Lindy Pierce’s UPLIFTING Message Of HOPE From The Lord About The Future Russian Invasion And Famine Coming to America

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Lindy Pierce is a mother and owner of Lion of Judah Anointing Oil. On May 6 2009, she received a word from the Lord regarding a coming military invasion of America that will bring destruction and famine. The war will be fought here in the United States.

The Lord warned her that the times coming are going to be very hard, but He encouraged her and gave her hope that He was going to protect her and that she would survive the war; not only her, but also “all the others who do not cease to praise My name.” The following is the transcript of her prophetic word from the Lord.


“It will be a long, dark night. It will be a struggle to survive. But I am preparing your spirit to withstand this. It will seem hopeless at times, but do not give up, for I AM with you. I will keep you at peace and still your heart because you have waited upon me and gladdened My heart with your praises. You shall continue to do so as it gladdens your heart as well. You will need to do this to survive and not give up in despair. Hard times are coming, so hard you cannot imagine. But you will survive, you and all the others who do not cease to praise My name. I will comfort you. I will be there for you.

I will take care of you in the land of famine. You will be amazed at how I can do this. Yes, prepare, but even that will not be enough to carry you through. This is going to be a long haul. It will not be an overnight event. But you must endure for the sake of My Name. I will uphold you. I will care for you. You must not be afraid. The devil would have you give up in fear, but you must not. You must stand up and be brave and I WILL conquer the evil one. I will overcome as I have overcome already. You will see it before your own eyes. You will see the miracles of God as the Israelites did in the wilderness. You will come to know Me in a new and exciting way, as your Savior and Provider unexcelled. I will comfort you in your time of trouble as long as you continue to praise Me and come to Me for comfort, as I will be your sole source of comfort in these last days. They are going to be wicked, evil days. But I WILL be there for you.”

“Come to Me for rest. Come to Me for strength. Come to Me for laughter. Come and abide in Me for the days will be horrific at times. You will not know what to do. But I will know what to do and I will tell you what to do if you take the time to listen. Nothing will be more important than listening in these last days. You must hear My voice if you are to survive and come out victorious. You must acknowledge Me in all you do. Do not make a decision without consulting Me first. None. I will show you the way to go, when to run and hide and when to stand up in the face of evil bravely. You must come under My umbrella of wisdom and provision if you are to survive. You must come to Me for all you need.”

“You must not step away and join with the world, even though it seems tempting at times. Stay with Me and walk with Me, for this is your means to survival. All flesh shall bow to me some day, but you are receiving this because you have already bowed your knees to Me humbly. Share it with the congregation that will receive this. Share it though they do not receive it in their hearts. No one wants to believe this peace is coming to an end, but it is. Trust Me in this. You must prepare. War is coming and it will not be pretty. I will protect those who love Me. I will provide for them in miraculous ways. But you must stay close to Me and do not get distracted by the ways of the world.”

You are to warn the masses though they will not listen to you. This has been true of My prophets in the past and it is still true today. But they will see these things come true before their eyes and they will know I have spoken to you of these things. They will be ashamed that they did not listen nor prepare for the events to come. They will weep and wail at their stubbornness and their ignorance and only then will they repent. They say God does not speak like this anymore, but they do not know Me as you know Me. They will be sorrowful, but their sorrow will cease as I return in the clouds just as I left this earth. I will return and take My beloved with Me before the great and terrible day of the Lord. I will not let My beloved see the day of the Lord as they are too precious to me. I will hide them in the shadow of My wings to see evil no more. Never more will they struggle to survive, but I will be their all in all. I will be their bridegroom and I will pour out My blessings upon them on the other side. They have no idea what I have prepared for them. Their time of trouble will seem small compared to the joys and wonders I have prepared for them. Their memory of this time will fade and only joy will await them. I have spoken these things and they are worthy and true. So stand still and see the mercy and wonders of the Lord on your behalf.”

“You have been warned. Now take this warning to others before it is too late. Even though many of them will not heed warn them anyway. Some will listen and some will prepare and those are the ones I will continue to provide for, as they listened to the words of my prophet I will bless them. The others will have to face things as they can. I love them, but I will not do for them as the others if they disregard the warnings I have sent. So sound the call. Make it loud and clear. And though they reject you as they did my prophets before, do not take it personally. Do not take it to heart. Just pray for them that they will reconsider before it is too late. Pray that they will bow their knees to Me before I come for them.”

“I am coming for the church, but many are not ready. They say they serve Me but they do not. I do not know them. They say they are doing things for Me but they are doing things for themselves and their own glory, for the praise of men. And though they do receive praise from men they will receive no praise from Me for I do not know them. Their time is coming to weep and wail. But you will not because I have warned you and you will listen and sound the call. You will rejoice in the day I come for you because you and others will be ready. You have bowed your knee to no other and have loved My Name; therefore I will protect you and provide for you. You will rejoice yet in the land of the living and truly on the other side.”

“Be prepared. Get ready. Get your house in order. It is coming soon. I have spoken and it is so. Get ready. Selah.”

Share with them that war is coming and that they must prepare with food and water. Prepare to be strong in My Spirit. Prepare to love and care for others as never before. Prepare to come under attack from within and without. Prepare to be lights to the nation and do many miracles in My name. You will survive by miracles in the near future.”

When Lindy Pierce received this word she was not shown who America will be fighting in the war. Later, the Lord showed her the Russians would be among the invading forces. She specifically asked the Lord if the Russians were coming and He responded, “Yes, in great numbers.”

Regarding the timing, she was not given any dates. However, the Lord later showed her America will not be invaded until after we suffer an economic collapse and great earthquakes.

Author: James Bailey –James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.