3 Oroville Dam Prophetic Warnings, 2019, 2011 And Bible Codes


Date – 12/11/2011 Early AM

Floods in California This night I had a dream that a large Dam in California had damage so the Dam broke. Floods moved all throughout California. Some people who were closest to the Damn were completely consumed by the water.

The people mid-way were struggling in the salt water. It continued to move through one city to another city. As they were trying to seal the Dam I could hear the voice of a news castor saying, “Even if they could repair it, it would be years. I then heard specifically 5 years. I was placed in various places as the flood moved through. I could hear the sound of metal bending and wood snapping as I watched the water move through the cities.

(Confirmed – In February 2017, Oroville Dam’s main and emergency spillways were damaged, prompting the evacuation of more than 180,000 people living downstream)

About Oroville Dam:

  • This dam is one of the largest in the world – “While the Oroville Dam was completed in 1968 it was among the largest dams in the world, but still only the third largest in the United States alone by structure volume (although it is still the tallest). Since then it has been surpassed by only two other dams, the Atatürk Dam in Turkey and the Tarbela Dam in Pakistan. ”  – hackaday.com
  • 144 Photos – What It Takes to Repair a Damaged Spillway at the Nation’s Tallest Dam- nbclosangeles.com

Bible Codes Reveal Details Behind The Oroville Dam of Northern California – Kara Pickering

“Look what I found.  A second Oroville Matrix.  This one is all in Deuteronomy…. in just a couple chapters!  It is absolutely amazing, how much is packed in such a small space. 
“There was a Pacific storm named Lucifer that came right at the time this code was found the first time this Dam made headlines. This storm contributed to the records of heavy rains in the region at that time in 2017.”

Two stunning Bible Codes, written thousands of years ago, reflect this dangerous event unfolding before our eyes!

Kara Pickering Bible Codes Oroville Dam of Northern California

Another Copy Of This Code

Youtube Videos

Prophetic Warning from LatterRain333 on 5/6

Published on May 19, 2019  See this video here


” Hey brothers and sisters this is Elizabeth Murray with ladder reign 3 3 3.  Today is the 6th of May 20 19.   I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I do this video for his glory alone.  I have some words brothers and sisters that I want to bring to you that the Lord has given me their warnings I especially want to bring one that’s not connected to the other ones but this morning while sleeping the Lord woke me up and I heard the word Oroville Dam.   The dam in California and apparently there are some problems that have been happening there but they’re getting worse there’s kind of some kind of infrastructure problems and it could affect thousands upon thousands of people.  The Lord brought this to me and as a watchman on the wall alert I am asking my brothers and sisters to be praying about this situation and to be praying for your brothers and sisters that live or would be affected by this and Oroville Dam”

See this video here

Is The Oroville Dam Close To Failing?

Deja Vu: Is the Oroville Spillway About To Fail Just Two Years After Near-Disastrous Evacuation?

It may be hard to believe but only two years after a near-disastrous last-minute evacuation, the Oroville Spillway could be on the verge of failure again. A major piece of infrastructure in Northern California, the spillway has not been well-maintained despite continuously increasing taxes for that purpose.
And despite a very near miss two years ago, it looks like we’re seeing a replay of those same events.
According to a report on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, some folks downhill from the dam have already evacuated due to the strong possibility of imminent failure. Hodges is issuing a warning to people in the path of the looming disaster. He wrote:
I asked Paul Preston, “How close is the dam to failing?” Preston replied “It could go by this weekend”.. His comments, in part, are based upon the dire weather forecast in which intense rainfall is forecasted between Wednesday May 15 and Sunday, May 19th. This is significant because this could greatly add to the inflow and the outflow data which shows an extreme imbalance. And when we consider that the dam is 12 feet from overtopping, the danger multiplies exponentially. When any structure takes on more water, whether it be a ship or a dam, it is going to fail/sink…
…This article is a progress report. However, it is also a warning to the residents in the Central Valley which lie below the Oroville Dam and are in the direct path of the torrent of water that will be released when the dam fails. Some are leaving and some more will undoubtedly leave before it is too late. However, we many unsuspecting potential victims that are oblivious to the present set of conditions. This article is aimed at getting the present state of the Dam in front of as many people in the Central Valley as possible. (source)
It’s like deja vu.

Is this warning only an “internet rumor?”

At the same time, local officials are assuring people that there is no danger. The Butte County Sheriff released the following statement on Twitter.
The Department of Water Resources released a statement explaining why the spillway is not a concern.
DWR is monitoring weather forecasts into the Feather River basin this week, and the impact incoming storms will have on melting snowpack. Forecasts and weather can change rapidly, and DWR will notify the public and media if the main spillway needs to be used to manage reservoir levels. Currently the reservoir is at an elevation of 889 feet and outflows to the Feather River are 9,500 cubic feet per second. DWR is targeting high lake levels through spring and summer in accordance with normal state and federal regulations, which is good news for local recreation and for statewide water supply. (source)

The Oroville Spillway almost failed in 2017

Back in 2017, the people of Oroville were in a very similar situation. Nearly 200,000 residents were evacuated due to fears that the main spillway is pending imminent collapse. The emergency spillway isn’t some high tech engineer’s creation – it is just a cleared hill which showed massive erosion when they tested it with a small amount of water.
 When drought-stricken California got the equivalent of five years’ worth of rain all at once, crews were left to work frantically around the clock to fix the spillway.
Of course, the lack of maintenance and mishandled tax dollars are unforgivable, but the lack of warning was even worse.
…the real lesson here isn’t the faulty infrastructure or the mismanagement of funds.
It is the deception of the public and the way that officials will go to great lengths to cover their butts – even if that means giving a warning to the public that could be too late. This isn’t the first time that the government has completely failed in an emergency response to an imminent disaster, and it won’t be the last.
Officials waited until they believed that the disaster was only 60 minutes away to evacuate nearly 200,000 people. (source)
For more than a week, residents expressed their concerns but were basically patted on the head and told not to worry. (Go here for a timeline of the Department of Water Resources’ complete denial of a problem last time around.) Meanwhile, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife evacuated almost all salmon from the Feather River Fish Hatchery but the humans were repeatedly told there was no threat whatsoever.
Until five hours after the announcement of the successful evacuation of the fish.
EMERGENCY EVACUATION ORDER ISSUED: Officials are anticipating a failure of the Auxiliary Spillway at Oroville Dam within the next 60 minutes. (source)
Residents were warned as they were leaving:
Unprecedented flooding could occur in Oroville, Palermo, Gridley, Thermalito, South Oroville, Oroville Dam, Oroville East and Wyandotte.
“With Lake Oroville filled to the brim, such a collapse could have caused a “30-foot wall of water coming out of the lake,” Cal-Fire incident commander Kevin Lawson said at a Sunday night press conference.” (source)
One estimate suggested that the initial flash flood could reach up to 100 feet in depth, wiping out everything in its path.
People were stuck in long lines at gas stations and then stuck in traffic for hours – up to nine hours to be specific. Imagine if the Spillway had failed while hundreds of thousands of people were stuck in their cars. Imagine the level of death and devastation there would have been.


CALIFORNIA’S WETTEST MONTH OF MAY ON RECORD – DAMS AT CAPACITY AND THE SNOW IS STILL FALLING IN THE MOUNTAINS – ORVILLE DAM (It is the US’s tallest dam covering a height of 770 feet and is among the longest in the country, spanning 6,920 feet long) – MAJOR ISSUES PERSIST – 1 MILLION PEOPLE COULD BE AFFECTED IF SPILLWAY COLLAPSES! Article/video done before week-long rains–much more water flowing into dam/reservoir than flowing out (big time) – spillways leaking big time…is this a catastrophe waiting to happen? YIKES!


The Risk of Inaction

A policy decision has been with regard to the threat. Every time an article is published on the CSS site, about the condition of the Oroville Dam, until failure, the dangers will be published along with any new information. The following represents the risk associated with a catastrophic dam failure.
  1. A breach of the dam would release a 30 foot wall of water traveling at 75 MPH.
  2. The escaping water would reach Sacramento within 45 minutes (long estimate).
  3. Over one million people lie in the path of the water.
  4. After the dam fails, there is not time to evacuate the population.
  5. Thirty percent of all American retail crosses this area from ports on the Pacific Ocean. The effect on the economy would be catastrophic.
  6. The Central Valley is one of the most bountiful agricultural areas in the world. No crops would grow for years. Combined with the Midwest flooding, famines will result and extreme food inflation.
  7. America would teeter upon collapse.
Above all else, lives are most important and the entire region should be evacuated. If the crisis is being overblown, why are there hundreds of trucks at the dam? Why are they working on the dam night and day. This is not normal maintenance and the data strongly indicates a disaster is at hand. Evacuation should be immediate.

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