2022 And 2023 Will Be Years Of Extreme Shortages Of Food – Sonja Craighead

Food shortages:  Are you seeing them right now?  Every country is seeing food shortages, which means the hour is late, but you still have time to prepare.

John Paul Jackson was told by the Lord that he would be giving Christians new ideas to prosper in the coming storm.  I believe you have some time right now to invest in areas that will pay off in the days ahead.

Heirloom Non GMO Seeds, How to garden, How to heal, Knowing scripture.  

Youtube is your instructor.  Find local facebook groups for mentors.

You got this!

The worst thing you can do is never to start, but taking steps in the right direction will position you and your family and community in the days ahead.

This is a prophecy below is about food shortages from a dear friend of ours.  She has been right about details in her past prophecies, and it lines up with what so many other believers are being told by the Lord.

You have knowledge of this in advance.  What are you going to do with that information? 

Here is the prophecy below:

Sonja Craighead


During the night I awoke with an urgency. I also felt like this newest warning from G-d needs to be heeded without delay.

Warning to G-d’s American Remnant regarding famine in 2022-2023.

G-d woke me in the early hours and showed me that 2022 and 2023 will be years of extreme shortages of food. Already nation wide we are seeing our grocery and convenience store shelves being empty in places or food truck deliveries are late, and many things are backordered. Some are just no longer in our food supply chains, and all are going up with inflated pricing, almost on a weekly basis. We are also increasingly being introduced to bio foods, that taste like real food, but they are not.

The growing seasons for America’s farmers will be shortened in 2022 and 2023. I did not see beyond the harvest in fall 2023. So, at this time I don’t know what is beyond fall 2023. But for the US farming industry 2022 and 2023 will be challenging and difficult as we move further into the famine that has already begun in the United States. Shortly, in the spring of 2022 US farmers will face weather that will not allow them in many areas of the US to prepare their fields for planting. Extreme weather, flooding in some places, unavailability to use irrigation water due to drought in other places, shortages of fuel to work the ground to plant the fields, shortages of seeds, unavailable fertilizers, farmers being unable to hire farm workers to get crops in, will all contribute to a late planting of crops. Winds will blow harder than ever. Revird high winds will blow in areas not known to have wind, and valuable top soil will blow away, uncovering seeds that have been planted. Many farmers and ranchers now are already selling off their cattle herds because they don’t have enough hay to feed their cattle to get through this winter. With all of the extra cattle being sold now, with more supply of cattle being processed, look at how beef prices are still rising. A lot of America’s beef feedlots are not American owned. In Kansas and Colorado much of the cattle in feedlots are Brazilian owned. Smithfield pork is the largest pork producer in America and for the past few years it’s been Chinese owned. What will happen when these foreign owned plants take their products and ship their products out of the US? More shortages and much higher prices.

We are going to see the US spring 2022 planting season be a tough time for farm producers and workers. Rains and standing water in some areas will rot the seeds and young plants in the fields. In other places extreme drought will dry up the root system to what’s planted and either the plants will perish or be of very low quality and diminished quantities. In summer of 2022 we are going to watch on news reports of extremely high winds as these winds literally blow fields down. This will be astonishing to see, entire fields being laid down from winds that take out entire farm’s 2022 crops. We will see hail storms damage and cripple crop production nationwide. Water stock companies and municipalities will ration their irrigation water to farmers and some farmers won’t have enough water to bring their crops to maturity to be able to be harvested. Early frosts will harm the citrus and avocado industry. Drought in California will also have a big negative impact on the avocado production for 2022. We are going to see early frosts and frost where the climate is typically mild hurt the 2022 US harvest. Due to the problems of farmers not being able to get their crops planted “on time” in the spring of 2022, and with early frosts in fall of 2022, many crops will be harvested before reaching maturity, and therefore be lower quality and much less yields than normal. By late fall and early winter 2022 after the normal harvest times, the US will be forced to import more food just to feed our citizens than ever before. People will eagerly accept and be thankful for genetically engineered bio foods and close their eyes to these dangerous foods. The food may not be the high quality that we are used to eating, but oh my goodness, it will be very high priced! Shortages and empty store shelves will be more serious in winter 2023 than it is right now. 2023 will be a repeat of 2022, except it will be even more challenging.

G-d is warning His remnant of what is coming and He is instructing all of us to prepare as best we can. Even someone living in an apartment in the city, please purchase seeds now, and learn to container garden. Whatever G-d shows you to do – do it!!!! Most of all, repent, get right with G-d, and obey His holy scriptures. That is the most important thing that any of us should do. Ask G-d to forgive each of our personal sins, as well as the sins of our country.
Blessings to each of you. This message has great urgency to it. Do not delay your repentance and ask G-d for His instruction, and please act immediately on what G-d shows you to do to ready yourselves and your family for famine in the US.

Sonja Craighead

Shortages in the UK

Consider starting elderberry.  It could function as a bartering item in the days ahead.  – Amazon

Start educating yourself on flowers that you can use for other purposes.  Plants that come up year after year with minimal effort.   – Amazon

Consider picking up what others won’t have.  Herbs.  – Amazon

5 gallon bags for growing.  This allows you to bring your garden inside if for some reason you have to do that.  Bags allow your roots to breath.

Figure out a shelving system that will allow you to attach lights.  Consider the growth of your plants.  This system above has a built in structure that allows you to adjust the height.  If you are putting together your own system, think about how you can adjust the shelves when your plants get bigger.  Most people simply move them outside and factor in the timing of when to transplant their food outside.  If you are hoping to invest in shelves for starting plants, think about the flexibility of your shelving if you had to grow indoors and couldn’t go outside.  – Amazon

Consider a water timer, but also how you can store extra water if water is somehow in short supply.