them are the right choice just yet.

Jennifer Meyer BauerI had a dream in 2010 with 3 tornados as well. I saw them coming in the distance and had enough time to seek shelter, fall on my face and begin praying in Jesus’ name. The tornados hit fast and hard. I opened the door to the house and everything was destroyed. Three in biblical numerics means divine completeness. The WORD talks of swift destruction in end times. The three tornados represent God’s judgement coming with swift destruction. The people need to repent. God is warning His people but the victory in my dream was this….my house still stood among the ruble. If our houses are governed by the Lord we will stand! That’s the promise of victory for all those who love the Lord and are obedient!

Tanzania JonesThis is not coincidental! I had a dream LAST YEAR!!! With super sized tornado coming towards a building…Hillary was in the building and so were a lot of people in suits. Amazing!!! I wrote the dream down!!!

Leanne Crowley HallIt could mean she will be speaking in unchartered territory (field) from a place of pride and intellectualism (yellow) and from that particular engagement, three things will rise up from behind that she will try to dismiss or ignore, that will ultimately cause devastation.

Donna Granchay BairdYeah, she wears those ugly pant suits all the time. But of course, the three tornadoes are Benghazi, her private e-mail server, and the Clinton foundation. All three under investigation. Can you believe anyone voting or her?

Vicky Miller Edwardsthe person who installed her private server has been granted immunity, I assume in exchange for testimony. Wonder who the other 2 people will be who will be granted immunity to testify against her.
Tania Lisitski I just saw Hillary Clinton with a very bright yellow pant suit on the news. Do you think this has something to do with the terrorist attacks in Brussels?
Richard Watkins yellow = caution, value ….’yellow’ (Strong’s Concordance #H3422, #H6669). Its use in Scripture lends itself to symbolically representing gold or something of great value (Psalm 68:13), or something leprous or having leprosy (Leviticus 13:30, 32, 36).
Latralle Jobe I had a dream of a tornado siren going off it was very loud. I could hear very faintly over the emergency broadcast system that it wasn’t a tornado but a warning of a war. I remember waiting and telling someone I told them it was going to happen. We continued to wait then there was a big black plume of smoke that begin to roll slowly across the sky. Then as I continue to wait the smoke broke up and became grey clouds in the sky. Then the Sun began to shine. Before that I had a dream that there were tornadoes trying to form but was unable to form. I could see the tornado close to the ground and spinning but it never completely form.
Andrea Register Hillman Tornadoes, for me, have represented times of trouble, too. Typically, they represent years when grouped…that would be 3 years in this case, if the interpretation holds true for your dream as well. We shall see. Thanks for sharing.
Jonathan VestJohn Paul Jackson said that yellow can mean intellectual arrogance. The fact that someone would ignore a dangerous tornado indicates a “I can’t fail attitude.” Coincidentally, FBI has three letters in it.
דניאל אלונסו On December 24, 2015 I had a dream that a nuke went off. At first I was in a building. Suddenly some US military personnel that looked like they had been demoralized came rushing down the hallway in response to what had just happened. Then I started to walk toward the main entrance of the building looking outside as I got closer. Once outside I saw people from different walks of life looking up in astonishment. It was one of those, “I can’t believe this is happening” moments.As soon as I looked up I saw a mushroom cloud towering overhead like nothing I had ever seen before in my life. Next I looked back down and saw that the base of the mushroom cloud was heading in our direction at breakneck speed. Needless to say, it was full of radiation. With this in mind I quickly began to run down the hallway to look for cover. I found a room, went in and saw a bunch of people mingling with one another. They were oblivious to the fact that it was only seconds until impact.Finally I woke up breathing hard, and my heart was racing.

Dante FerrellThe three tornadoes were FBI agents, and the storm was a prison sentence! lol

Peter James Sculleyits funny Perry I read this before and I just watched CNN .. there was a man named Mann talking how there is 3 big charges Hilary is facing. There are 3 things chasing her.
Cheryl CampThere are three branches in our government and could it be the three tornadoes you saw were the branches of our government? Just a thought.
Dawn Witt I believe the tornado is a sweeping power and yellow is cowardice. I believe you are also correct in thinking it is in regard to the emails. I see it being revealed to the nations.
 Read below two transcripts of the dream from Perry Stone.  We could very well see these prophetic dreams come to pass within days, or even months. 

Perry Stone- Hillary Clinton and the Three Tornadoes 2009

Quote From Charisma Magazine 2009

Several years ago, when Hillary Clinton was a senator for the state of New York, I had a very strong, clear dream.

In this dream I was staying in a hotel in a major city (I am uncertain which city it was). I was with a group of young people who were a part of the ministry. As we entered a van, I observed a very large tornado moving toward the heart (downtown) of this city. We were attempting to “get out” before the main storm struck the area.

Driving out of the city, we were on a very straight and narrow road. To my surprise, I saw Hillary Clinton standing on the right side of the road in a large, open field, sporting a bright yellow pants suit. Behind her at a far distance were three very large and long tornadoes beginning to form. I knew that she would need to deal with these three storms that were coming. I was impressed by the fact that the three tornadoes were of equal length, and were very—and I mean very—long, extending from the height of the sky toward the ground.

At the time, Clinton was a senator for New York, and I questioned if these three storms would involve that state in some form. Then she became a candidate for president of the United States. This too intrigued me. Would she be the leader of the nation when these storms struck?

After Barack Obama was elected president, he chose Clinton to be the secretary of state. This is the fifth highest position of authority in the executive branch of the government. This important position enables the secretary to deal directly with nations, often through our ambassadors positioned around the world.

The symbolism in the dream is clear. The tornadoes in the city are future storms. They could allude to a series of terrorist attacks or some form of unrest that will come to a particular city. The field is the world (see Matt. 13:38). I believe the dream indicates that as secretary of state, Clinton will need to deal with three conflicts (tornadoes) that will come behind her during her administration. In the dream, the storms were in the distance and were unseen by Clinton. This indicates they will occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Also, all three were lined up side-by-side.”

Prophetic Alert- The Tornado Vision

The Five Tornados By Perry Stone, Jr.
(As published in The Voice Of Evangelism – March/April, 1999 )

Found On America’s Last Days

The story begins several years ago on a Sunday afternoon. That morning, I had ministered at the Brooksville Assembly of God in Brooksville, Florida. Don Channell and I were staying in the home of a church couple. That afternoon, I felt exhausted and told Don, “I must rest before church”. I went to a private bedroom, opened my Bible to read and became very drowsy. I closed the Bible and lay across the bed with my face down on my Bible.

Within a matter of minutes, by the Spirit of God, I was experiencing a full color vision. Oddly enough, I knew I was having a vision. I knew I was in Brooksville lying on a bed, yet I was seeing a perfectly clear picture unfold before my eyes. I was literally part of the scene.

In the vision, I saw a straight paved road that led to the top of a hill. On either side of the road were small brick homes. For some reason I felt they were homes of retired ministers. I began walking up the hill, stepping on a sidewalk on the left side of the road. It was then that I noticed I was barefoot.

As I continued up the hill, I noticed two strange sights. At the top was a large concrete barrier, like a wall. I knew something was behind this barrier. I also noticed the sky was perfectly blue, except for one dark pillar of black (a cloud) that resembled a black tower reaching from heaven to earth. It was hitting the earth somewhere behind the barrier. I thought, “How strange! Everything looks great, but this one dark cloud is coming from heaven to earth”. I decided to go to the top of the hill and investigate the scene.

After reaching the top, I climbed up on the concrete wall. To my amazement, a beautiful corn field was behind the barrier. As far as I could see to the left and right, the field stretched, filled with the most beautiful ripe corn I had ever seen. The rows were close together and the corn was ready for harvest. I could see the golden tassels on top of the stalk.

The Five Tornados

In the distance, the scene was much different. At the far edge of the field I saw five large tornado’s. They each were the same size and seemed to be spaced equally. To me, it seemed they were coming out of this large dark pillar.

As I observed the five Tornado’s, I recall seeing old fashioned power lines directly behind the tornado’s. Suddenly, the tornado on the left began to spin. I could hear a whooshing sound as it slowly began to gain speed. Then I saw sparks, similar to bits of lightning, coming from the first tornado. That is when I knew what was going to happen.

I sensed that soon, the first tornado would rip through the corn field and take out a row of precious grain. By the time this tornado would reach the barrier, the second would rip a row of grain out, followed by a third, a forth, and finally the fifth tornado. I knew that when the fifth tornado hit, it would conclude this strange storm.

I recall jumping off the concrete barrier, running down the hill and shouting, “I must get into the cleft of the rock. The storms are coming, and I must get into the cleft of the rock!” Suddenly, I came to myself. My heart was pounding and my spirit was weeping. I jumped off the bed and knocked on the door of Don Channell. I began telling him about the vision. Don and I were not certain of the meaning, but the vision has stayed with me for the last three years.

Six Months Later

About six months later I had a night dream that I believed to be related to the vision of the five tornado’s. In the dream, I was standing in the inner city of some great metropolis and heard people saying, “The storm is coming. We must find shelter and protection”. I led the people into the basement of a large, old church. The church building was built from the large granite blocks that many of the historic downtown churches are made of. I saw people from various ethnic groups – Black, Hispanic and Asian. People were huddled together with their particular ethnic group. They were all frightened and cold, holding on to each other. Great fear gripped each person. Suddenly, a huge tornado hit the building. The church began to shake, but did not collapse. I noticed there was no doors in the church (because Jesus is the door).

I could see these large tornado’s, five in all, as each one roared by and struck the church. I could hear the pounding of rain and hail as it beat against the outside of the building.

After the fifth tornado passed by, there was a calm. Everyone went outside to inspect the damage.As we left the church basement, I saw several piles of different items. Some piles contained canned food. Others contained clothing. There were even piles of small toys for children. Some of the people began to run for cans of food, while several others rummaged through the clothes and still others were seeking a toy for their small child. It is what I saw at that moment that confounded and amazed me.

As the scene changed, I could clearly see the skyline of a large city, complete with tall skyscrapers. I looked for structural damage and found that the damage was not to the exterior of the buildings, but to the inside of the buildings instead. Still, not every building was affected. Some looked perfectly normal. Others seemed to have taken a harder hit. In one glass building, I noticed that the file cabinets were opened and papers were all over the floor. It seemed confusion had hit this office. Yet, two other buildings across from this damaged building appeared to have come through the storm without any major damage.

( This presentation occurred in 2005 … months after the Bush/Kerry Presidential election)

In this prophecy service, Perry Stone speaks about the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel returning to Washington that came to pass under the administration of Bill Clinton and the prophetic parallels that occurred in America during his administration.

Many years later, we now see Hillary Clinton running for president, and in just a few days we will see if she is elected or not.

In this video, Perry Stone points out some startling similarities that may indicate that Hillary will end up residing in the Ivory House/White House. Interestingly, the bible mentions an “Ivory House” in ancient Israel that Ahab and Jezebel resided in during their reign. After they left the “Ivory House”, Jezebel eventually ended up “living there.”

Perry Stone also speaks of a prophetic vision by minister William Brannon who saw America sinking under the influence of a woman in a position of influence, power or authority.

May 26, 2016 – Perry Stone reveals prophetic harbingers and how the 2016 presidential election will affect the future of America, Israel and the world.