July 2014 Warning For Washington DC “If America Votes To Divide Israel, I will Divide America ” -Ken Dewey ( 9 Confirmations )



Dream Warning for

Washington, DC

Last night while sleeping I had a dream.  I was dreaming I had to post a word soon because someone was doing something and I must post to warn them.  It was urgent.  This dream just continued over and over (like many times a frustration dream will do until you wake up all frustrated).  As I did awaken at 5:30 am I saw a vision of a map.  I knew immediately it was Washington DC area that I was looking at and it was on USGS.  Over the DC area I saw a Huge Red Spot.  That is how Earthquakes show up on the Earthquake Map of USGS.

I got out of bed and begin to pray and I didn’t hear anything.  I turned on the computer and looked at everything.  Eventually I did read the News and saw where America is sending 47 million dollars to the Gaza Strip for humanitarian help.  Then I read how John Kerry and Egypt is pressuring Israel to stop fighting in Gaza.  We also know how the UN is also doing so.  Then I read a news article about how the UN had given back discovered missiles to the Palestinians to use again against Israel.

I was reminded how the Lord did warn me back in 2011 when there was a 5+ MG Earthquake in Virginia that damaged buildings in Washington DC.  One was the Washington Monument (was damaged and closed) and even the White House was cracked.  The National Cathedral had two rising towers damaged as well.

Remembering back it was during the time that President Obama went to the UN to declare that Israel should give back the Gaza Strip and give back the land claimed in the ’67 war.  I remembered then the Lord saying IF AMERICA VOTES TO DIVIDE ISRAEL I WILL DIVIDE AMERICA.  He has given me several words of warning about Earthquakes in America: California, East Coast and the New Madrid zone.

Upon thinking of these things I heard the Lord say TALK ABOUT THIS ON THE INTERNET.

I have done as the Lord has told me to do.  I have posted this warning.  I fully know that the Lord is upset today about the fact that this country is SUPPORTING TERRORIST and as well telling Israel it must allow the Palestinians to occupy the Gaza even if they keep sending rockets into Israel.  The President of the United States and the Government Leaders are backing him it appears, to go against Israel now to help the terrorist kill Israelis, and have joined with the UN to sanction Israel.  I read commentary on the news that is written asking the question: IS AMERICA NOT TURNING ON ISRAEL?   Is America going to continue to support Israel now or will they join those who are enemies of Israel?  It appears that they already have.

(PS. You must know that I have had a very strong word previously about a strong shaking (earthquake) in the DC Area that did really speak of coming horrific events in America.)

~ Prophet Ken Dewey


“The Lord showed me two things back in November. One was something that looks like a meteorite hitting out west that causes black outs and power outages that extend to the eastern states of the U.S.  The second thing was an attack by Islamic extremists in Washington D.C.”

“I got more details about the D.C. attack also. I saw more men dressed in army green, with boots, hats, with green bandannas covering their nose and mouth and sunglasses or other eye wear with guns. Originally I had seen two or three of these men. I saw them breaking into an important building in D.C. and getting hold of INFORMATION THAT WOULD THREATEN OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. I also saw  secret service men rushing to take President Obama to safety.So, the greater details is the NUMBER OF THESE TERRORISTS. I see them stepping out all about the same time and it is outdoors. I hear what sounds like a journalist saying, ‘an all out shoot out in D.C.’ I do see people shot. I also saw FIGHTER JETS FLYING OVER D.C. AFTER THESE MEN WITH GUNS STEPPED OUT ONTO THE STREETS OF D.C.”



Stephen also saw the coming tumult in our nation will cause the steps of the White House to shake, which confirms what Pastor TD Hale saw in a dream. He saw the White House shaking so bad it literally shook his bed during his dream. Then he saw a great earthquake hitting Washington DC. I don’t know if it was a literal earthquake or meant to be symbolic of a great shaking. I shared the details of the dream in my previous post, TD Hale’s 4th Prophetic Dream: Rain of Fire Coming to America

Prophetic minister Terry Bennett also saw a great shaking in Washington DC. He saw the following news headlines from the future:

Washington D.C. Shaken, Rioting and Looting Continue

Emergency Meetings being Held by U.S. Senate and Congress

Martial Law Declared in Nation’s Capital (Washington D.C.)

Resignation Fever Hits Washington D.C.


Brett Creamer’s Prophetic Visions About Nuclear Attacks, East Coast Tsunamis And Horrific Flooding In Florida

1) A Vision Of Washington DC Blown Up By A Nuclear Weapon – My very first vision took place on 9/11/01. I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job I had taken. I had only been there for about 1 week. As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had his the Trade Towers in NY. My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.” When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event. As we watched the event on TV, ewe saw the second plane hit the 2nd tower. Now we realized that we were under attack. Within no time, we watched as a plane flew into the Pentagon. The Pentagon was only 1 miles from my house and I had been in there several times. I was still a VA registered law enforcement officer so my first thought was, how deep will this attack go? I walked back to my desk to call my brother who was also active law enforcement to discuss the events that were unfolding when suddenly, I found myself floating above the City of Washington D.C. As I hovered there, it was like my eyes zoomed in to man standing in front of the White House. He was a dark skinned Middle Eastern looking young man around 18-24 years old. He was wearing a striped sweatshirt and he had a large backpack on his back. He pulled something attached to a cord and then I saw a blinding flash. It was from my current understanding, a low yield nuclear weapon. I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom could in the center of DC. I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they were killed. Instantly, I was sitting back at my desk holding my phone in my hand that I was about to call my brother on. I immediately teared up and felt like I was going to throw up. I grabbed my trash can and held my head over it for a few minutes until I felt better. This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this. Besides being given a vision, I had seen friends of mine dying right in front of me. I was so sick and scared. When I regained my composure, I called my brother and my friends that I had seen in the vision and told them what happened. They were all in route to go home anyway, and they dismissed my story as my imagination. I ended up getting saved about 5 months later.

“I saw a voting ballot lying there”, A Presidential Document And A Disaster That Hits America – T.D. HALE

I was immediately standing in front of the desk in the Oval Office. Standing in the Oval Office, I was in front of the President. A voice came forth and said, “Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly.”

There on the floor of the Oval Office was the eagle I saw him shoot back in December.

The UN Security Council Has Just Officially Given Every Inch Of East Jerusalem To The Palestinians- Michael Snyder

“At this point he, picked up a gavel (An executive order from the President?) which was part wood and part stone. Handle was wood; head of the gavel was stone. He hit a document on the desk and when he did an earthquake hit Washington. All of a sudden, I was standing above the White House and saw the earth open and it went toward the Washington Monument, then toward the Jefferson Memorial. At that point, an odd-color rain started falling, the color of fire. It started slowly coming down and intensified little by little until the waters started rising; the starting point was Washington, D.C.

As the waters started rising, I went up a little higher into the atmosphere and saw the map of the United States. The waters left Washington and began to flood the nation. (Will an executive order from the President bring judgment upon the nation?) I saw it hit MD, WV, OH, MI, KY, IN, SC and on and on until it covered America. On the document on the desk of the President was written, “The Final Abomination.”

I began to hear screams across the nation, as if it was a mournful sound. I thought of Noah and what it must have been like for the people outside of the Ark as the flood waters came in and they knew they had not listened to Noah or the voice God gave to them to speak. The screams were as if their lives were over and there was no hope.

As I was still in the air, and I am going to try and explain this as best I can, I saw America in this state of being covered with flood waters and then, all of a sudden, I saw beams of light quickly coming out of the flood waters like a speed of light quickly going up into the air. Millions it looked like but at that moment I was taken above the earth and then I saw it around the world. Possibly they were the prayers of the saints

“Terror, war, fire, famine, death” – Stages Of Judgement On America – A Vision Given To Matthew Stephen

The seventh cannon shot off and the words appeared, “Just as your sins have reach their full so has your time reach your full. You have divided the nations so your union has been divided; you, America, shall not stand”.

I was then taken to stand before the seventh cannon and the Angel said to me, “Look and listen”.

The streets were no longer dirt but paved and there before me appeared soldiers marching down the streets. The sky became dark, the lighting flashed to the ground, the rains came down and the streets flooded. I watched the soldiers march down the streets as the water came up to their thigh; as I watched, the water around them became blood red. I heard the scream of children. I could see Obama standing in front of the White house. I watched Obama for a time then I looked again and Obama was no longer.

The Seventh Angel said with a loud voice, “Oh great Union who was and now is no longer, seven more blasts have been decreed”. The seventh cannon blasted again and the top of the Capitol building explode;, the seventh cannon blasted again and the Supreme Court exploded; the seventh cannon blasted again and all government buildings and corporations exploded; the seventh cannon blasted again and the wealth of America vanished; the seventh cannon blasted again and terror broke out as man began to kill each another.

I saw comets fall from the sky and massive storms and volcanoes of all kinds hit America. The seventh cannon blasted again, the east and west coast exploded and war broke out. The seventh cannon blasted again and the White house was no more. The northern army was hit and a large earthquake shook.

The whole earth shook and men everywhere died as all the oceans of the deep washed on the land. Then the Angel dressed in white linen shouted, “It is finished”. I heard a voice say, “I have kept my redeemed and many of my redeemed laid their life down. I have kept many, for I have hid them in the wilderness.


“Recently, I was praying in the middle of the night and I had a vision. I saw a giant eye surrounded by brown/bronze colored straw-like things. It was hovering over the stairs in front of the White House and was looking everywhere around quickly. It seemed to be very nervous.

In front of the eye, I saw two black cannons, very old ones like the ones used in the seventeenth or eighteenth century. The cannons were both aimed directly at the eye. It was a quick vision and it disappeared right after that.”  Read more at z3news.com


The cleansing, restoration and empowering of the church will be to prepare us to minister to those impacted by coming events, which will bring many to the church searching for hope and answers. Over the past few years, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about events coming to the following five specific cities in the United States:

New York City, NY – Terrorism
Washington D.C. – Foreign Military Invasion
Miami (South Beach), FL – Tsunami
Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA – Fire
San Francisco, CA – Massive Earthquake

These are measured judgments. NYC and Washington D.C. will come under attack. NYC will be terrorist and Washington DC will be a foreign military invasion. Miami (South Beach) will be a tsunami, which I was initially reluctant to say. Los Angeles (Hollywood) will be fire and San Francisco will be a massive earthquake.

See this at z3.news.com




““A great shaking has begun in the heavenlies. My warriors are beginning to prepare for battle. The foe has taken his place on the world scene, hiding no longer in the shadows. His plans for the destruction and terrorizing of My chosen vessels, My saints will shortly be evident. A mighty fortress is your God, a Shelter in the time of storm; and great will be the storm coming soon. Cataclysmic events coming quickly, great shaking, spiritual upheaval. Foundations will shatter that have been built on shifting sand. Foundations built on wood, hay and stubble, but not on The Rock will quickly fall. Beginning soon you will see the fallout; resulting from unrighteous behavior. Washington D.C. will begin to crack apart, California too will experience a great shaking.”  Read more at z3news.com