22 Day Fast Reveals Shocking Revelations Of Trump 2017 Presidency -Jeremiah Johnson

2017 Prophetic Word: The Trump Presidency and the Increasing Polarization in the Church



For the last several years, I have felt a tremendous burden from the Spirit of God to shut down all active ministry and travel in the month of December to seek Him concerning His heart for the following calendar year. My main request before God every year has simply been, “As a prophetic voice, how can I help prepare people for the days ahead?” By God’s grace and through personal consecration, He has always answered me clearly through the Bible, prophetic dreams, visions, and encounters.

On November 27, 2016, I had a visitation from the Holy Spirit in my home in which He very clearly told me to get off all social media immediately, stop consuming all caffeine and sweets, and consecrate myself for when His word would come to me. As I responded in obedience, I began to receive several significant prophetic dreams concerning the year 2017 and beyond. Each time that I awakened, I sensed the deep abiding presence of God and began having further fellowship and conversation with the Spirit, asking for greater clarity and wisdom. On the 22nd day of the fast, I sensed a release from the period of consecration and also permission to share what I have received from the Lord. I ask that you would judge the following prophetic words concerning 2017 and beyond with sobriety and prayerfully consider what I believe God is revealing. May the Holy Spirit grant us His wisdom, divine strategy, and perspective in the days ahead.


Part 1: The Trump Presidency

 A Bitter Cold Winter

I received a prophetic dream in which the Spirit of God showed me very troubling weather patterns coming in the winter of 2017. Some of the coldest and most severe weather that has ever landed in America will fall in the winter of 2017. Great snowfall and treachery will mark this period of time. As Donald Trump is inaugurated and set into office, the brutal winter in various parts of the United States will be a direct reflection of the coldness of men’s hearts toward this man and his presidency. As the bitter winter lays hold of certain parts of the United States, we must recognize that this is a specific prophetic sign of the cold and bitter hearts of men toward Donald’s victory and election.

Donald Trump and Russia

The next prophetic dream I received was a special and unique dialogue between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The Spirit of God said to me, “The eagle (Trump) and the bear (Putin) shall partner together and they will both be hunted by the liberal media.” I saw great potential for wealth, creativity, and innovation with these men. The Spirit said to me, “Donald Trump will not be remembered for building bridges or even burning them, but for the grace that I have given him to create them.” God began to show me that Donald Trump will create deals and make deals across the world that have never been thought possible. Many will be astonished at the grace and favor that he will walk in.

As I inquired of the Lord further about Trump and Putin’s relationship, I heard the words, “Their friendship will cause tremors and earthquake like activity among the liberal media and parts of the government like never before. Their talks will cause the conspiracy and accusation levels to rise to an all time high.” I believe that the watchmen and intercessors need to lean into the wisdom of God concerning these men and not give into carnal fear and speculation. There will be a false prophetic narrative concerning the United States and Russia that will be fueled by soulish fear and mere speculation. Look for divine perspective and prophetic insight to be released concerning these two men and nations.

The last prophetic dream God gave me was the spiritual awakening that is coming to Russia and how underneath Putin’s reign, the Spirit of God will begin to move among the Russian saints at unprecedented levels. Look for religious liberty to expand in the days ahead as Trump and Putin’s friendship grows.

Donald Trump and China

The next prophetic dream I received was Donald Trump placing a crown of thorns upon the nation of China. In the dream, God immediately reminded me of the prophetic word (Click here:    ) that I had received from Him in July of 2015 concerning Donald Trump and his destiny. In the prophetic word that was released, the Spirit specifically said, “He will be like a bull in a china shop.” God began to speak to me and say, “During Donald Trump’s presidency, he will not only be a thorn in the side of China, but also a bull to their shop (economy).” The Lord continued, “The bullies (China) will lock horns with the bull (Donald) and it will cause great tension and strife among the nations.”

Donald Trump and Israel

On December 20, 2015, I received a prophetic word concerning the year 2016 and specifically Benjamin Netanyahu. Part of the prophecy that was recorded and published said, “Benjamin Netanyahu is greatly anticipating the 2016 elections far beyond most American’s and for good reason, as I have placed a humble spirit within him and he has not taken offense as President Obama has spit in his face and plotted evil in secret.”

I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is greatly relieved and comforted by Donald Trump being elected President of the United States and beyond ready for President Obama to leave office.

Several days later (within the last 30 days) after receiving the dream concerning Trump and China, I received another prophetic dream in which I saw Benjamin Netanyahu and a mighty prophetic anointing that came upon him. God said to me in the dream, “Benjamin, though small in the eyes of many men, has gained great favor with Me. I will use him as a frontrunner in the nations of the earth to expose the plots and plans of the enemy. He will be a trusted adviser to Donald Trump and help him navigate through turbulent days ahead. Donald will be a friend to Israel and Israel will be a friend to Donald and America.”

Donald Trump and the Church

Two days before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I received and published a prophetic dream in which a baby with the face of Donald Trump was brought to a church and given to an older woman who was a nursery worker at a church. The woman began to rock baby Donald and sing over him. This is what she sang, “Donald, you have a crooked way in you, but through the intercession of the Church, God is going to change you.” She sang this tune over Donald several times and then I woke up.

Having had a significant amount of time to pray through this dream, I have become convinced by the Spirit of God that there is a tremendous amount of weight and responsibility that now rests upon the Church as Donald Trump has been elected President. Per the dream, Donald has clearly been given by God as a gift to the Church and she must engage in intercession in order to drive out the crooked way that is inside of him. Donald Trump is not the savior of America, and the Church must not go back to business as usual now that he has been elected. In prayer, I heard the Spirit of God say, “The presidency of Donald Trump will be defined by one thing: his character. You must know that his character can be greatly shaped and forged through the faithful intercession and prayers of the Church.”

As I attended an event on April 9th, 2016 called, “Asuza Now” in Los Angeles, California where some 70,000 Christians gathered for a day of prayer and fasting, God spoke to me and said, “If elected, Donald Trump will legislate stadium Christianity in America. If elected, Hillary Clinton will abolish stadium Christianity in America.” God showed me that there are going to be several historic and significant gatherings of believers contending for a third great awakening under the Trump Presidency. We must understand that the Church in America has gained great favor with Donald Trump winning the election, but we must also be committed to faithful prayer and intercession that any crookedness in him would be repented of and driven out.


Part 2: The Increasing Polarization in the Church

As I sought the Lord concerning His heart and words for the body of Christ in the year 2017, I heard Him say, “Polarization.” Polarization usually refers to how people think, especially when two views emerge that drive people apart. I believe that we are about to see the emergence of one of the greatest polarizations that the Church has ever seen. The first area God showed me is concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the second area is regarding apostolic ministry.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In an open vision, I saw the ministry of the Holy Spirit being substituted and replaced like never before in various parts of the body of Christ. In 2017, some churches are going to engage in entertainment and fleshly-driven marketing techniques that the earth has never seen before. Parts of the church are going to give themselves to becoming a sub-culture for the world. I heard the Lord say, “The false gospel that produces false converts will be spread like wildfire in 2017. Church attendance, the number of church services, and financial increase will deceive many who are looking for soulish confirmation of success.” He continued, “Church leaders who started the ministry being led by My Spirit will begin to drift away from My voice in 2017 and operate from a realm of man-pleasing and carnality.”

While the ministry of the Holy Spirit will be substituted for and replaced in various churches and ministries in 2017, the Spirit of God also showed me a remnant of saints and churches in America that are going to welcome the ministry of the Holy Spirit like never before. There will be powerful visitation and encounters fueled from the place of prayer and fasting. Signs, wonders, and miracles will be demonstrated so that people will not put their trust in men, but in the Lord. We are going to see truly Spirit-filled churches rise in America. Church leaders are going to experience a fresh awareness of the fear of the Lord and begin to preach messages that will cut to the heart of real issues with which we must deal with. I heard the Lord say, “It’s time to shut down the drive-thru church that is bound by watches and calendars and get into the place where you’re governed by My Face.” I saw many church services and conferences that were scheduled for shorter periods of time actually be extended in 2017 as the Holy Spirit’s presence and power begin to move.

Be on the lookout for the increasing polarization that is coming in 2017 regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Be warned concerning churches and ministries that will choose to glory in their own flesh and ideas, but also be encouraged by the churches and ministries who will value devotion to Jesus, prayer, and having an ear for what the Holy Spirit is saying.

The Apostolic Ministry

I received a prophetic dream in which the Holy Spirit said to me, “Of all the five ministries functioning in the body of Christ, the greatest level of deception is operating in apostolic ministry. There is coming an increasing polarization to this ministry. On the one hand, you will witness true apostles rise who walk in authentic apostolic ministry, but on the other hand, you will see false apostles rise who will spread soulish and false apostolic ministry.”

In 2017, I saw God raising up fathers, apostolic preachers who will proclaim Jesus Christ and all of His glory. The Holy Spirit will anoint their declarations and restore fascination and love for the Beautiful One as they minister.

These fiery heralds will help usher in revival to the Church centered upon the knowledge of God and encountering the person of Jesus. This company of burning and shining lamps will devour the Word of God. They will say “yes” to fresh encounters on the road to Emmaus where the unveiling of Christ will be made known to them through the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets. God’s eternal purpose in Christ Jesus shall be manifested to this generation through these apostles.

Apostolic ministry that does not recognize that to gain revelation concerning Christ is everything and to forfeit it is futile is not authentic apostolic ministry. The primary calling of ALL true apostles is to unveil the glorious person of Jesus Christ to His body. (Col 1:17; Eph. 3:8-11)

Apostles have been commissioned by the Father Himself to uncover and reveal Jesus Christ as the foundation, the cornerstone, and head of the Church. True apostles consistently teach, preach, and prophesy on the life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and second coming of Jesus Christ.

If HE Himself is not their central focus and message, they are NOT legitimate apostles. It is a terrifying thing to recognize that you can hardly find ANY well known apostles in America that are actually “Christ-centered” or even preaching “Christ.” We seem to be hearing every “revelation” besides Jesus from apostles and prophets!

Paul was not known as an apostle of “deliverance,” “spiritual warfare,” “prophetic,” “faith,” or the “supernatural” etc. He was an apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Apostolic Networking Merry-go-round

In 1 Thessalonians 2:5-12, Paul writes concerning five specific earmarks of apostolic ministry. They are as follows:

  1. Apostles do not lord their authority over the saints, but rather they minister in gentleness as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children.
  1. Apostles are full of fond-affection for the saints and impart life and love through relationship, not networking or hierarchy.
  1. Apostles are not greedy and do not desire to be a financial burden to those to whom they minister.
  1. Apostles are fathers who exhort, encourage, and challenge the saints to walk in a manner worthy of God’s call on their life.
  1. Apostles do not come to flatter saints with their words nor do they seek glory and praise from men.

I received a prophetic dream where God said to me, “My people must be warned of the coming apostolic merry-go-round. In the days of Paul some claimed to be of Cephas and others Apollos, yet it is no different in the days that you are living in. False allegiance to man is what has caused the immaturity of much of the apostolic ministry in America.”

We are living in a day and age in which in order to be a spiritual son or daughter to many so-called apostles, one must pay their monthly dues or be labeled “false sons and daughters.” In other words, these charlatans are asking people to rent their name per month so that they can declare that they are operating under “apostolic covering and authority.” Through fear, intimidation, and control, the apostolic networking merry-go-round is being established and advanced in America. In a gifted generation that is hungering for fathering, they are being prostituted and pimped and don’t even know it. If anyone dares to challenge these so-called apostles, they will be blacklisted and the minions working in these networks will be told not to associate with these individuals. A secret society is being formed within these networks that more resembles the mob rather than the bride of Christ.

Unfortunately, in order to preserve their public image and reputation, these “apostles” will only network with certain individuals from whom they can benefit. It’s all about money, applause, and public image. I’m convinced many of these con artists posing as apostles need to go open up a business in the world and stop bringing their greed and filth into the body of Christ. They are using and abusing the saints as they fill up their travel itinerary and boast about how many leaders are submitted to them. It’s disgusting in the sight of God.

The problem with most of the apostolic networking in America is that Jesus is being sold out and being merchandised, and the apostolic ministry turned into a marketplace for prostitution and casual harlotry.

Apostles Know it is Better to Give than Receive

Paul the Apostle ministered to the body and Elders at Ephesus for a period of more than three years. As an apostolic voice and father in their lives, he shares his heart and motives with them in a crystal clear way when he says, “I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing. You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions. In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak…” (Acts 20:33-35)

As a called apostle, Paul had no desire to be a financial burden to the saints there. He labored among them in the marketplace and set a powerful example for other called apostles throughout the ages. Seeking to explain his actions, he reminded the leaders that, “we must help the weak” and the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, “it is better to give than receive”. (v.35)

How does Paul’s heart and passion for apostolic ministry in Ephesus compare to current apostolic trends that charge fees and require specific honorariums to come minister? Why do many so called “modern day apostles” demand to be treated like a Hollywood celebrity and operate in a spirit of greed and mammon and act like its Scriptural?

The Spirit of God wants to make it clear: because many of them are not apostles and are acting like scam artists who push their multi level marketing strategies in order to get rich quick. For a so called “apostle” to require specific honorariums to come preach and to charge saints certain “fees” to be a part of a networks is nothing more than Babylonian harlotry.

I’m convinced that a majority of those claiming to be “apostles” and running “apostolic networks” are really just business type CEO’s who need to take their manipulation, charisma, and lust for power and money somewhere else besides the body of Christ. Go sell your products and schemes to the world and stop defiling authentic Christ centered apostolic ministry.

We are going to see the rise of true apostles in this generation who recognize that it is better to give than receive. These fathers will give all they have away free of charge and consider it an honor and privilege to share and impart the portion of Christ that God has given them to this next generation. We must not be surprised when the names of these authentic apostles are not recognized by the public, but known by their Father in heaven.

The Shepherding Movement Reborn

I received another prophetic dream in which the Spirit of God has specifically shown me that in the next 15-20 years, we are going to see the “Shepherding Movement” of the 1970’s REBORN through some apostolic leaders in America who will prey upon this fatherless generation of millennials.

There is a newer apostolic wineskin currently operating in the body of Christ that believes that individuals who do not submit to their authority are wounded, rebellious, and prideful.

This new apostolic company thrives on titles, showmanship, control, intimidation, fear and releasing “new revelation” that must be swallowed by their followers.

Their over-emphases will be the same as those in the 1970’s, namely: authority, submission, and accountability, all of which are biblical truths that will be blown out of proportion and hammered upon the next generation.

In the midst of this coming apostolic disease, we must not lose sight of true apostolic fathers who, through love and care, will properly impart both their own lives and revelation of Jesus Christ, and raise up and release genuine sons and daughters. These apostolic reformers will be relatively unknown to many and will give birth to true sons like Timothy, the true shepherds that this generation so desperately needs!

We must have true voices in the body of Christ who will not compromise their DNA for the sake of connectivity and platforms. Forging friendships with one another with the hidden motivation of seeking greater visibility and notoriety is idolatry. There are many unholy alliances forming among church leaders. The religious apostolic games need to stop. Let’s get back to private devotion with Jesus and move beyond the public prostitution of gifting and notoriety.

God is looking for a generation of men and women who will find their voice in the wilderness, not from being connected to a network. A soulish search for validation and significance has driven too many out of the wilderness and into the arms of false apostles who are looking to prey upon the next generation. In 2017, we are going to witness the shaking and dismantling of apostolic networking like never before. Motives, attitudes, and the flesh is going to be exposed and what has been built upon the altar of performance and greed will be burned in the fire. From up out of the ashes and rubble will come a generation of sons and daughters who will find their identity, purpose, and destiny from their Father in heaven. They will be a mighty force in the kingdom of God and resolve to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

The Final Word

In 2017, Donald Trump is going to need the prayers of the saints like never before. Some might have prayed for him to get elected, but now it’s time to pray that He is protected and respected. Look for Russia, China, and Israel to continue to be in world news and events during the Trump presidency. Remember that the bitter cold winter that is coming to America in 2017 is a prophetic sign of the hardness of hearts toward this man and his victory. Let’s stay on the alert and through intercession and prayer, let’s ask God to forge His character in our 45th President and that any crookedness would be driven out of Him.

Finally, be on the lookout for the increasing polarization that is coming to the Church, especially regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit as well as apostolic ministry. We are truly going to see extremism manifest like never before. There will be carnal ministry versus the ministry of the Holy Spirit and authentic apostolic ministry contrasted to false apostolic ministry. May Jesus Christ be glorified and let His kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

I am Yours in Christ Jesus,

Jeremiah Johnson