3 Back to Back Volcanic Eruption Prophetic Dreams – Shawntrell Davis 2014



(Taken from the youtube transcript, so the language may not read perfectly, and has been slightly cleaned up to understand)

There has been confirmations of three volcanoes blowing on the west coast.  So what is the significance of three volcano dreams that Shawntrell had?

It could be that Shawntrell saw each volcano which exploded on the west coast?  See that post here:

The Transcript:

” This point the Lord has spoken forth very clearly “volcanic eruption”. I prayed about this and of course it wasn’t unto the third dream for confirmation”

“I say first on August 31st of this year was the first dream. Simply in this dream I was out with my husband and we were in the neighborhood. It was about as clear as it is waking right now.

You know there’s a difference – there’s dreaming, their visions are something very natural. And you know we’ve had dreams and they’re they can sometimes seem cartoonish and animated but this is about as real as it gets.

Sitting out in the night sky we were walking through neighborhoods talking to people randomly on doors.  Now I don’t know what we were doing but this was what was in the dream.  And it was that it was in the dusk it was in it was night the Sun had gone down and as we proceeded to do this there were various people that I saw that I knew in this dream but a lot of people we didn’t know. And then suddenly there was a loud deafening boom deafening just loud and and the ground shook and you could see a cloud which I know is ash now rising swiftly and quickly into the air and fire was in the midst of it and everyone stopped and they looked and at this moment is when I heard the Lord speak he said volcanic eruption.  Everyone began to run and at that point I open my eyes I prayed about it. This is in the dreams he gave me three in rapid it’s pretty rapid succession.

The next dream that I had was on 9-11 of this year and I had seen 911 repeatedly you know have you had situations to where every time you look at the clock you’re not trying to day and evening when you just happened to glance you see the same numbers over and
over again sometime you need to pay attention to that not some time you need to pay  attention to it and begin to pray about it because numbers have meanings.

I mean God willing I will I have a list that it’s been researched and the meaning of some of these numbers because they are important and he does send messages through numbers so we need to pay attention.  Today the dream on 9/11 was a little bit longer and a lot more graphic.  I mean this is a dream that I woke in heartbreak because of I knew what it meant and there’s no doubt that these volcanic eruptions were in the USA.


“In the second dream it was a very hilly place I would want to say near California and or near this region Nevada somewhere near this but people were out just enjoying the day was a beautiful day and people were just out in the streets and and and it was very hilly and I still want to say in that in that California region are somewhere where a lot of mountains are but no doubt he put in my heart that it is in the USA we were definitely in America and people were out and in the streets and having a good time.

And what you got to know about most of the dreams I mean, I know I’m not the only one that experienced like this it’s always been like this for me where the Lord will draw me out in the spirit and I will be looking on and then at some point I’m put right in the midst I can feel what they’re feeling it’s almost like I’ve become the person I can feel what they’re feeling Terral they feel the heat is coming but I believe that the Lord protects me for from a lot of the actual pain that they would feel because I feel it but I know did its help.


“In this dream I was looking on I was being moved about I could tell it was in the spirit realm because I was being moved about from one position to the next and then suddenly there was a loud loud explosion and everyone stopped in the street and you can see the ash I mean it rose so fast and so high and begin to spread out I mean it was just it was massive and everyone yelled it’s the volcano and I heard again volcanic eruption everyone beginning to run.

Then suddenly I was moved to another part of the dream everyone was aware of this eruption that was going on and there was a woman.

It was at this point I was looking on and then I was suddenly put in her place.

I was looking on and she was hurrying through her apartment and I want to say Oklahoma cause it looks almost like an apartment when I was there it looks around that did it the ash was spreading that far that it looked like it was that area and as she was hurrying I guess to prepare and see what she had in her kitchen then she ran back into her bedroom to look out of the window to see where the ash was because you could see it from various cities this ash can be seen from through multiple cities in the US and wherever it went off it can still be seen from cities around that’s how high it was and how much it was it had was spreading and quickly.

And she went to look out the window to see how far it was going and then when she put it back you can still see she looked at the ash cloud in the air and it was at this point I was put in her place the moment her foot hit the outside of that door when she came to come out of her room again and she stepped out the moment she hit into that area that’s a dining room to kitchen area it was so full of ash when I tell you the thickness of this ash it was hot and I was able to feel that what she felt it was hot it was suffocating it went down the throat taking the air it was blinding when I say blinding I tried to find pictures on the internet because he wants me to blog this too is that I know picture two showed what he showed me nothing could properly depict what he showed me if you touched her own nose with your hand and open eyes you would not see your own hand that’s how thick this ash was and the woman began to panic and try to hurry and when she went to move quickly with this hot ash as it’s burning her throat and I’m feeling this she hit the wall the corner of the wall I know it was a corner cuz I don’t run into a corner of a wall before I know what it feels like the corner of a wall and she hit it hard because she was in full motion and I mean when I felt the terror her heart.

Not even really being able to crowd because of the ash in the throat and I felt the pain and I knew it was blood because I I could taste blood and my throat and in my mouth that’s how graphic these visions can be and I mean I’m used to him so I don’t wake up in a
panic more than I wake up heartbroken because he’s trying to tell us some things that are coming that even if the government knew the government won’t tell but he will tell us he will warn his people and you have to listen to the messages that he said when they when I
know it was a lot of things going on with the earthquakes and all that but I listened when the Lord spoke the Lord said volcanic eruption then my radar went up more so and so I’m delivering that message at the moment that she hit the wall and ground and I could taste
the blood in my mouth that I knew that this would be the death that many would
die when this happens

And so at that point I open my eyes and I mean I went in deep supplication my heart was broken and I just cried out you know father I prayed I prayed and I didn’t know what
to do with the message at that point so I prayed it was so much so that even in the midst before this just past Wednesday I was led to speak in front of a church congregation which I have never done before and it was really miraculous of how the Lord worked this out to where I knew that I knew that I was supposed to be on that stage because the pastor
came out of nowhere and I told the Lord that’s how it would have to be that I knew that this is his will for me to get up here and speak and he came and was really quickly and I
prayed Lord if I’m to do anything about this as far as other than prayer that I need to warn people I need to speak just what you’ve shown me and farm it you know in various ways

And the third dream which he did and I always pray because I know dreams can come from
the enemy too but I know this was from the Lord and it’s been confirmed the third dream happened on September 27th and this was the confirmation and in this dream you know what I saw in this dream was various neighborhoods again I’m looking on and I could see the things that are going on and I’m not sure if it was the power plants the flow
if the hot ash or fires but the fires that start from this volcano from the hot hot ash and against the dry brush that has been going on where I was able to see neighborhoods and people who saw this coming who could not get away and as I was looking on I looked again and of course I’m always put right in that place and I know I’m not ever allowed to
feel all of what they would feel and I believe that’s the protection of the Lord helping me to understand as this fire was poaching the houses in the neighborhood from the back that some of the people just cowered on the ground in the fetal position and this I could feel
the heat approaching quickly from the back burning and then it went over the top of them and they were just like that on the ground but me and the spirit after I had been putting the exact place I stood up as if there was a bubble around me and it was burnt all around me squirt some fires still going in neighborhoods have you know burnt down and just scorched wood look little pockets of fire all over the place that the vision of these things that are going by I mean he made it very clear and I heard “volcanic eruption”