INTENSE! A MUST Read!! A DOZEN (12+) Dreams Of China And Russia Invading The United States

prophetic-russian-invasion-dreamsDo you think Russia could invade the US some day and win?  

If you were to poll a typical American, they likely would say “heck no” 

In an article ” The Next-Generation Weapons That Russia Will Use Against The United States In World War III” written by Michael Snyder reveals that Russia has been developing incredibly impressive next-generation weapons designed to WIN a war if used on the United States some day in the near future.

According to CNN, Russia is planning on spending more than 20 trillion rubles to modernize their military by the year 2025, yet in America, the U.S. Army will be the smallest since World War II and the the U.S. Navy will be the smallest that it has been since World War I.

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